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    Emilio JRs new haircut Daddy cut it first to have a laugh at his future receding hairline lol

    Walked 3miles today so happy with that

    Solution to a better world though the eyes of my family

    Quiet here not hearing blow horns or any honking looks like sleep tonight!!
    Last night very few were out due to rain one lady Russian name white woman not college kid at all was arrested breaking into the mall damaging stuff 33yrs old (old enough to know better!). Today cute kids peaceful protest they let them stand on the steps away from traffic or adult protestors to say their peace.
    How to change stuff? It has to start with lots of stuff from how we’re potrayed in tv y movies to schools having books without missing pages (I have been in the rich white school only 3 Mexican girls y my mixed race self to mixed race schools to poor Blk community school). If a school has extra money instead of buying things that are silly like giant pillows in a huge library full of art structures costing as much as a house! Maybe trickle it down to those schools in need! Not hold me or others of color up to as a school laugh at me being mixed race in front of a Native American tribe who asked them to leave drove me home (They knew my grandpa y other relatives same tribe). Upgrade the books in the rich school pack up the old ones drive them over to the schools in need of them! I went to a school in Baytown Texas Blk community We did not have a book for everyone so we shared the smartest kids attempting to finish their work let the other kid take the book home to finish theirs. 1 book to every 2-3kids!! They were missing pages!! Turn to page 40... Mrs King umm I don’t have that page for me y Williams. Anyone else missing that page??? Hands raise up. Do you have 39? No 38? Yes .Okay we’re doing page 38 instead . Thankyou Mrs King who wrote me into adult hood last letter I was in my 30’s. We had no chalk for our board but we had love ❤️. Teachers with big hearts who reused the same poster board for years sat on broken desk chairs. When they got chalk they all shared it. Best schools I was at were schools where All incomes y races were combined. Those teachers like Mrs King still wave to me in the street stop to talk. Computers had to be pay to use some free with old text books but they saved up got newer ones sent the older books to another private school with a small income in a even smaller town population litterely a few families. They spent too much on sports tho didn’t like that but loved the fact teachers pulled together y the citizens too kids with low incomes to high incomes had similar chances but still was the problem with magically richest kids won scholarships to got in programs first even if they put in zero effort. Good news is even with the occasional hiccup poor come homes some are now nurses others lawyers. The kid from the worst district had a leg up a chance. The rich kid who refuses to learn we’ll bags groceries now was a equal playing field so no effort in no prize at the end. Extra effort in a chance after graduation of the best in life. Saw kids poor with learning difficulties come out some are grocery store workers but some even if the income was low came out as businessmen! The mixed income school was the best one.

    Changes need to start with the towns ,community,schools,police who were there for the school that had success with programs for the kids free or small fee like JR police academy to door always open to a office in campus a friendly face to confide in (one girl confided scared pregnant thinking of ended her life his door was open with military metals to African American awards on the wall with brochures in front of them to the college for minorities of all minority races a bowl full of candies 🍭 a list of how to life up your society to generation posted he held her hand called her parents talked let them know with her the situation helped sign them up for programs to help her keep her child y guide her parents to a greater good she graduated in JROTC went to a military school (can’t join as a single mom but got a scholarship free ride) last I heard she is in school to be a teacher the schools holding a position for her open. In another city she would have had to drop out or end up with a store job low income with only low income schools as a choice for her kids which would make a brighter future grim for them as well.

    How to make changes at work? Easy starts with the employers attitude towards hiring. Instead of seeing race see them. No more token employees to fill a quota. Equal chances for employment the minute they walk in. Don’t offer only cleaning job to us of mixed races to darker skin that has happened every single job. I have had to take the cleaning job work my way up to cashier see others who come in full blooded race they prefer get the jobs I applied for with no effort. I fought for a chance to prove myself for years to get what they did in a day. That’s not right. Hubby same issue come in I want to be a waiter! Looks at his color do you speak Spanish? Yes sir. You work in the kitchen your now the dish washer. Out of sight out of mind back then in those generations long ago. He had to fight to own his own company get jobs even now to be heard. How hard is it to listen? He applied for a bank loan the lady started talking about how when they build the wall my husband won’t need a loan . He had to tell her I was born in the USA to American Citizens Mam are you asking me to be on the other side of your wall? Her answer well you won’t need a loan when it’s built. He did not get the loan we do not bank there.

