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    Did Debbie Seber’s Shape It Up DVD. The plan for tomorrow is to do Bernadette Giorgi’s Just B Live Foam Roller DVD

    Welcome, welcome, welcome everyone new and those returning!

    Evelyn – have fun tomorrow. It’s always so great to see people in person, even if it’s from a distance.

    Luci – my heart is with you and Rocky

    – I track my food every day. I usually jot it down on a piece of paper and then log it all at once. I also always make a note of what exercise I did. I do usually weigh myself daily, although I don’t consider it official until Saturday.

    Have more yogurt in the IP. The batch I made yesterday I’ll use for pops . I really like when you make it yourself versus buying it in the store because when you make it yourself it isn’t nearly as tart

    Pip – if your goodwill isn’t open, is there a Salvation Army near you? They should be open since they are considered “essential” because the money from the store goes to feed and clothe the poor

    Got Vince to put down some of the mulch because it’s a beautiful day here. Will probably finish tomorrow since it’s supposed to be nice again. Bought 29 bags today, will probably get at least 15 more tomorrow. I really want to get these things done before it’s too hot for Vince to work outside. The heat doesn’t bother me, but it bothers him. Then went to Food Lion. If I buy 2 gatorade’s for Vince, I get $2 off. This time I got $2 off.

    Yogurt is done. Bought milk at FL so next time I’m going to make more yogurt at one time.

    Anne DE
    – what you found about DE, will that help you convincing her not to come? What exactly is allowed/not allowed in a state of emergency?

    – thanks for the smile about the cure

    M – I wish I was as flexible as a cat.

    Michele NC

    I left a message no one called back
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    snowflake1968 no I don't. everything I am posting is strictly pickup only, I don't meet them anywhere., they Come here. post on offerup and letgo
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    Thanks for all your answers about tracking. I think I might try paper tracking. it's true that the obligation to go online is a bit dissuasive sometimes and going online can be distracting too.
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    What do embarrassed unhealthy privileged white 63 year old women do?

    ❤️ to All! Hoping things improve quickly! Everyone stay safe and healthy please!!! Luci in WNC

    This is what more than one of my black friends has suggested: One very simple thing that we can do is speak up and/or not take advantage when we see something that is a direct result of white privilege. For example, you and a black person waiting at a store or restaurant and the black person is ignored while they ask you what they can do for you. Speak up and say, she (or he) was here first. Please wait on them.

    Also, Luci, hugs for your dog. I'm so sorry you are having to go through that.
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    Had a flare up of gallbladder problem. I know what the cause was, it’s been grumbling for about a week but yesterday bad. Took pain killers and buscopan slept fine and ok this morning. I’ve had porridge with some fruit and feel fine. I know it’s my own fault, too much fried food and biscuits and cake etc.

    Of course this is why weight has gone up as well
    Need to get back on the wagon, PIP need that boot 😀😀

    Kate UK ❤️
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    My son had a friend who is a police officer. He would talk to me how he would go and really get to know the people in his community. He always went in with the attitude of respect. Respect begets respect.

    It is one of the reasons when I went into sub I would take extra care to get to know the names of the students and pronounce their names correctly. It was my way of saying I respect you.


    You know this is so true about taking care to pronounce names correctly. I have a last name that almost everyone mispronounces when they see it written out (Scandinavian origin). I don't make a big deal about it since I had been dating Dave for 4 months before I knew how to say it. When I taught school, though, I noticed that my black students would always make a point of practicing it to get it right. So, I would do the same for them if they had a name where the pronunciation wasn't obvious.
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    Thanks for all your answers about tracking. I think I might try paper tracking. it's true that the obligation to go online is a bit dissuasive sometimes and going online can be distracting too.

    Do you have the MFP app on your phone or tablet? I find it less distracting to use the APP for tracking. Also, if you are a planner, you can pre-log your food all at one time and then just tweak it at the end of the day if you made changes. I love the way MFP remembers the foods I eat all the time so all I have to do is click beside the food. I have mine set to multi-add as a default.

    And to answer your question about tracking. I usually do track every bite. I have been slacking of late and you can tell on the scale. I have recommitted to tracking as of June 1. I do not track my exercise on MFP. My Fitbit is synced to it, so it automatically adds calories for my steps. I try not to use those but don't worry too much if I use a few of them. My husband, on the other hand, tracks all of our walking miles. He has been tracking them since 2012. He knows how many we walked last month, how many we have walked this year, and how many we have walked total. My total since 2012 is 6510.7 miles. His is 17162.5 miles. This is very inspiring for him. Me, not so much. I also do weight training, which I think is more important, but I don't track it.

