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Lose 5lbs + in March 2020



  • tiabirdie56tiabirdie56 Posts: 2,751Member Member Posts: 2,751Member Member
    February Gain~ 4lbs (183 to 187)

    •Lose 5 lbs in March 2020•

    Original starting wgt: 253
    February starting weight:
    March goal: Lose fat!
    ☔Updating every day through March

    •Monday Updates•📍
    Last weigh in - 187
    3/01 - DNW
    3/02 - DNW
    3/03 - DNW
    3/04 - DNW
    3/05 - DNW
    3/06 - 189
    3/07 - 188.2
    3/08 - DNW
    3/09 - 189
    3/10 - DNW - I've been eating my one meal so late in the evenings that I have not been weighing early in the morning.
    3/16 - 185.4 - OMAD
    3/23 - 184.8 - OMAD

    3/26 - 186.2 - OMAD

  • shapealershapealer Posts: 31Member Member Posts: 31Member Member
    shapealer wrote: »
    lets do this...
    sw 188 2/1/20
    gw 160
    cw 183 2/29
    march 5th 181.4
    12th 178.2
    19th 178.4
    26th 179.2
    total for march goal 8 lbs.
    March 1st 184
    one more day til first weigh in...gotta be good...did GREAT!!
    set my goal for the 12th...178
    today is 3/7 and I'm so hungry tonight...will power has NEVER been my strong suit...wish me luck
    3/8.....180.2....going in the right direction
    new incentive..talked to my bff who lives in another state...(usually we are both same weight)well she told me she now weights 150 after hitting a high of have to work harder to get to her HIGH!!!
    184-8=176....looks doable from here
    doing really bad...eating easter CANDY!!!plus alot of other stuff... maybe stress?
    3/19..well this week didn't go well..gained..not much but thats NOT the goal..gonna get really really serious now..end of month approaching...

    my scale battery was low so changed it and gained 3 lbs
    3/21..176.2...was really good the last 2 days...AND IT SHOWS...also drinking more water
    3/25..just checked my BMI for the fun of it..not fun..have a longgggg way to go..tomorrow weigh in
    3/26..well up it went this weigh in..gonna give myself til the 31st before posting ending weight..these are hard times to focus on ANYTHING..
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