    My husband hires all colors he only asks that they work hard equally. If more employers were like him less issues would be had.

    Folks like the customer who called because hubby is dark it scared her need to stop. It wasn’t the cops fault she over reacted. That was on her. The cops could have not warned him to never return to the area or pull guns on him the correct response should have been okay knock on window sir you lost? Then after they proved he was there for a job estimate for the client someone thought that they were called but called the wrong client told my hubby they were expecting him at this Adress y time an obvious miscommunication accident .... tell the lady okay Mam it was a misunderstanding the company you contacted thought they had a service time but was talking to the wrong home owner thinking it was you. The mans here do you want an estimate done at this time? Yes do it/No okay call reschedule with them at a later date sir she does not want service at this time here’s your license no harm no foul have a nice day keep up the good work. Hubby drives off no guns,no hysterical omg dark man I’m scared 😱 over reactions,y threats to never return. I would love to think the pizza men don’t get treated like that for that perticular area...but probably do.

    Court process for crimes need to be equal. If your rich y kill or poor kill same outcome. If 2 different colored people commit a felony together the one with the color or status money wise preferred by that judge to prosecution should not get a lesser sentence than the one who was with them. The non preferred person shouldn’t take the fall while the one who may have been the mastermind goes free with a slap on the wrist. Justice is Blind is more like she’s peaking from under that bandage 🩹.

    Good things we have done is Barbies are different shapes sizes y colors. Barbie can be any color still be a Doctor! Military (Navy) now includes hair styles for non-white hair which is great because no one should have to shave all the hair off or use harsh hair breaking straighteners like Daughter used to just to pass inspection because God made them different.Doctors at the ER come in all colors now. Teachers at schools no longer are their race at their same race schools they teach anywhere! We have more slowly happening but seeing it more y more folks of other races getting a chance for a good guy role in some Hollywood productions but it’s not all of them yet. Stereotypes still are portrayed that needs to end. Best movies I see are uplifting let a Mexican man playing the bad guy not be a automatic gang member with tattoos yelling Sterotypical phrases their show has what they think the bad guy should be original better action! The hero can be any color also isn’t stereotypical. Those movies make all of us laugh as a group enjoy it . Great example the newest silly wonka! They allowed the guy who played All the Omapa loompas to do it as he thought they would be we all lived it! He was a hero for kids just like him. Another great example the newest just came out Fantasy Island!! Will Smith movies I love them ALL he is free to play as he sees fit like Robin Williams who broke the molds also. The best movies are more accurate to who we really are people like us. That’s something our kids can see say wow I can be Will Smith. I can be M M Faruqui (represents dwarfism y Bollywood with class). Jyoti Amge she’s only 2ft tall has played n American Horror Story wow was she great! So many out there American horror story wow got Down syndrome be the leading lady!! That’s what we need more of.

    Amber Tx

    Good night all. Went over calories but that’s okay exercised up a storm. My dads ribs hurting ER unsure why so hoping his DR sees him it’s getting worse.

    Emilio JR got a haircut so looking good but sad cause he wanted his hair back. Lol when he’s not sweating in the heat he’ll be happy.
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    Amber Tx, JR wanting his hair back, awe he'll be so cooler.👍. So cute!
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    Machka - 20 years of exercising everyday! That’s dedication.

    I haven't exercised every day, I've just logged every day that I have exercised (most days) since April 29, 1990 ... 30 years. :)

    On April 29, 1990 I decided I would start cycling "seriously" (avidly, regularly), and I logged my ride that day ... and I've continued to log every single bicycle ride since.

    I have logged walking on and off through the years, but have been logging it regularly since February 2015.

    And a couple years ago I added rowing, climbing stairs etc. to my logging.

    Strava helps me log all that. :)

    Today was a fair day at work. I enjoy my job, the pay is ok, the benefits are incredible, and I like the pension matching, but I don’t feel very fulfilled. I was really enjoying not being the boss but now I don’t feel like I contribute a lot. Hopefully my attitude changes soon.

    I went for a walk tonight for the first time in a while. I need to get back to this being my daily habit.

    Tracey in Edmonton

    I've had a lot of jobs but I've never found work very fulfilling. I figure if I can find some enjoyment in it and if the pay, benefits, pension, etc. are all right, then it's OK.

