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2020 Welcome Noobs to MFP



  • noelkro80noelkro80 Posts: 142Member Member Posts: 142Member Member
    Started today, I want to lose 9 stones hopefully by the end of this year. (6ft 3in male starting weight 23st, goal weight 14st)
  • amgambin143amgambin143 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    Hello all :-) ... good luck to everyone starting and continuing down this fitness journey! (I know I need it LOL)
  • bethebethe Posts: 8Member Member Posts: 8Member Member
    Technically I started with MFP back in about 2018, but just dabbled a little out of curiosity. This time around I'm serious because of weight and other health issues. After tracking my food intake here for several days, I now realize the need to cut way back on the sugar and carbs (with sodas and beer being the main culprits to be removed) and start exercising a lot more. So, I bought an indoor grill/air fryer and a digital food scale to help with preparing/portioning more healthy foods, and I've started walking everyday and tracking my food intake. My goal is to lose around 18 pounds and put in well over the recommended10,000 steps a day.
  • Crysty33Crysty33 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    Wow I love this . I had no idea all of this was here. Thank you all so much. So far my 19 year old has me doing a cleanse and she said I’d loose 6 lbs first week and I couldn’t believe it she was right . I’m down 7.1 lbs. I love it.
  • flyingkeaflyingkea Posts: 1Member Member Posts: 1Member Member
    Hello, I’m a newbie :)
    I’ve been wanting to lose weight for quite a while, after 2 kids, and been lurking on places like reddit r/loseit and r/progresspics. I decided enough was enough, and wanting to do something isn’t the same as actually doing, and downloaded the app a couple of days ago.
    I’m sitting at ~88kg, and while I don’t have a particular goal weight in mind I want to lose cm all around - might help my work uniform fit a bit better. More after feeling better in my own body, more energy etc.
    Will get a food scale this weekend.
    Spending this first week just trying to get my head around logging, looking up recipes (quick, and easy a bonus given I work fulltime and have 2 small children)
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