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    April start Weight: 225 lbs
    April Goal Weight: ?
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 185 lbs

    April 1 : 225 lbs
    April 7 : 208 lbs
    April 15:
    April 22:
    April 29:
    April 30:

    My weight loss is starting to become normal. I was so bloated with food and waste so I'm guess that's a large part of my weightloss. I've been sticking to my keto diet and tracking everything! I've been struggling with eating enough fat. If anyone has a tip to consume more healthy fats I'd love the help(Carb conscious). I look forward to reading everyones posts and our progress in the weeks to come!

    On keto: "Carbs are a limit, protein is a goal, fat is a lever"

    Basically that means that you are putting a limit on your carbs (20-50g depending on your situation)and aiming for a higher protein diet. The fat is actually a lever meaning that you use it to combat your hunger. Eating it does not help you to lose weight (fat NEVER helps that.) You are going to try to choose HEALTHY fats like coconut oil, avocado oil or olive oil. Nuts, seeds (but they add up quickly in calories so be careful!). The fat in your eggs. Avocados etc. But you do not have to reach that limit on your MFP daily for fat. Please do aim for the carb & protein goal and eat NO MORE than your fat limit listed. I still try to limit my fat as much as possible on keto and when I do eat it, it is because I need to cook with it, or I need something to fill my hungry belly. I do use bulletproof coffee when needed but not everyday.

    Many people try to say the Keto diet is not healthy but science has proven them wrong.
    They key to a healthy keto diet is to choose delicious quality low carb fruit & veggies to meet your carb goals (not junk). Choose nice lean cuts & high quality meats & dairy to meet your protein goals (or plant based proteins). Use only high quality and/or natural fat sources. And remember, you will lose the weight consistently faster with less fat (and therefore, less calories too). This makes it a HEALTHY diet, no matter what its called. Following this diet has cut my type 2 diabetic medication in half and is changing my life! I hope this helps.

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    I'm in!

    April 1st - 82.3kg
    April 30th -

    I would like to hit 75kg eventually, think that is a bit too far fetched for 30 days.
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    April start Weight:190Ibs
    April Goal Weight:185ibs
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 150Ibs

    April 1 : 193-190Ibs
    April 8: 190-188.5 ibs
    April 15:
    April 22:
    April 29:
    April 30:

    My weight keeps changing by a few pounds sometimes going up to 190 and as low as188 Ibs . Any suggestions on how to keep it going down?
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    My name is Donna. I am 59 years young, 5’ 5” tall and from the Midwest.

    Original starting weight: 253.0
    March Ending Weight: 203.5
    April Goal Weight: 197.5
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 145-155 (we’ll see when I get there!)

    Apr 1 : 203.2 Good luck Everyone!
    Apr 5: 202.8 That’s better. Struggling with keeping my glucose in check (T2D here). Either way too high or way too low. I am working on tweaking the diet more today. Looking for a downward trend on scale, plenty of healthy choices on the menu but less carbs to go along with less calories. Trying to find the sweet spot and when I do, that, in itself, will aid in the weight loss.
    Apr 12: 203.4 Happy Easter Everyone!
    Apr 19:
    Apr 26:
    Apr 30:

    Final thoughts:
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    My weight keeps changing by a few pounds sometimes going up to 190 and as low as188 Ibs . Any suggestions on how to keep it going down?

    When are you weighing yourself?

    I weigh myself every morning wearing the same outfit and the scale in the same location. If you are weighing both morning and night, then yes, your scale will be higher at night than in the morning but that's normal and should not count as an actual weight.

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    April start Weight:143
    April Goal Weight:134
    Ultimate Goal Weight:120

    April 1 :143
    April 8: 142
    April 15:
    April 22:
    April 29:
    April 30:
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    April start Weight: 147.4
    April Goal Weight: 142.4
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 125

    April 1 : 147.4
    April 6: 146.2 πŸ‘
    April 13:146.8. πŸ‘Ž
    April 20:
    April 27:
    April 30: