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Calling 5 foot something females!!



  • Catlessi41Catlessi41 Member Posts: 16 Member Member Posts: 16 Member
    About 5ft 2in.... Feel free to add me if you love kitties, yoga, running and food. Good food.
  • Taytaylynn92Taytaylynn92 Member Posts: 109 Member Member Posts: 109 Member
    I’m 5’4.5 and currently 139 looking to get to about 120!
  • River314River314 Member Posts: 63 Member Member Posts: 63 Member
    5 ft nothing here! Restarted my journey a week ago. Restarted at 231.6 and now at 230. Feeling good after the first week (again)!! Y'all feel free to add me!
  • MzsRoseMzsRose Member Posts: 4 Member Member Posts: 4 Member
    5 ft 1, age 51, B)
  • RosaKitty19RosaKitty19 Member Posts: 4 Member Member Posts: 4 Member
    Hi I’m 5’6 back on MFP having gained back last time on here. Feel free to add for mutual motivation & encouragement! Just started back again yesterday 🤗
  • arizonacolbysarizonacolbys Member Posts: 7 Member Member Posts: 7 Member
    I'm about 5'4" and have crept back up to my highest weight again (other than pregnancies! LOL) I'd like to lose 20 lbs minimum and see how I feel there. I run long distance on weekends & find myself eating way too much as a reward. Need to get out of that habit, stay in my calorie range & work out more through the week. I would love more friends - feel free to add me!
  • nikkinichols622nikkinichols622 Member, Premium Posts: 3 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3 Member
    I'm 5'5" looking to lose 60lbs or more. Lost my body after having my daughter and getting married. Want to take back myself and get healthy for myself and my family. Would love the support of others who want the same too. Add me. New to the community thing. Always just felt on my own.
  • Sweet_ASweet_A Member Posts: 468 Member Member Posts: 468 Member
    5’4 🎀 Hi! I’m sure you will reach your goal 💪🏻 I’m cheering for you! 👏🏻 You can do it!

  • abundantjoyfulabundantjoyful Member Posts: 1 Member Member Posts: 1 Member
    Hey can a former 5'1" 68 year old woman still join (LOL)? I'm a senior and now I'm 4'11" and looking to find encouragement from others who are perfect in stature like us. Looking to lose about 75 pounds.
  • justepljustepl Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member
    5'1" and 39 years old. I am at the biggest of my life (including pregnancy!) and have recently been put onto cholesterol pills :( I am looking to get down 30lbs, slowly & safely.
  • robynmac5819robynmac5819 Member Posts: 32 Member Member Posts: 32 Member
    Hey ladies 5ft 2.5inches (gosh darn it that half an inch counts, right?). I lost weight four years ago, went from 183, to 123. Then gained it all back over the years, plus 7 pounds(starting weight 190) . I’m almost two months in and I’ve lost 22 pounds. I would love some more friends in the same boat to help keep each other motivated.
  • mrsjchristophermrsjchristopher Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    5'3" apparently (after thinking I was 5'2" since I was 13)
    Need to lose 60 lbs. I've yoyo'd most of my life but this is the heaviest I've ever been.
    A few years ago I did really well here tracking my food and running, now I'm going to try tracking and walking.
  • karn82karn82 Member Posts: 18 Member Member Posts: 18 Member
    5’1 and age 37 😅
    Feel like gaining 1lb on the scales shows as 7lb when I look in the mirror 😕
    Started this way back in 2014 and lost 35lb but have gained bk 21lb and I don’t like it at all! Re-started today wasn’t the best but I’m going to keep going as I know it gets easier when a routine sets in, feel free to add x
  • Katrinas_wavesKatrinas_waves Member Posts: 6 Member Member Posts: 6 Member
    Hi I'm 5.4 and back on here after a 3 year hiatus. I'm need of some friends! Only currently have 1. So please add me 😘

    I need to lose a few stone. Already lost 2 stone through walking alone but it's not enough anymore so came back on here to try and shift some more.
  • twio2015twio2015 Member, Premium Posts: 22 Member Member, Premium Posts: 22 Member
    Im 5"3 and 30 years old. My heaviest weight is 188, and I am now between 171-172 this week. My ultimate goal weight is 145-135. Please add me, i would love some friends :)
  • asthesoapturnsasthesoapturns Member Posts: 223 Member Member Posts: 223 Member
    I'm 5'4" and down to 160lb from 210lb after start on the weight loss path in Sept. Goal is 145lb to start, and probably a little lower
    depending on how I look and feel. I'm open to new friends.
  • Mini_ChonkMini_Chonk Member Posts: 6 Member Member Posts: 6 Member
    I am 5’4”. Last year, I lost the 10-15 pounds that left me feeling tired and uncomfortable. However, I am slowly gaining it back. I went from a muscular 122 lbs to a slightly chubby 126, and I’m looking for an active group to keep me accountable.
  • Grace_spaceshipGrace_spaceship Member Posts: 48 Member Member Posts: 48 Member
    I was 5ft10.5 but after breaking my back I am 5ft9.5. I have had a lot of weight fluctuations over the last few years mainly due to mental health issues. I've spent the last few months gaining muscle and now I am trying to get lean. Currently 160lbs trying to get to about 150lbs. Feel free to add me!
  • allycs85allycs85 Member, Premium Posts: 40 Member Member, Premium Posts: 40 Member
    Hi I'm 5'2 I joined ww April 1st and lost 18Ib didn't really enjoy ww as wasn't learning anything about nutrition and what my body needs. Joined mfp 10 days ago and lost just over 6Ib so far! I don't really have a goal weight as yet I'm taking it pound by pound I think once I'm happy I'll stop. My original goal was 140 but the closer I get to that the more I realise I have a lot more to lose than that. At the beginning of my journey I had an image in my head of how I would look after losing x amount of weight but so far I just look the same 😭 good luck on your journeys I would love friends on here just for accountability x
  • redlindsyredlindsy Member, Premium Posts: 3 Member Member, Premium Posts: 3 Member
    5ft almost 56 - would like to be around 10 stone looking for inspiration and nice food to eat
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