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    Tear gas was just fired at peaceful protestors by military police in Lafayette Park in Washington, DC. There's got to be an ulterior motive for that. It's very curious. I wonder why????.
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    Heather: We’ve had a number of herbs and been pleased with them over the years. I have one other mint, and two new plants that are described as chocolate mint. The mint leaf I tasted is lovely. I hope the plants survive and thrive here. :star:

    Rita: I’m happy to see that your outer space welcome greeter is wearing his mask. Adding humor to a serious message is a great strategy. WTG Rita! :bigsmile:

    Flea: I decided my sage plant was doing well and didn’t need to be replaced. I ended up buying two small chocolate mint plants. I nibbled a tiny leaf and liked the flavor. It is subtle, pleasant & I can taste the chocolate flavor. It seems that herb growers can be quite creative. :flowerforyou:

    Allie: I’m happy to hear that you have a telephone appointment with your doctor tomorrow. Your aching joints and body are probably caused by the hard work of caring for Faith, but a doctor will notice if the symptoms are worrisome. You are smart to have that appointment. :heart:

    Margaret: All of my herbs are in pots that keep them far enough off of the ground to be easy to see and care for. They are also too high for the dog to “water” them. They’re on an automatic drip system and only get city water and a sip of Alaska Fish Fertilizer. :bigsmile: My new chocolate mint plants don’t have a permanent home yet. They have a spot reserved and I’m looking for a pot for them. I hope to find one soon. Neither ACE or Walmart had the kind of pot I need today. ACE is expecting a delivery of pots soon.

    SuziQ: WTG!!! You have done an amazing job moving the bulky furniture on your own. :star::star::star:

    Happy June! I hope this is an excellent month for us all. :heart:

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    Oh…never mind. I get it.
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    Lisa- no havent gotten tested for that.. but no cough ,fever etc..... just achy joint wise all over hands and feet especially

    I would still suggest getting tested.

    Next question is ... have you started any new medications recently? You don't have to tell us, but the achy joints, especially hands and feet, was a reaction I had to the Trimethoprim / Sulfamethoxazole types of antibiotics. I have bad reactions to penicillin antibiotics so they tried me on that, and within 3 days I could hardly type or walk.

    M in Oz
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    The World News on an Australian news site ... just in case you're interested. :)


    All over the world
    Life is unjust
    But I do believe
    There is still a dream
    To believe in
    There is still a hope
    After hope is gone
    We could be
    The father's hands
    And give peace a chance
    And show the world
    There is still a dream…

    M in Oz
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    Interesting broadcast ... it's about 8 minutes ...

    Have you been enjoying the hermit life of iso?

    "For many people, isolation has been an opportunity to live life a little differently, a rare chance to do more at home with the people closest to us."

    They also discuss habit forming toward the end, which is interesting too.

    Machka in Oz
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    Rebecca, "tacos the cure for C19" LOL Athena doing her hair, melt my heart!
    Machka, I would also like to sleep like a cat.... and stretch like one too!
    Today went a little off the rails with food, thank heavens I went for a good walk this morning!
    I did manage to finally find icing sugar, had to try three more stores before I found even one package (bought the last one at that store) but the fourth store had all kinds of it! Go figure.... bought one bag there too, so now I'm set. I paid more than normal at my usual store, but at least I have some now!
    Had a lovely socially distanced visit with my friends this afternoon! So much nicer being in the same space rather than online, easier to talk and to hear!
    Lovely day today, supposed to be yucky tomorrow tho. My exercise plan for tomorrow is a bike ride, so hope the rain holds off til after that.
    Hope everyone has a great day/evening/night!
    Evelyn, Vancouver Island
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    Did Debbie Seber’s Shape It Up DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to do Bernadette Giorgi’s Just B Live Foam Roller DVD

    Welcome, welcome, welcome everyone new and those returning!

    Evelyn – have fun tomorrow. It’s always so great to see people in person, even if it’s from a distance.

    Luci – my heart is with you and Rocky

    – I track my food every day. I usually jot it down on a piece of paper and then log it all at once. I also always make a note of what exercise I did. I do usually weigh myself daily, although I don’t consider it official until Saturday.

    Have more yogurt in the IP. The batch I made yesterday I’ll use for pops . I really like when you make it yourself versus buying it in the store because when you make it yourself it isn’t nearly as tart

    Pip – if your goodwill isn’t open, is there a Salvation Army near you? They should be open since they are considered “essential” because the money from the store goes to feed and clothe the poor

    Got Vince to put down some of the mulch because it’s a beautiful day here. Will probably finish tomorrow since it’s supposed to be nice again. Bought 29 bags today, will probably get at least 15 more tomorrow. I really want to get these things done before it’s too hot for Vince to work outside. The heat doesn’t bother me, but it bothers him. Then went to Food Lion. If I buy 2 gatorade’s for Vince, I get $2 off. This time I got $2 off.

    Yogurt is done. Bought milk at FL so next time I’m going to make more yogurt at one time.

    Anne DE
    – what you found about DE, will that help you convincing her not to come? What exactly is allowed/not allowed in a state of emergency?

    – thanks for the smile about the cure

    M – I wish I was as flexible as a cat.

    Michele NC
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    Hi Gals,

    Annie -You stood up for you, your parents, the medical staff that they would need if they got Covid19. I thank you!

    Rebecca – Love the Athena pictures

    Michele – In California Goodwill/salvation army/ none of the stores are considered essential services. If they have a separate area as a food bank that might be able to be open, depending on the availability of social distancing and cleanliness. I have to say that there are an amazing amount of things open in your area compared to ours. We also are just now allowed to cross county borders, and while trips to multiple stores is allowed it is very heavily discouraged, our travel until this week was to be for essential items only.

    Kim from N. California
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    8 pm & DH has gone to bed. I hope he gets a good night’s sleep and feels better tomorrow.

    I’m watching TV reality shows and avoiding news. I like two zoo shows
    & several veterinary shows really well. I’m also reading books on my phone from LibrarytoGo.

    Stay healthy, my friends. Our families need us and I need all of you.