Less Alcohol - APRIL 2020 - One Day at a Time



  • MissMay
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    @Womona That looks delish! I'm breaking it apart and smooshing butter all over it in my head.

    Wait a minute...who is this new hot red head that is posting? LISA! Your coloring my hair next. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
  • mainelylisa
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    @MissMay You're cracking me up--this is not exactly the color I was going for, but thanks, and you know I'm less than 2 hours away...someday.

    Man oh man, People. I'm wanting a bottle of wine like no one's business (I think I mixed similes there). I just want to plop on the sofa starting around noon and drink and watch mindless T.V. Which I know would lead to (well, getting fired if I made it a habit), and mindless eating and probably another bottle and then a horrific hangover. Kinda helps to write out the entire sequence of events, but I still WANT IT, dammit!
  • Womona
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    @mainelylisa hang in there! Some days are so much harder than others, and it’s normal to grieve for our old lives back. I’ve been there and totally understand.

    We had the same nasty weather today. Good day to nap and make split pea soup. 7/12 AF days for me.

    @forestdweller1 are you serious?????? NJ locked down faster and harder (but later) than the Philly area, but liquor stores are still open. So of course that’s where we go to resupply. I’m sure the border liquor stores will be screaming - PA residents are probably 75% of their business!
  • whitpauly
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    5:43 am in Vegas another 24, watched something that said tonic water and zinc is good to ward off illness and I tell you tonic water tastes like booze! Almost triggery in a way for me so yesterday I added lemon juice to make it more tolerable so maybe some of you can drink that as a substitute 🤷🏻‍♀️ I thought it would just taste like Perrier but🤮