2020 Welcome Noobs to MFP

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Welcome to the MFP Community! This is a discussion we have created to welcome the new people in our community, to have a discussion where new folks can meet one another, AND ask questions of existing members.

We are not going to do an adopt-a-noob discussion this year so we encourage our awesome veterans to hang out in the discussion if you are interested in helping answer questions our noobs need to know.


  • aleachman256
    aleachman256 Posts: 2 Member
    Wow, feeling overwhelmed trying to get a familiar with MyFitnessPal any suggestions are appreciated.
  • slimLisa4
    slimLisa4 Posts: 1 Member
    Hello, I'm Lisa. I'm here as a complete newby to calorie counting. Had the app a few times but never knew what I was doing and was always on sw. Come to realise this is the way forward. Trying to find my way around! 2 stone to loose x
  • Nony_Mouse
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    Hello - Day one and I've gone over by 19 calories but all things considered I think that's pretty good :smile:

    Nineteen cals over isn't a big deal. Remember, that's only a small amount of your total deficit for the day. IMHO, within 20-50 cal either side of calorie goal is perfect :)
  • misstt3
    misstt3 Posts: 1 Member
    Hello new on this site, just wondering does everyone here just have the original MFP? And is it effective on its own? Or did everyone upgrade to the new and improved
    MFP the site keeps advertising for a monthly free?
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