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Covid19 and Cashiers

TarynF226TarynF226 Posts: 23Member Member Posts: 23Member Member
Right uh story time of sorts, sorry, if this isn't allowed it can be deleted. Everyone please stay safe! Dont forget to wash your hands often and bring hand sanitizer if you're sharing equipment with people.

If you've got your own perspective of a job field you'd like to share and tips to help out I'd love to hear them.

**A Cashiers perspective.**

Being a cashier sucks right now (that's the polite phrasing to be sure🤣), please don't share your germs with cashiers we deal with hundreds of people each day.

I'm doing what I can to keep the corner store where I work clean, washing my hands often and disinfecting counters, door handles and keypads (everything really) with bleach water as frequently as I can manage while still getting my actual job done but stores are high traffic. (😕Also the bleach is giving me headaches from the smell...)

I know it looks odd to us/western society (I'm in ON Canada btw) and maybe you think people will snicker at your caution but please consider wearing masks when you go out to stores. If your going to talk to your cashier stand back whatever distance you can or angle you face downward/away from them.

Travelling. Ugh. It's not just European countries. If you've travelled /Anywhere/ please don't come in. I actually had a regular customer go on vacation to Cuba for a week and so I didn't think I'd see him for three. He came in for his regular coffee and when I asked him why he wasn't self quarantine he told me that was only for travelling to European countries. It's already over here and you're going through high traffic ports. It's any travel. Once he left I wiped down all the door handles coffee station stuff and counters etc with disinfectant and washed my hands but he still came in and there were other people in the store too. That is A Bit Not Good. (I hadn't been wearing a mask at work yet, I think I'm going to from now on. I wore one to go shopping because while I don't display symptoms I have no idea whether anyone I came in contact with shared with me. Hundreds of customers remember? 😷I don't want to get sick but if I do I hardly want to spend two weeks incubation period spreading it around, you know?)

I'm normally up to chat with regular customers but I'm a lot more brisk with saying goodbye right now. Don't take that personally please if your usual cashiers seem to be standoffish. We're trying to do our best to not get sick despite dealing with a lot of people. A lot of cashiers are part time and minimum wage, we need our hours and aside from being sick itself we can't afford to miss weeks worth of shifts if things go bad. Please don't be snide if we don't seem friendly right now.

Also please don't hoard items. It shouldn't need to be said but don't buy what you don't need. There are others who genuinely need those baby wipes you swiped for cleaning your hands. Over the course of the weekend I heard from two mothers who couldn't find baby wipes for their baby's butt until they'd visited multiple stores and from Four mothers who had to go to three or four stores (or order online) to get their baby formula. Unless you actually plan on staying inside for the next three months don't take more than you need for a few weeks quarantine.

Use the tap feature on your cards. I'm one of those who doesnt like having tap on my cards because I don't feel it's secure but I've used it exclusively this past while rather than handle the card terminal. Reduce whatever amount of contact you can.

Lottery and cigarettes are a Huge thing for corner stores. If you think you Absolutely have to have either or both consider (I know it's super expensive) buying multiple draws on your lottery and consider buying cartons instead of just a couple packs to reduce the number of visits you have to make. Also, sign your lottery at home. I can only clean the store pen so often.

Overall, please be polite. We as cashiers are dealing with a lot of stress as new memos are passed down from higher ups who (seem to us) get to hide away in offices. We are trying our best to not get sick and to not spread this around, please do your part.


  • ReenieHJReenieHJ Posts: 1,211Member Member Posts: 1,211Member Member
    Very good and insightful post. Thank you! When I shopped for groceries yesterday, there were 2 clerks; one was wearing gloves and one was not. Just think of all the germs that get exchanged between hands all day long. :(
    Hope you stay healthy Taryn!
  • guil0095guil0095 Posts: 303Member Member Posts: 303Member Member
    I'm from ON, Canada too! Thank you for all you do <3
  • ReenieHJReenieHJ Posts: 1,211Member Member Posts: 1,211Member Member
    TarynF226 wrote: »
    ReenieHJ wrote: »
    Very good and insightful post. Thank you! When I shopped for groceries yesterday, there were 2 clerks; one was wearing gloves and one was not. Just think of all the germs that get exchanged between hands all day long. :(
    Hope you stay healthy Taryn!

    Hi Reenie! This is actually a very interesting point.

    I have a sink readily available at work so washing my hands frequently is something I can do. I do also have gloves available but I don't wear them much(we have plastic money bills here and the gloves I have make it very difficult to separate them quickly).

    Consider that a person who wears gloves through their shift can be worse than a person who doesn't IF the person who doesn't wear them takes different measures with either sanitizer or washing.
    Gloves are only a good thing if changed frequently otherwise the germs/dirt/virus' collect on the surface same as they do on hands and can still be spread.

    Gloves are great to help (especially with cleaning chemicals like bleach to disinfect) but not wearing gloves doesn't mean a person isn't doing what they can to keep safe.

