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Daily Commitment Thread for 2020 -- JUST FOR TODAY



  • azulvioleta6
    azulvioleta6 Posts: 4,106 Member
    Work stress is killing me right now. My real goal is just to get through the day without yelling at anybody or running out the door like my hair is on fire!

    1. Weigh in :)
    2. Take both work breaks and walk :(
    3. 10,000 steps :(
    4. 5 freggies :)
    5. 10C liquids :)
    6. Gym cardio/weight workout :(
    7. 6 hours sleep :) 7h15m
    Ooops, forgot to post goals this morning. I have made it through two more days of work without screaming!
    1. Weigh in
    2. Take both work breaks and walk
    3. 10,000 steps
    4. 5 freggies
    5. 10C liquids
    6. Gym cardio/weight workout
    7. 6 hours sleep
  • bookmeister86
    bookmeister86 Posts: 1,164 Member

    WFTY: Progress. Yesterday's longish run really wiped me out. And it wasn't even 4.5 miles. How the heck am I ever going to manage a half-marathon? *grumble*

    Do you have a specific half marathon booked? How long have you got to train?

    When I was training for a half marathon I increased my distance just a little (1km) every week. At the start I felt like I would never do it as well. But just adding a little each week means that the increase is never too much change and then all the increases add up and you find yourself doing it!

    How fast are you running? One thing I found was that when I started running longer distances I had to deliberately run a bit slower to make sure I had enough energy for the increased distances. You might want to keep an eye on your speed, it's easy to accidentally run fast (I think the body naturally sets off fast) and use up all your gas quickly!
  • ZizzyBumble
    ZizzyBumble Posts: 1,671 Member
    Friday January 31

    Stay in the green
    5 fruit and veg
    Fitbit exercise goals
  • SERmom3
    SERmom3 Posts: 568 Member
    @HEGoddard0928 - that tire incident sounds terrifying! Glad you were able to get off the highway safely! 💕

    My day got thrown off the rails yesterday because I got a very last minute call in to sub. It was for a great class of 1st graders and it ended up being a nice day. Just had to shift my goals a bit.

    - Sing for funeral 🔴 This was with a group and they knew I might not make it if a job came up.
    - Stay green🟢
    - Hydrate🔴
    - Dishes🟢
    - Laundry🟢
    - Dinner at dining room table🟢
    - Pick up downstairs rooms🟢
    - Pick up one piece of trash 🟢
    - Long walk🔴
    - Grocery shop🟢
    - Update budget for end of month.🔴

    JFT Friday:
    - Subbing for my favorite group of 4th graders today.
    - Stay green
    - Hydrate
    - Dishes
    - Keep downstairs clean!
    - Pick up one piece of trash from the street
    - Exercise? Maybe??
    - Make pizzas for dinner
    - Update budget for end of month.
  • vermontrebecca6929
    vermontrebecca6929 Posts: 72 Member
    @mytime6630 I hope you got good news with your biopsy results. It sounds like you have lots of support from your family.
  • beachwalker99
    beachwalker99 Posts: 631 Member
    Feeling a bit better, so I'm setting some goals this morning and will catch up later today.

    JFT Goals for Friday, January 31, 2020
    • Complete food log and maintain a calorie deficit
    • Walk or gym for 30+ minutes
    • Straighten house for the weekend
    • Laundry
    • Grocery store
    • Student email/ grading/LMS updates
    • Catch up on MFP community posts
    • Pick up boys after school
    • Reflection journal