Just give me one month - February 2020



  • AliceJeanie
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    I'm in. Only weigh myself twice a week though.

    Heaviest: 212lbs
    February start weight: 198 lbs
    February goal: 193 lbs
    Goal Weight: 140 lbs

    January lost: 4.2 lbs

    Feb 1: 198.0
    Feb 4: 197.0
    Feb 7: 195.5
    Feb 11: 196.7 (really hoping this is just water weight from strength training)
    Feb 12: 196.1 (better)
    Feb 13: 194.7
    Feb 19: been so sick for the last 5 days. Have not been sticking to my eating plan (feed a cold, right?) and I'm too scared to step on the scale until this sickness is gone. Hopefully will be on the mend soon!
    Feb 21: 196.6 (stupid cold)
    Feb 25: 195.2 (don't think I am going to make my goal this month, but I am trending downwards, so I am happy)
    Feb 28: 193.6 😊
    Feb 29: 193.4 (down 4.6lbs in Feb)
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    edited February 2020
    Starting weight 213
    Start weight this month 200
    Goal weight this month 195
    Target goal weight 135

    Jan lost 3 lb

    1 Feb - 200.0
    2 Feb - 198.4
    3 Feb - 199
    4 Feb - 198.6
    5 Feb - 198.2
    6 Feb - 197.0
    7 Feb - 198.4,
    8 Feb - 195.6
    9 Feb - 195.2
    10 Feb - 196.2
    11 Feb - 198.6
    12 Feb - 197.4
    13 Feb - 196.6
    14 Feb - 196.6
    15 Feb - no weigh in, early soccer tournament
    16 Feb - 196.4
    17 Feb - no weigh in
    18 Feb - 199
    19 Feb - 199
    20 Feb - 197.6
    21 Feb - 199.0
    22 Feb - 197.6
    23 Feb - 196.8
    24 Feb - 196.2
    25 Feb - 197.0
    26 Feb - 196.2, come on 195, I know I can do it
    27 Feb - 193.8, flip yeah! I knew there was water retention! Goallllllllll!
    28 Feb - tom, no weigh in
    29 Feb - tom, no weigh in

    Don't weigh in at the tom, water fluctuations and wanting to eat all the things make the numbers screwy and it messes with my head, so next month with start with the 193.8 figure.

    Feb loss: 6.2 lb
  • jo_nz
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    Feb start weight: 67.0kg
    Feb goal: 66kg

    4 Feb: 67.0
    5 Feb: 66.8
    6 Feb: 66.2 - not expecting this to last. Was a bit unwell last night, so possibly dehydration and less food on board.
    7 Feb: 66.2
    8 Feb: 66.8 - oh, well, gotta focus on healing for now, but I will keep posting here so I don't lose all focus on healthy eating. Mild head injury, and some swelling to go down. Got to take it easy for a while.
    10 Feb: 66.6 - still v.sore head with some swelling (very colourful black eye), and not back to exercise yet (a little walking, but more resting)
    11 Feb: 65.8 - what?!?! Will see if this lasts...
    12 Feb: 65.8 :)
    13 Feb: 65.8 still
    14 Feb: 65.3
    15 Feb: 65.6
    16 Feb: 65.5
    17 Feb: 65.2
    18 Feb: 65.1 - Woo hoo, going great this month, though I am expecting a bump in numbers soon as we're going away in a couple of days - 5 days of eating/drinking/socialising...I will try and keep a lid on things, but not going to stress about it.
    19 Feb: 64.5 !!! :o
    20-25 Feb - away, no scales, lots of eating and drinking (some of the most incredible meals I've ever eaten)
    26 Feb: 68.0 - well, back to reality with a thud! I'm assuming a good chunk of that is water weight, so trying to drink plenty of water and just carry on.
    27 Feb: 66.8
    28 Feb: 65.8 Wow, glad the water weight theory seems to be holding up
    29 Feb: 65.8

    Yay, not too bad, though can't wait to get back to and past my lows for the month. While I would love weight loss to be faster, I feel this is a pretty sustainable rate for me - fast enough I can see some progress, but slow enough that I can stick with it and still enjoy life along the way.

    Coming month's goal will be another kg loss, and an increase in pilates classes (life has been a bit stressful, so planning to work on carving out my gym time more consistently)
    Also planning to not faint and whack my head in the tiled floor - not an event I am keen to repeat. Black eye finally healed now.
  • fatoldladyonamission
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    Starting weight 325lbs 22nd August 2019
    Start weight this month 254
    Goal weight this month 248
    Target goal weight 144lbs though I know it’s going to take a long time to get there!

