What worked for you today?



  • willboywonder
    willboywonder Posts: 126 Member
    I was craving some bad food, so I did what I was always taught to do. Drink a cup (8 oz.) of water. It worked for me. The water gave me a sensation of being full, and I didn't want the bad foods anymore.
  • BartBVanBockstaele
    BartBVanBockstaele Posts: 623 Member
    Portion control, weigh and measure food. I use a food scale to weigh out my food. Has helped me lose 48 lbs so far.
    Great. Keep it up. I lost a bit over 60 kg doing exactly that, and I am continuing, if if there are some timid indications that the weight loss part of my journey is slowly nearing its end. Maintenance is planned to be the same, with just a few hundred calories added back in, very slowly, in order not to destroy what has been achieved so far.

  • etraderpaul
    etraderpaul Posts: 5 Member
    Ultra thin pretzels (watch the salt!), cheerios, and an apple ... all low-calorie snacks that take a while to eat.
  • LovingReds
    LovingReds Posts: 15 Member
    What work today was committing to the time I set to do morning workouts. It has been a game changer waking the same time and exercising.
  • sargemarcori
    sargemarcori Posts: 301 Member
    food prep! I got back from an AMAZING trip on Monday where I ate far too much for a month. I didn't manage to eat much better Tuesday. Or Wednesday--but I did make overnight oatmeal for Thu and Fri back at work. And I already had homemade soup in the freezer. Yesterday all my coworkers kept bringing me treats (and flowers--they REALLY missed me!) so I didn't eat well that day either--but today I have/am! Because that's what I have. Because I made it two days ago, and DIDN'T have to "just grab anything" this morning.
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