Less Alcohol - APRIL 2020 - One Day at a Time



  • dawnbgethealthy
    dawnbgethealthy Posts: 6,083 Member
    13 AF days/17 days. Starting to miscount over here. Is it just me - or is this month moving way too slowly?

    Focus this weekend is so simple: try out 2 new recipes: mongolian beef and tandoori chicken thighs and finish the Netflix series "Money Heist"....maybe I'll lose myself in Youtube and explore 2021 hiking vacation possibilities....

    Okay, now I want Mongolian Beef and Tandoori Chicken thighs.
  • helen_goldthorpe
    helen_goldthorpe Posts: 340 Member
    1 - AF
    2 - AF
    3 - 3 glasses of wine on 2 different 'virtual pub' video calls
    4 - AF
    5 - 1 glass wine
    6 - AF
    7 - AF
    8 - AF
    9 - AF
    10 - beer and wine. Virtual pub.
    11 - beer in the sun in the garden after my bike ride.
    12 - AF
    13 - wine and beer at Street lockdown festival
    14 - AF
    15 - AF
    16 - AF
    17 - 1/2 bottle of wine
    18 - AF
    19 - AF
    20 - AF

    14/20 AF
  • Womona
    Womona Posts: 1,138 Member
    Exhausted and sore today! I spent hours spring cleaning our basement. My house is all done with spring cleaning now! Just maintenance going forward.

    I think in need to clean baseboards and vacuum behind furniture once a quarter, or it’s a disaster when I try to clean in the spring and takes forever.

    Had half a glass of wine with dinner. So far 11/20 AF days.
  • Doxmum
    Doxmum Posts: 127 Member
    Check-in #11: Busy today doing chores. Yesterday, not so much. And I drank two 12oz/375ml cans of "Underwood Sparkling Bubbles". That's the volume equivalent of 1 bottle of wine! Only 11% ETOH but still... The sun was out, the weather was warm, but not hot, the drinks were chilled. It tasted so refreshing and went down waaaay too easy. Need to be seriously mindful of that temptation from here on out.