    I don't know what a fulfilling job would be ... and I'm not sure that I'd want a job to be fulfilling.

    The trouble with work is that it isn't "me" or "mine". The minute a project becomes "my baby" ... the minute I start to get attached to some aspect of work ... something changes. There's a change in directors and a new focus that makes my project less important and I'm told not to work on it anymore. OR My project is handed over to someone else because they think I can do something else more boring. OR Someone buys a new piece of software which makes my project obsolete. OR I'm put into a position with a bit more responsibility and I'm just getting into it and starting to feel good about it when they hire a Grad Student to do half the work and then the person whose position it was comes back, and I'm shoved out.

    After all, I am not my work. Work is just something I do to pay for the things I really enjoy and find fulfilling!

    And I find things like the following enjoying and fulfilling:

    - further education
    - cycling
    - travelling
    - working on my website
    - photography

    When I meet people and the question is asked, "So, what do you do?" My answers are usually those first two things ... "I am working toward my Master's degree" or "I am a cyclist" .... oh, you mean for work? Well um ...

    Machka in Oz
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    exermom wrote: »
    Got Vince to put down some of the mulch because it’s a beautiful day here. Will probably finish tomorrow since it’s supposed to be nice again. Bought 29 bags today, will probably get at least 15 more tomorrow.

    Michele NC

    My husband makes his own mulch ... saves us money and means less rubbish.

    M in Oz
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    Barbara - I do understand, but I find it weird that he took enormous and expensive steps to find his mother, hiring a professional investigator, then his twin sister, but somehow doesn't need to know who his father was. He was in a magazine about finding his twin and that's how he came to hear that his father was possibly a married man with three children. We have often speculated together over who he was, so it's not like it would be opening old wounds. We have photos of his mother and niece and all the history from that side. For me it would be like not being able to complete a jigsaw puzzle. His mother was 37 when she had the twins at the end of WW2 , so it's impossible for him to be alive. DH is in touch with his twin sister regularly.
    What a terrible thing that was, to separate the twins. 1945. Another world. His sister was adopted first. :'(

    I can hear the dulcet tones of the bottles being emptied into the recycling trash lorry. :D:D:D They didn't collect last time and the recycling is every two weeks, so it is four weeks! :o Our huge bin is full to the brim with crushed Amazon boxes and the bottle crate full of AF wine. :D But they have come! :drinker:

    Must go and get my blood pressure pills from the pharmacy today. Plus we are having Chinese style cod tonight, so I need a nice veg to accompany it.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Morning ladies
    Machka- no new meds at all ,so we shall see what they say
    Im sleeping 10-12 hrs a night even though i get up 2-3 times a night to pee.
    Well going for a cup of tea and then hop in the shower..
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    Good morning, afternoon and evening, all,

    Debby in VA - so good to see you!

    SuziQ in FL
    - ditto! That was one heck of a moving job...

    Rebecca - love, love LOVE the picture of Athena as a tough girl. She will be (and probably already is) a force to be reckoned with!

    Machka - We make our own mulch too.

    - JR looks great with his buzz cut, even if he was unhappy with it. :wink:

    Barbara - I'm still finding out how tidy my house is NOT. When I'm working, I genuinely don't see the schmutz. :) I do now! Especially when I keep my glasses on... :p

    Got a lot done yesterday, the yard edges trimmed, plus two loads of laundry on the line, dried, folded, put away, and replacing the fill valve on the toilet off of the sewing room. I think I mentioned we had a water hammer hit, basically harming both toilets - the main bathroom sounded like a tea kettle as it was filling, and the spare had developed a leak, so we had to turn it off completely. I picked up the repair kits Thursday, Corey fixed the main one while I watched, and I fixed the spare yesterday. Pleased with myself about that.

    Also on that note, a few months back I bought two hampers - one for Corey's greasy work clothes, and then the other for everything else. I liked them, as they had mesh inserts you could pull out and leave the rest of the hamper there.
    This model:

    Well, the only problem was the mesh inserts weren't constructed well, and are beginning to shred around various edges... so I used one as a pattern and cut and sewed one from all the fabric I have available in my quilt stash. Pretty proud of that, too... :) Got the other one cut and ready to sew today.

