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Inspo for people that lost and gained again -post here-

mita271mita271 Member Posts: 250 Member Member Posts: 250 Member
Im posting this to help some of us that have lost and then fell off the wagon and gained back , for a while I felt miserable thinking that I’m such a looser for for the 20 lbs I have gained back, but then I read here and there that there are actually some people that go through this made me feel that I can do it again
Anyone else experienced this ?


  • mita271mita271 Member Posts: 250 Member Member Posts: 250 Member
    You are all so inspiring !
  • charmmethcharmmeth Member Posts: 184 Member Member Posts: 184 Member
    P.s has anyone else experienced this odd change in weight distribution?

    Yes, definitely, though it sounds as though I have been luckier with it than you. My regained weight is in different places on my body and different consistency (if that makes sense - more moveable). It actually leaves me looking less overweight than I did when I started in 2014 and weighed less then I do now. I think it's because through this I have mostly kept the swimming going (until the pool shut) and some exercise, so there is some muscle under there. I can still get into most of my smaller size clothes, though some of the waistbands are definitely too tight. I have quite a spare tyre though.
  • digestibleplasticdigestibleplastic Member Posts: 27 Member Member Posts: 27 Member

    125-140 lbs 1998 - 2015ish
    200 lbs August 2017
    148 lbs April 2018
    174 lbs May 2020

    I lost 52 lbs in 8 months.

    For me, losing more than 1.5 lb a week over that period of time was too fast for my body.

    I haven't changed my diet but slowed my exercise because I sustained an overuse injury, and the lbs crept back.

    My ultimate goal is around 130 lbs, I'd be overjoyed with 140 lbs. I can't even seem to lose 1 lb at this point. So, I feel ya.

    Slow and steady wins at keeping it off for the long term I suppose!! 🐢
  • Chooklet57Chooklet57 Member, Premium Posts: 33 Member Member, Premium Posts: 33 Member
    Yep. This is me! I lost 36kgs in 2015.Went frrom 112kgs ro 76kgs. Felt soooo good! I kept it off for a year even had shoulder surgery.. gradually regained from 2017 -2019 to 90 kgs. Covid has seen me gain another 8kgs, oh bother! Gym shut! (my segue between work and home - replaced with 5pm drinksat home!
    Oh well Its time to start again. 98kgs and 20 to lose. Dont wait until you regain the lot!
    I've joined the June 2020 challenge. Bestw ishes everyone!
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