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How to deal with being Skinny fat?

xx1chloe5xxxx1chloe5xx Member Posts: 23 Member Member Posts: 23 Member
So I found something on Google known as skinny fat which describes me perfectly. I am skinny everywhere but fat and wobbly around my abdomen. It says on google the stomach is the worst place to have access fat. How do I get rid of fat around the obdomen I’ve tried eating different exercising bike rides and nothing seems to work
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  • sardelsasardelsa Member Posts: 9,347 Member Member Posts: 9,347 Member
    What are your stats? If you are at a healthy weight and are not happy with your body composition then recomping...lifting at maintenance (or a slight deficit depending on your stats) and getting adequate protein to build muscle and lose fat can help. But keep in mind this process can take time and as mentioned you cannot spot reduce fat. I am in a similar situation, I am at a healthy weight but my body composition is not where I want it to be (where it's been before at this weight) so I am recomping.

    But whether or not that is right for you depends on your stats and maybe adding a photo if you are comfortable, so more info will be helpful.
  • LuciiculLuciicul Member Posts: 397 Member Member Posts: 397 Member
    Well said @AnnPT77 !

    @xx1chloe5xx if you are worried, I would suggest getting a doctor's checkup and they can let you know whether it is a health concern or nothing to stress about.
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