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Hey you. Yes YOU!



  • TwitchyMacGeeTwitchyMacGee Member Posts: 3,120 Member Member Posts: 3,120 Member
    Joeyd727 wrote: »
    Hey you,
    Thank you for all the life coaching/advice you've given me over these past few months, thank you for listening to my drama and for flashing me your boobs to brighten my mornings

    Love always,

    Now that’s gratitude
  • ksharrell48ksharrell48 Member Posts: 161 Member Member Posts: 161 Member
    Hey you...
    Karma - I hope it's a thing.
  • _sw33tp3a_11_sw33tp3a_11 Member Posts: 3,401 Member Member Posts: 3,401 Member

    For the record, I had absolutely nothing to do with that. Unlike you, I mind my own damn business but now that you let yourself out, keep my name out of your mouth.
  • kindalikevelmakindalikevelma Member Posts: 1,335 Member Member Posts: 1,335 Member
    Hey you,

    I miss talking to you. Thank you for all of the laughs and cheek-aches from smiling so much. You’re pretty special.
  • Mr_Healthy_HabitsMr_Healthy_Habits Member Posts: 11,926 Member Member Posts: 11,926 Member
    Hey you...

    Like wtf... Are you on light duty or something and the rest of us don't know?
  • _Kashmir_314_Kashmir_314 Member Posts: 707 Member Member Posts: 707 Member
    cowsfan12 wrote: »
    Hey you - standing in the isles with itchy feet and fading smiles ...

    Thanks for always having my back no matter what - no matter how big of an as s hole I can be or what bad decisions I made as punk kid - i knew you loved me - you taught me how to change a tire and check my oil - pay my bills and how to be a man - when I was at my lowest you lifted me up - so yeah thanks for that - you kinda of a bad a s s moms

    This is beautiful, R. I hope you tell her these things, not just think them. ♥️
  • MotorsheenMotorsheen Member Posts: 18,893 Member Member Posts: 18,893 Member
    Hey... like, you know.. are you going to eat that ??
  • slessofmeslessofme Member Posts: 6,999 Member Member Posts: 6,999 Member

    I wanted things to go differently. Your behavior drove me to take the action I did. I didnt relish it at all.
  • Mr_Healthy_HabitsMr_Healthy_Habits Member Posts: 11,926 Member Member Posts: 11,926 Member
    Hey you...

    You have officially been demoted from the DC thread to the Hey You thread...

    I'm kidding 😂
    edited March 7
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