    Going easy on this month’s goal as this week has been amazing for losses and February is a very short month

    Sept loss 14.9lbs
    October loss 12.1lbs
    November loss 11.6lbs
    December loss 10.2lbs
    January 2020 loss 10.4lbs

    1 February 254.2 up a tiny bit but weighed late in the day.

    2 February 253 woohoo! The lightest I’ve been since I first got my Fitbit in 2013. Pleased to be here again!

    3 February 253.8 humph. Hubby back in hospital and eating late affecting my routine.

    4 February 254.3 Just what I didn’t want but as above hospital visiting and not drinking enough water aren’t helping me. Neither is having to eat my dinner at 10.30pm! Gah 😩

    5 February 252.8 Hooray! A drop at last and hubby is getting out of hospital today. Hopefully things will get easier again now. I’m also officially below my lightest recorded Fitbit or MFP weight 😁

    6 February no weigh in

    7 February 255 aaarrrggghhh but it’s TOM and I can’t really have put that on.

    8 February 253.2 so still above my lowest but going the right way now I hope! 😊

    9 February 251.5 Yippee 😁 lowest in a very long time! I’m doing this! 😆

    10 February 252! Aaarrgghhh! Back up again. Not enough water and too much hot chocolate yesterday! Back on the water today and sensible choices! Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

    11 February 251.2 Yay! Pleased with this! Into that next stone bracket. Gotta keep at it and get out the other side too 🤣

    12 February 250.7! Yes! Maybe, just maybe I can make goal again this month! Praying for a good loss tomorrow to get me past 75lbs lost. Happy dance again today!

    13 February 250.7 again lol! Ah well, at least it wasn't an increase. Here's hoping for better tomorrow!

    14 February 249.7! What a great Valentines present to myself. 75.3lbs gone in total now since August 22nd. I am over the moon with this one 😁

    15 February 248.9 Woohoo 🙌 again lol. Delighted with this week's progress! Not expecting to keep losing this way but very very pleased 😀

    16 February 249.4 still happy with this. Though I suspect I fell short on my drinking water yesterday so upping that today.

    17 & 18 February no weigh in hubby rushed into hospital very ill on night of 16th.

    19 February 248.4 new low. Pleased with this. Hubby still in hospital so struggling a bit but keeping to the plan.

    20 February 248.2 a little loss but I’ll take it. Still delighted with being here at last. Lowest I’ve been since 2009 I think!

    21 to 23 February no weigh ins. It's been manic here and I just didn't get around to it.

    24 February 246.8 delighted again with this and hoping it's safe to say I've made goal for this month. With any luck I'll stay under 248lbs until the 29th Feb.

    25 February 247.1 Well it's up but not over 248 so I'll take it! Back to the grind after not using my treadmill for a week seems like hard work. How easy it is to be jolted out of your routine when it was so simple whilst in it!

    26 February 247.6 up again but it’s that time soon so to be expected. Hopefully it won’t go over my goal before the end of the week!

    28 February 245.5

    29 February 242.9 made goal and some and should be delighted but had a really awful day with some horrible things happening. No happy in me today.
  • jo_nz
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    Feb start weight: 67.0kg
    Feb end weight: 65.8kg
    Mar goal: 64.5kg

    1 Mar: 66.3 :/
    2 Mar: 65.7 :)
  • jo_nz
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    Whoops, was meant to post that one in the new March thread, sorry

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    Starting weight: 170.8
    Starting weight this month: 133.6
    Goal weight this month: 127

    Target goal weight: Not sure, maybe 120-125

    August: lost 5.5 pounds
    September: lost 5 pounds
    October: lost 10 pounds
    November: lost 5 pounds
    December: lost 5.6 pounds
    January: lost 8.4 pounds

    Up a couple pounds since January 😐 ate like trash last week and only worked out 3 times. I have 4-5 pounds of water weight from a bad diet.

    Feb 01: 133.6
    Feb 02: 134.2
    Feb 03. 133.2
    Feb 04: 132.2
    Feb 05: 131.0 glad all the water weight is coming off pretty quick.
    Feb 06: 131.2
    Feb 07: 129.8 lowest January weight! Feel super bloated still though.
    Feb 08: 129.2
    Feb 09: 130.8 haven’t 💩 in days 😐
    Feb 10: 130.4
    Feb 11: 129.4
    Feb 12: 128.2
    Feb 13: 125.4 🤯
    Feb 14: 126.2
    Haven’t been recording weight 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
    Feb 23: 127.6
    Feb 24: 128.8
    Feb 25: 128.8
    Feb 26: 126.4
    Feb 27: 125.8
    Feb 28: 126.6
    Feb 29: 126.2

    Feb loss: 7.4 lbs but I’m already up to 128.0 this morning so I’m going to say a 5.6 lb loss.