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    Barbara: I live in a townhouse with very little planting space along the walkway to our front door. I have pots along that walkway with herbs including parsley and chives. The pots protect my plants from “dog watering.” I also have three blue berry bushes. The blueberry bushes came from a grower in your area and I bought them at a garden center near me. The section closest to the driveway is where I plant bush beans. They’re up and growing. I still have some of last year’s crops of beans and blueberries in the freezer. There is a community garden in our town, but I have never participated. My newest herbs are chocolate mint and are waiting to be planted. I need to get a bag of potting soil. They will go into a raised pot beside our deck. :star:

    Kate UK: I had gallbladder problems that were very painful. They were triggered by eating. The solution was surgery. I had one enormous gallstone, at least the size of a big “shooter” marble or robin's egg. Having my gallbladder out was the best solution and I was glad to be rid of it. No more pain!!! Good luck to you. :heart:

    I saw something on tv that was horrendous and reported what I saw on TV here. Subsequently there were riots across the country. I’m sad about the rioting and vandalism, and even sadder about the death of an innocent man. People here were angry with me for reporting what I saw on CNN. I need to be a truth teller. Would it be acceptable to put upsetting news into a spoiler?

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon
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    Yesterday was a long day. The legal stuff I'd procrastinated on and not done on Sunday was dealt with on Monday (a public holiday here, pentecost Monday of course). I worked on it 12h pretty much non stop from 11 am to 11pm, just having a few crackers w tahini at lunch-ish time and another couple of crackers w tahini and spinach at 11:30 pm. I had to scan a few more pages this morning and the last of it was sent off this morning.

    Since I was drowning in paperwork I hire this outside service sometimes to help w filing (max 3x2h per month, often 0h per month). I think it's mostly professionals in transition w others plans but who need to pick up some work imbetween jobs. This person said she worked "in industry" previously, that she's not sure to go away on vacation this summer because of not so much work this year. She took TOEIC class and wanted to work on her English so I asked about her plans and she seemed to have a clear administrative position goal in mind, with helping w managing something admin. I didn't 100% grasp the level and hold it in mind.

    This person seemed the best of the 3 seen to date. A tiny bit chatty but also chipper and energetic.

    We both wear masks. Today she spent much of the time refiling medical files. I had them in order but changing filing system from binders (which I find very time consuming to use) to filing cabinets, I got off track in my busy period (October-April) (which I often do, in filing).
    She came last week and in 2h work together we got rid of the clutter. Today she could work on sorting those files and creating a few new files.
    I work at the same time as her, so that's 4h work in 2h. It's something like 33 euros gross per hour and 50% is eligible for tax credit (worker at home, like cleaning person or something like that). The point of tax credit is partly to make sure that people declare and pay charges for people working at home, rather than paying them under the table. She probably gets something like 12-15/hr net, plus retirement, etc, contributions. It's not great, but probably a bit more than housecleaning and more to many people's taste, and less physically tiring.

    Then I had to run off to meet colleague friend about engaged (union-type) work we are taking back up in post confinement.

    Today was the 1st day that patios in cafés and restaurants were open. 3 of us met to work and eat. It felt so festive to be able to eat. The place was very modest, but any place seemed luxurious.
    I brought a mask but the other 2 didn't have them. My colleague said covid is over till October. That seems like a hypothesis.
    We weren't a meter a part. One of the guys even tapped the other guy (an old long term friend of his) on the shoulder. :o

    I felt rather normal to eat out with others.
    I got a small salad w Rochefort. I've been almost totally avoiding dairy cause it tends to give me the sniffles and a possible cough, and a light cough has been freaking people out over the past months (especially 1 and 2 months ago).

    I had called a friend to exchange news, lightly, and he called me back a bit later, and I found out his 96-year-old mom just died 2 days and he had just came back from the funeral, which started only 3h ago. I was surprised that he call me so soon after the funeral - we are friends but not super, super close- that he be alone. Maybe with the COVID people are lingering less at a funeral reception. It's quite conceivable that the funeral be shorter than usual too, very conceivably outside. During the main confinement period funerals were rights were very limited.
    He's been living alone with her since the beginning of confinement (March 17th) in the distant country-side. He's an only child, so there must be plenty to do.

    I'm taking is slow today since yesterday was an long long day. I worked about 5h today and about 12 yesterday.

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    Finally out of Georgia in my app what a long walk!