    My to-do list just keeps getting longer, but that's fine--none are the galloping never-get-overs, just knocking one off at a time.

    Oh, and on the whole domesticity thing, told Corey as he was leaving for work that I would find one of those pork steaks in the freezer, grill that, and make au gratin potatoes and mixed veg for him for dinner. He said to put the (frozen) veg in the pan with the au gratin, to cook in the oven. He's the cook, but I did gag just a little bit. Then again, there is nothing on that menu that I would actually eat right now. :) I will probably just skip dinner entirely. I feel better if I have my calories done by 4:30 or 5 p.m., and sleep better, too.

    I've been off of meat almost as a whole for about a month now. Not sure why - but none of it sounds good to me, nor tastes good to me if I try to eat it. This is probably not a good thing for someone who despises vegetables. Makes JR look like he will eat almost anything, Amber, compared to what I'll eat! You would think, at 60, that I would have progressed a little further on that road.

    Elliptical first, and then a bit of yardwork, and then get a few things done inside...

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in AR
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    Good morning ladies!

    I am loving all the photos of the littles! Athena suddenly looking so grown up....yikes, lol. JR's nifty cool haircut. Lisa - your great nephew and his princess are the cutest thing ever. Keep them coming, folks. <3

    - good for you flipping the onions on the floor and dogs dragging in needles situation. I guess a good thing about being home so much is more opportunity to flex our flipping muscle. B) How's that for a flip, lol. And reflect on the "do unto others" when I get perturbed. :) So glad you were able to have a nice time with your friends.

    Karen - so glad the trip to the doc went off without a hitch and your spouse can get moving on resolving some of her lingering issues.

    I get the chance to find more to be grateful for today. B)

    Going to the dentist for a cleaning at 8 with my fabulous hygienist Joy. She lives up to her name, lol. Then stop and get DH some "stuff that shall not be named" but it relaxes him and helps with his pain. Hips have been bugging him.

    Will finally end up at my favorite little restaurant for some carry out. Was thrilled that she's opened up again; hoped we wouldn't lose it over all this recent commotion.

    Just had dog #1 out, it's barely daybreak and I saw at three planets. Mars, Mercury, Jupiter? Will have to check. Love the sound of the birds just waking up. Grateful to see my next door neighbor's kitchen light on through the trees. We nearly lost him last year and I keep an eye on him to make sure he gets up early in the morning and worry a little if he doesn't.

    Make it a splendid day, ladies. <3

    Chilly SW WA State

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    Luci- im so sorry about your baby... never ever easy.. on my Facebook page memories pop up of all our furbabies,each one different each one loved.. i hope you have wonderful memories of your sweet pup,my first husband had a greyhound named Speed.. he was the most adorable loving dog.. everytime i saw him he would come up to me and lean in to get his ear rubs in...
    After the drs telemed appt will go get Homer and bring him over.. he loves having company and doesnt like being alone... with Tom and Elena working during the day and him alone ,on my days off I bring him to hang out with Alfie.
    It doesnt know what it wants to do outside today.. here in Connecticut the weather at night has been down in the 40s which is low for June.. but it warms up nicely..
    I hopped on the scale and did my blood pressure so i can let them know that.
    And also finally got an appointment with Endocrinologist but its not until August...
    Who knew they were so busy...
    But im hoping she gets down to the bottom of what is going on with the thyroid..
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    The pharmacy wasn't nearly as difficult and chaotic as last time. They seem to have got their act together. Barriers, tape etc. I made sure to tell them my surname began with an E, as twice recently they couldn't find my prescription. Grrr! I always spell it out every time, but they don't listen and go looking under I. :#
    I also took my huge pile of batteries to the Co-op for recycling. :D
    Schools in Brighton and Hove have not gone back, whereas most of the country has some years coming in. My three are back part time because my DDIL is a key worker.
    My son is calling in tonight to pick up his birthday present. I'm not sure how it's going to go tomorrow as we are forecast rain for his beach pizza party. :o This year the spring has been the sunniest on record, but it's about to change.

    I'm interested to know if Max picks up any of the news. They don't watch tv much at all, only carefully chosen online programming, so don't hear or see the news. They are very shielded. But Max is 9 and has friends. I wonder if they deal with it at school. I know it would deeply upset Edie.

    Love to all, Heather UK xxxxxxxx