Less Alcohol - APRIL 2020 - One Day at a Time



  • LoveyChar
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    @Beka3695 Luxurious Prisoner--love it! And way to go on the almost 2 months!!!
    @morrisjen2014 I think everyone's feeling more restless than usual. I also drink from boredom. And since I'm not drinking and I'm so over this #@$*$#@ weather, I'm grumpy. Really, Maine--not a single day above 60 this month? I miss Texas!!! Sorry, I'm digressing. I'm trying to figure out why I'm bored. I didn't drink as a kid or teen and I was rarely bored. What happens to us? Figure out what gets you amped and go for it! (I'm talking to both of us, lol.) I'm disappointed I'm not losing more weight, but not gaining at least.
    Congrats to @dawnbgethealthy and @LoveyChar and @globalhiker and others who are rocking their goals!

    I did not give you a disagree, and I doubt whoever did it meant to disagree but rather that person meant to hug you and hit the wrong button (I've done it). But I disagree with you about this Texas weather. I have lived here for seventeen years and today our heat pushed 90; I hate the heat!!! I'd rather have your weather! We have 9 months of summer here!