    Gained 1 lb from the extra treats we had I spread it out over 2days is why it’s only a 1lb gain. Got to work it off lol 😂. Was worth it we haven’t had those exact restaurants type of treats since before the pandemic . They gave us a free ice cream treat was nice of them. The worker had the cutest Mickey Mouse mask on. We went to the drive through then home.

    Woke up no riots y my back hurting stress from this all.Margaret right every time stuff like this happens stress y family eats out our weight goes up. The notice that pattern but at the moment it’s about feeling safe again in our skin to race.
    Line cutters at the restaurant can have the rude waiter they deserve them.I want the sweetheart who gets stuck with us because the bad one assumed we won’t tip . We give them a $20-$50 bill if they have the nicest attitude.If their eye rolling can’t believe I’m stuck with you type here’s nothing but a $2 goodbye. It hurts tho the ones who say Hey 👋 they were here first we usually end up having good conversation with even share a dessert with their family. It’s rare tho most just cut in line.

    Amber Tx
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    Margaret - Big hugs to you as you are dealing with your son's troubles in the middle of everything else. The worst kind of worry. <3

    We had a really lovely, long chat with my DSIL. Her son is a senior nurse in charge of a Covid 19 palliative care ward with most nurses off sick. <3:'(

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    Katla49 wrote: »
    I am hoping for gardening advice this morning. I have a spot that I would like to use for a culinary herb. I am considering mint. I know how invasive it can be, and plan to plant it in a pot. The pot will be on a shelf above ground level and near our BBQ. I would appreciate advice from other gardeners.

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon

    Put in one that you will use a lot of. We have mint and it grows like crazy. I don't use it that much in cooking, so mostly it just collects bugs. Rosemary grows wild and well here and I use a lot of that. I also use a lot of what I call the "herb trifecta," oregano, thyme, rosemary. Basil is wonderful to have around, but we find it somewhat difficult to grow.

    Tina in CA
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    Drive by post (although I did take the time to read so all caught up!)
    Official wi day today, down 1.8 lbs! Someone asked if we track food and exercise every day. No, I don't, but when I do is when I lose weight.
    Luci, so sorry to hear about your furbaby, so hard when we have to let go of them.
    Katla, I wasn't offended by anything you posted, but maybe a spoiler would be the way to go for anything that's so distressing to so many. Then we have a choice to read or not. I usually choose too, because I do want to know what others are thinking and feeling, although there was one where someone got really specific about something medical and I did end up skipping that.....more because the terminology was beyond my level of comprehension! lol
    Lisa, that photo of your grandnephew and his lady is priceless! Like your strategy re: cutting calories too.
    Okay, must go, breakfast time, then out for a walk again, I think. Little cloudy and cooler than yesterday, might even rain!
    Evelyn, Vancouver Island
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    Katla ~ Why do you say people were angry with you for repeating what you saw on CNN? I looked back and there was nothing for anyone to be angry at you about.

    Lucy, Rebecca, and Lisa and Others ~ Love the photos of the adorable children.

    Tina ~ Hope your hubby gets home safely and that at some point he will get help for his back.

    I was pleased when I went to the local Walmart Grocery this morning to see how well stocked they were. Even got 2 cans of disinfectant wipes plus 1 bottle of hand sanitizer and 2 bottles of rubbing alcohol.

    Carol in GA
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    Just been watching Long Lost Families on ITV. This particular series is about foundlings. They found a full brother and sister who had both been left as foundlings 6 years apart on both sides of the border in Ireland. Both in tartan bags. Amazing.
    They did manage to trace the father and mother, who had both died and some half siblings. All this just through DNA tests.
    I'm mentioning this because DH was adopted and was one of a pair of twins. He only found out about his twin sister in his late 40s. They were able to find out something about their mother, but he has never known who his father was. I find it a bit frustrating that he won't even take a DNA test to see if there are any near matches out there. He doesn't believe they are accurate and, for some reason, although he has often talked about his putative father, he is not curious enough to even try to find anything out. I know it's a long shot, but I would give it a try if I were him. Grrrrrr!

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx

    In 2013, my mister found out that his father has a brother, from whom he has been estranged for 40+ years. The mister never knew he had an uncle. I asked him if he was curious to find if he had cousins or any desire to hunt down his uncle, but he had zero interest. I found it disappointing, since he's an only child. Last week, he was looking at his parents' marriage certificate and found that his father had been married before too. I am wondering if he has siblings out there somewhere, but he has zero desire to find out. I'd be all over Ancestry looking for them.

    Tina in CA