Hey you. Yes YOU!

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Do you have something to say to someone? You don't have the guts to do it? You don't have the right words so why even bother? Maybe you saw someone doing something nice and regret not saying anything? That person did something you will always remember. .

You get the point... Here's your chance.

*Please play nice*


  • _Miss_chievous_
    _Miss_chievous_ Posts: 2,765 Member
    Hey you,

    I miss how much you made me laugh.
  • Mr_Healthy_Habits
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    Hey you...

    You are wrong, it doesn't work that way...

    But I'm not about to go up there and embarrass you by showing you why you're wrong...
  • mommabear4315
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    Hey you, why didn’t you have the time to go eat lunch or dinner with us tonight or tomorrow night.
  • Mr_Healthy_Habits
    Mr_Healthy_Habits Posts: 12,588 Member
    Hey you...

    Dude d'you think we just have all freaking night or what?
  • cowsfan12
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    Hey you - out there on your own sitting naked by the phone....

    I like that you’re just as weird as me - we some dorks
  • TwitchyMacGee
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    Hey you,
    Just read my *kitten* mind already.
  • DecadeDuchess
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    It really hurt me when you ghosted me when I told you I had cancer. We hung out often, talked many times a week for years. Out of all people I thought that I would have had you by my side through it all. Turns out that most people who are there for me and check up on me are people I barely spoke to before.

    I've found, that these people're just users {we mightn't even ever know, what they were using us for or planning to because it might seem nonsensical, to us: I was, someone's power trip} but the moment they believe that we're unusable, they disappear.
  • J_NY_Z
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    Hey you,

    I'm really sorry for the way I treated you. I hope someday you'll forgive me.
  • TwitchyMacGee
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    Dear Crush,

    You told me you got that missing front tooth last year right here when someone opened the door on the stall of the lavatory and then you swung it back to close it and it hit you in the face and knocked out your tooth.

    Except you weren’t even working here last year.

    Now all I can think about is what really happened to your tooth and why I still get a hard on for fibbing tricksters.

    And plus why am I getting crushes on somebody with a missing front tooth. Nevermind.


    All right this belongs on the Dear Crush thread but I don’t know how to move it sorry

    I’m thinking of this thread as crush notes anonymous anonymous
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