Sweet tooth remedies?

I constantly want something sweet, usually with chocolate, after my meals or for a in between snack. Im looking for ideas to satiate my cravings for this while getting the better nutrition and possibly lower calories.


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    Fruit...nature's candy. If you like chocolate, dark chocolate is actually very nutritious and has a lot of antioxidants.

    This. Fruit is very sweet, and it's not hard to find chocolate in formats that come with few cals, such as small individually wrapped options.

    I tried a package of these, https://us.devillierschocolate.com/, for just one example (not the smallest or lowest cal one), and half a bar is only 110-130 cal with some of them, with surprisingly good protein and fiber numbers, and not only are they tasty, but 1/3 a bar is a satisfying amount if I want a bit of chocolate after dinner.

    Other chocolate-based options could be chocolate covered almonds (high cal, but a lot of that is the almonds), adding a little unsweetened cocoa powder to yogurt), or unsweetened brewing chocolate or low cal hot chocolate.
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    Possibly try fruit dipped in chocolate hummus or yogurt mixed with cocoa powder or a chocolate nut butter.

    I have made my own chocolate nut butters with no added sugars (nuts and/or seeds, cocoa powder, and cinnamon mixed in a good quality food processor). I will probably try to make my own chocolate hummus soon, but may add a little zero calorie sweetener if needed.
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    I make my own chocolate by mixing raw cacao powder and cacao butter. I don't add sweeteners at all but you could add a sweetener of your liking. Back when I used sweetener I liked the Sweetleaf liquid stevia. Some people use regular butter or coconut oil but I prefer the result with cacao butter. With coconut oil it turns out too melty so you'd have to use less cacao powder. The good thing about coconut oil is that it's naturally sweet so you might not need sweetener at all :)
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    I like to put 1 serving of mini semi sweet chocolate chips on some sliced bananas. It only adds about 70 calories and is worth it to me.
    For me, I find the best way to calm the sweet tooth is to feed it with something controlled like my banana and chocolate chips example. Depending on if you are an abstainer or a moderator that may or may not work for you though. Try different stuff til you find what works for you.
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    I constantly want something sweet, usually with chocolate, after my meals or for a in between snack. Im looking for ideas to satiate my cravings for this while getting the better nutrition and possibly lower calories.

    Personally, I make sure to get all my nutrition in my meals, and set aside calories to eat "fun" foods for snacks. Fruit can work for me for a general sweet craving, but if I'm craving chocolate, or creaminess, fruit just doesn't cut it.

    I love Dove Promises, especially the dark chocolate ones. I find two of them for 80 calories with a cup of flavored tea can hit the spot if I didn't set aside enough calories.

    If I'm short on protein for the day, I might have a chocolate protein shake or a flavored Greek yogurt.

    Otherwise I set aside 150-250 cals for snacks, and will often have a couple of Oreos, a weighed out serving of ice cream, or a small candy bar when I'm in a "sweets" mood. Especially if the craving is PMS-related, it's better for whomever is in the vicinity for me to just treat myself :smile:
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    Healthiest is a baked apple with cinnamon, butternut squash with pumpkin spice, frozen berries out of the freezer for 15 minutes. They're all good with Greek yogurt too. Roasted fennel if you like anise is like dessert, I toss with balsamic vinegar. Less healthy as far as not being whole foods are light ice cream or frozen yogurt bars like Chilly Cow (fav is brown butter caramel), Enlightened, or Yasso bars. Fiber One bars are ok but small, they're better in the microwave. Pints of light ice cream are good too but I usually eat the whole thing so I rarely get anymore.
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    Mini chocolate chips. I weigh them out and eat them at night with peanuts.
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    Liking sweet foods like fruit or occasional chocolate is not something I'd want to remove, personally!
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    Some people claim that chocolate cravings could be due to a need for magnesium. They say that almonds should help. I don't know if any of that is true.
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    For me, the less I eat sweets, the less I think about them. If you have a piece of chocolate after dinner 7 days in a row, on the 8th day, you'll want it again. Take a challenge of re-directing yourself to something different for a few days.

    (Many nights I have chamomile tea with a tsp of agave. I typically also put a tablespoon of Benefiber in it, but that's another story!)
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    Best remedy for craving reduction and satisfying the craving is sliced banana with honey drizzle and cinnamon over the top.
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    I'm scoffing a cup of sweet black grapes right now. Works for me. That or 100% cocoa with a couple of sweeteners in.
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    kali31337 wrote: »
    Mini chocolate chips. I weigh them out and eat them at night with peanuts.

    Yes, I can both moderate chocolate chips and eat them very, very slowly, so a low calorie amount is plenty to scratch that chocolate itch.
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    Thanks guys!I'm definitely going to use chocolate chips and almonds. The coco powder, Greek yogurt,and fruit sound divine as well.
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    I can bake so I got myself in trouble. It's pretty delicious, I know it's hard. I think you just teach your body new habits. I wanted a brownie earlier, I had a pear. You can also try the sugar free items at the store.
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    I also have sugar free cocoa sometimes. I think its the comforting sort of satisfaction from sweets, if I have the warm cocoa it takes care of some of that