    I had that exact conversation with my dh when I got home from the store. :) I said wearing gloves isn't going to help much because it's just like another pair of hands. :( Unless you change them out all the time, and you know she can't be doing that. :( I guess in her mind, she's doing what she can to keep protected because, let's face it, she still sadly has to work. :( And most likely for little above minimum wage.
    They do have an 'order ahead and pick up service' that I'm surprised they haven't hugely encouraged lately but it could be they've been maddeningly trying to simply keep up with the influx of shoppers.

    On a very local note, our property taxes are due this week but if you pay online, use a credit card, it's a 3% surcharge for convenience. They're encouraging people to NOT show up in person yet doing nothing(like waiving the credit card fees??)to encourage them to call their payments in. :/

    In these days of staying isolated and keeping a social distance, my heart goes out to everyone that still has to show up to do their job. For minimal pay and probably lack of appreciation. Most people get to return home with their stocked up groceries and hunker down. People like you, Taryn, are having to brave the daily contact of many. :( Along with all other public service workers, health workers, care-givers of any kind, etc. {{HUGS}} to everyone in those predicaments and who have more logistically to worry about.
  • ReenieHJReenieHJ Posts: 1,211Member Member Posts: 1,211Member Member
    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    You are obviously really thoughtful and energetic about doing all you can, in a difficult situation, and in a job where it seems like some people don't properly respect or even notice your efforts. Thank you.

    I've been thinking a lot about how the burden of the current situation falls more on some of us than others, whether financial burden, risk of contagion, or other effects.

    It speaks to your character, how hard you're working to protect people who aren't always conscious of their own health practices, or conscientious about protecting others (hard to tell which, sometimes).

    Your post humanizes some of the implications for us. I hope you and yours are able to stay healthy through this whole challenging process. People will rely more on the convenience stores as other options are reduced.

    Thank you for all that you do, and sympathies for what you're experiencing. :flowerforyou:

    Well said!
  • nighthawk584nighthawk584 Posts: 1,736Member Member Posts: 1,736Member Member
    I used to be in the service industry so I can relate but I can't relate to what you're going through with this pandemic! Thank you stay healthy!
  • snowflake954snowflake954 Posts: 4,586Member Member Posts: 4,586Member Member
    Our cashiers, in Italy, have masks and gloves. Stay safe hon!
  • TarynF226TarynF226 Posts: 23Member Member Posts: 23Member Member
    lokihen wrote: »
    I'm heading in to cover the graveyard shift in the ER for an ill coworker. I haven't seen my parents in weeks because I won't be the one to expose them. Honestly, they are being very good about isolating already.

    I hate the way things are right now, but if everybody was as careful as the OP, I would worry less. Thank you.

    OP here and thank you for continueing to show up at the ER. I know people with your kinds of jobs get a lot of exposure to this situation but we all still need hospitals to run and we have to count on staff like yourself showing up to places we'd all rather avoid ourselves. Please stay as safe as you can❤
  • TarynF226TarynF226 Posts: 23Member Member Posts: 23Member Member
    Thanks for your post OP and for starting an interesting topic.

    My perspective of working as a practice nurse in a medical centre.

    Reception has a barricade around it now so people have to be 1.7 m away from the receptionists.

    and nobody is allowed in with flu like symptoms - they all have to ring from their car and Dr does a phone consult and if deemed neccesary, sends them to hospital for testing, by staff there in isolated room with full PPE

    Some patients are coping with this and following it better than others

    some get really cranky about waiting in their car - as if having a phone consult means Dr drops everything in the surgery to ring you instantly - no, he/she doesnt, you still have to wait your turn.

    Do not do what one stupid patient did - after waiting in his car for a little while, he came in to the surgery, coughing and spluttering his way through a waiting room of non flu symptom patients, to ask reception how long the wait will be. :o

    and of course it is impossible for us to keep social distance for everything. One person wanted me to give their child's vaccine from 1.7 m distance - no, I'm afraid I have to get closer to do that. :s

    and of course people still need to come to the surgery for non Covid issues - and babies still need vaccinating.

    No good them avoiding medical centers/us avoiding touching them on account of potential Covid - and then getting whooping cough because they aren't vaccinated - so crazy time and everything more complex.

    Flu vaccinations start in another fortnight - always a crazy busy time of year but will be utter bedlam this year.

    Good news for me of course - no danger of being laid off because not enough work, so Covid wont be a financial issue for me.
    Except ,as for everyone, superannuation balances in free fall.

    OP here, thanks for sharing how things are going in medical centers and thank you for doing your best to put up with all us cranky panicky people❤

    I just want people to be aware of and to consider both sides of each interaction. Maybe knowing how you guys are dealing will help people be a bit more patient when demanding health services.

    (In crap news just let me know 23 new confirmed cases for Ontario bringing active cases to 205. 😝Gonna have to check if any are near me. Before now only three in my area But they were all travel related not community spread - I'd like to keep it that way.)
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