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Best way to cook salmon?

duteshreddedduteshredded Posts: 31Member Member Posts: 31Member Member
in Recipes
Considering adding in a salmon meal to my diet just for health benefits/more protein lol.

How do you find the best way to cook it/season it?


  • BarbaraHelen2013BarbaraHelen2013 Posts: 995Member Member Posts: 995Member Member
    The only thing you need to worry about with salmon is overcooking it. It dries out quite easily.

    There are very few flavour profiles that don’t work with salmon. Here’s a few ideas I’ve used over the years.

    Crush a handful of walnuts, add some chopped fresh parsley, press on top of the salmon fillet. Bake.

    Harrissa & Honey. Mix equal quantities. Top the salmon. Grill or bake.

    Use in Thai Red Curry. It stands up well to strong flavours so curry is great. Just dice and add for the last few mins.

    Mix Apple Jelly, horseradish and a touch of cider vinegar. Top salmon and bake.

    Poaching also works great with salmon, especially if you want to eat it cold, flaked into a salad.

    Simply pan frying works too.
  • mga573mga573 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    Agree with above, be careful not to overcook and dry it out. There are so many great ways to cook it! Lately a fav of mine is just topping with any salsa you like and baking in oven 😊 have tried with both regular and mango salsa.
  • nighthawk584nighthawk584 Posts: 1,674Member Member Posts: 1,674Member Member
    My personal choice is to Air Fry it. Put a 5-6 oz piece skin side down on cooking sprayed foil. I use lemon pepper seasoning and spray the salmon with olive oil. Cook at 400 degrees F (do not preheat air fryer) for around 7-10 min, depending on wattage of your fryer. Pull it out when inside temp of fish measures 130. It comes out perfect every time. Watch it closely though, as it can go from buttery delicious to dried out pretty quick. Top with fresh lemon juice after cooking.
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  • just_Tomekjust_Tomek Posts: 8,069Member Member Posts: 8,069Member Member
    Considering adding in a salmon meal to my diet just for health benefits/more protein lol.

    How do you find the best way to cook it/season it?

    Take a portion with skin on, usually 200g for me.
    Salt on both sides, and pepper only on the flesh side.
    Place the salmon into a cold non stick pan and turn the burner on to medium-high.
    Leave it there until you see the "white" cooked part about half way up.
    Flip on a side for 1 minute, then the other side for 1 minute.
    Flip on the flesh side for couple minutes.
    Remove and let site for couple minutes.

    Salmon doesnt need much to be amazing. Its a fatty fish and has tons of flavour. One word of advice, do not over cook it. It has to be like butter :)
  • aries68mcaries68mc Posts: 143Member Member Posts: 143Member Member
    I steam or air fry it. Usually season with pepper or lemon pepper. Sometimes dill. If I steam I will steam with lemon slices if I have them.
  • katermarikatermari Posts: 129Member Member Posts: 129Member Member
    i like to coat mine in caijun spice and bake it.
  • ZoneFiveZoneFive Posts: 538Member, Premium Member Posts: 538Member, Premium Member
    I poach it in the microwave in a mix of white wine and water, with dehydrated onion flakes, peppercorns and a bay leaf. Serve with a dill sauce (plain yogurt, dried dill, lemon) on top of couscous, with asparagus on the side.
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  • fdlewensteinfdlewenstein Posts: 180Member Member Posts: 180Member Member
    The internet has an abundant amount of recipes. Try some the sound good to you. I like to use olive oil, lime juice, garlic, and cilantro (cut in a mini food processor) on top of my salmon. Personally, I like my salmon cooked a little more than most.
  • lx1xlx1x Posts: 20,130Member Member Posts: 20,130Member Member

    Lemon, garlic powder and lil soy sauce..


    smothered with oyster sauce


    Lemon pepper, garlic powder and butter


    Sprinkled with plain old Bay seasoning

    I typically cooked with shrimps also.. 🤤

  • littlegreenparrot1littlegreenparrot1 Posts: 277Member Member Posts: 277Member Member
    I like to cook mine in a parcel made of foil.
    Just the salmon and a chunk of lemon, bake. It sort of dreams itself.
  • chrissyjmiller13chrissyjmiller13 Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    I like to charcoal grill mine on foil with a sprinkle of a store bought spice. Lately it has been Adams citrus sriracha. Super yummy and easy. I keep Costco’s frozen wild caught salmon in the freezer for when we are in the mood. Then fresh squeezed lemon sometimes when serving.
  • acpgeeacpgee Posts: 4,538Member Member Posts: 4,538Member Member
    I prefer salmon raw. Gravlax, a poke bowl, salmon tartare, salmon carpaccio, ceviche.
  • karenscfldkarenscfld Posts: 36Member Member Posts: 36Member Member
    I butter a frying pan, salt and pepper the fish. I cook skin side down until it is crispy and releases. I flip the salmon and peel off the skin. I then add additional salt and pepper. I cook a couple more minutes than finish with the juice of one lemon and a tablespoon of capers. That is really delicious. If not that, then I'll sometime finish with a teaspoon of orange marmlade. It is seriously good served over a bed of rice.
  • berriosilonaberriosilona Posts: 4Member Member Posts: 4Member Member
    I can recommend a Ceviche.

    I get alread hungry by thinking of it
  • fourtotwentycharsfourtotwentychars Posts: 35Member Member Posts: 35Member Member
    Steaming is good. I had steamed salmon for us tea last night, it was the best dinner I've cooked myself this year.
  • ssoooozssooooz Posts: 3Member, Premium Member Posts: 3Member, Premium Member
    My favourite is salmon sashimi with soy and wasabi.
    Otherwise pan fried in a splash of oil. I like my salmon overcooked and overseasoned (with S & P).
  • dyaneyoungsdyaneyoungs Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    I just pop mine in the microwave for 1 min 30 seconds. Perfect and fast
  • just_Tomekjust_Tomek Posts: 8,069Member Member Posts: 8,069Member Member
    acpgee wrote: »
    I prefer salmon raw. Gravlax, a poke bowl, salmon tartare, salmon carpaccio, ceviche.

    Its not easy or cheap to get sushi grade salmon, and that would also be my fav, and all the other dishes you mention are cooked ;)
  • TennisskaterTennisskater Posts: 66Member Member Posts: 66Member Member
    I took a cooking class on the Oregon coast... they said to cut the large fillet in equal individual slices then roast or grill low and slow approx 250 degrees 20 minutes or so. That way the fat renders, stays moist without it turning don't want to see white
  • joannadavisonjoannadavison Posts: 133Member Member Posts: 133Member Member
    In a fish kettle with dill
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