Breakfast....What do you have ??



  • Shortgirlrunning
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    Usually I skip breakfast and just have a cup of coffee. On a long run day I have a bagel and cream cheese.
  • tamarastrahan
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    I mix it up. I used to just have coffees with almond milk all morning, but I have a med I need to eat with in the morning now, so I have a lighter meal now. I am still losing weight though because I snack less now with it, like many.

    This week I made crepes and a cherry filling of morello cherries in juice, vanilla, stevia, and thickener. Had 2 of those this morning with an almond milk iced coffee.

    Tomorrow I have some Trader Joe's riced cauliflower fried "rice" I want to use up with a fried egg I think (and iced coffee, I always have one for calcium, Vit. E, and Vit. D).

    I picked up a box of protein pancake mix, which I eat a half portion of with sugar free syrup and a side of either fresh sliced strawberries or sliced nectarine.

    Sometimes I make a frittata for breakfast.

    Yogurt topped with fruit


    1 slice light wheat toast with 1 tablespoon nut butter and 1/2 sliced banana

    avocado toast (light wheat with 1/4 avocado)

    egg salad with tomato slices (I use light mayo)
  • RandJ6280
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    I had 6 egg white, and oatmeal with cinnamon.
  • HeidiCooksSupper
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    I like a good seeded bread, toasted, with guacamole on it. Two slices of Dave's Killer seeded bread with a 100-calories container of Sabra guacamole is a tasty/healthy breakfast. Guacamole singles, though not the cheapest way to buy it, is an easy way to get a serving of avocado without worrying about it turning brown.

    We tend to do a cycle of breakfasts: oatmeal with peanut butter & honey, brown rice farina with smoked cheese, eggs with cheddar & cream, seeded bread toast with guacamole or peanut butter and British marmelade, and frozen egg/cheese/sausage on croissants frozen breakfast sandwiches.
  • teresadannar
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    I switched to a "breakfast parfait" this summer with a couple of fresh fruit choices I might have on hand; peaches, blueberries, bananas, apples, sweet cherries/cottage cheese/pecans/drizzled with 1 TB of honey. I also started to sprinkle with Saigon Cinnamon. So Good!
  • Diatonic12
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    Breakfast: Brisket, Uncle Ben's converted rice, homemade salsa and roasted vegetables
  • debrakgoogins
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    If I have time to cook, I like grits and eggs with a bit of cheddar cheese or a ham and vegetable scramble. Sometimes, it is a whole grain toasted English muffin topped with half an avocado and two fried eggs. In a hurry, one wedge of laughing cow cheese on an English Muffin with some deli meat does the trick.
  • dsc84
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    A banana as I'm walking out the door to the gym at 4:30 Am, then either a protein shake/smoothie or a couple of eggs when I get home. If it is a non-gym day typically nothing.
  • Jruzer
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    Typically on weekdays I'll just have a piece of fruit. Too much bother otherwise.

    On weekend days Mrs Jruzer usually makes something more elaborate - pancakes, French toast, scones, muffins, etc., and we eat together as a family.
  • springlering62
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    For twenty months I have mostly had the same smoothie. Suddenly, it didn’t hold me anymore and I was getting nibbly Before lunch and in the afternoon. I have also been feeling rundown and workouts have been “flat”.

    I bumped up my protein a lot and feel way better now.

    I’m learning to like eggs. Never ate one in my life til ten days ago but I was scrambling one to tempt the rescue dog to eat and thought, it doesn’t smell that bad. Maybe it’s time to give up childhood prejudices.

    The first time I logged one in, my protein went through the roof. I am sold.

    So my beginning egg-eater’s breakfast has been an egg, 3 servings of egg beaters, lightly fried prosciutto, Swiss cheese slice, and basil from the window box. And I no longer feel like I have to hold my nose to eat an egg.

    But sunny side up and boiled? No thanks.
  • ruqayyahsmum
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    Usually just a coffee with a little almond milk

    Today I went on a hike that I knew I wouldn't eat on until 2ish so I had a slice of toast
  • ccrdragon
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    Weekdays I will have black coffee. Weekends usually start with yard work and then between 9 and 10 we will have a family breakfast of eggs and bacon/sausage or pancakes or some such.
  • BuffyBourbon
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    My breakfasts vary a lot, and if i'm not hungry i'll just wait till i am to eat, sometimes that means late breakfast, sometimes that means i just have a bigger lunch.

    My favorites right now (not in order) are:

    Jimmy Dean Delight breakfast sandwiches - english muffin, eggwhite, turkey sausage, cheese (260 cal) I don't follow instructions on these - i break the bread off and toast it hard, break off the cheese, put the meat and egg in the microwave for 85 seconds, and set the cold cheese back on the hot meat and it melts quickly. I don't like the sandwich all microwaved at once, it's mushy.

    Greek Yogurt

    Scrambled eggs, with or without toast as the feeling strikes me

    2 eggo waffles with strawberry jam

    Poptart - this is actually my highest calorie breakfast and least satisfying so i avoid it except on days when i'm just not feeling great and need something super easy. i don't even toast them, i eat them cold.
  • thelastnightingale
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    Breakfast for me needs to involve no prep and be a little of what I fancy.

    At the moment, my breakfast of choice is red grapefruit (prepared the night before), chocolate chip brioche and black coffee. (350 calories all in.) Breakfast is typically 30 to 33% of my daily calorie allowance.
  • 4legsRbetterthan2
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    I try not to eat until later since that works best for me.

    But coffee, oh pour me the coffee!!!!
  • nooshi713
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    Today I had 2 slices of wheat toast, one with peanut butter, the other with Nocciolata spread. I had tea and blueberries with it.

  • Kodekai1988
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    I eat breakfast between 9am and 10am, after a 5-10k fasted run. If I run with food in my system I feel nauseous, even if I wait a couple of hours. Very annoying, but means I have a good first- thing rooting.

    Breakfast is usually three eggs fried in butter, with spinach, mushrooms and half an avocado. If particularly hungry, I’ll have some cheese with it - mozzarella or Parmesan.

    But recently I’ve discovered Keto Hana’s granola - which is delicious. After 5 years on Keto it’s like heaven! Nuts and seeds with butter and a little bit of sweetener. I have 70g with 250g soy yoghurt. Amazing.

    Keto here, obviously.
  • Strudders67
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    Weekdays is usually one hard boiled egg plus unsweetened soya yoghurt, half a serving of muesli/granola mix (I mix a lot of packets together with a pack of mixed nuts, then figure out how much is one serving), chia seeds, a 4-seed mix and either blueberries or raspberries or strawberries.

    At the weekend, I usually have a cooked breakfast including some or all of sausage, bacon, poached or scrambled eggs, mushrooms and grilled tomatoes. Once in a blue moon I'll have a slice of wholemeal toast with it.

    Very, very occasionally, I'll have a couple of slices of ham or smoked salmon on potato cakes topped with a poached egg or two. Unfortunately, the Rankin potato farls are really high carbs. Tesco's own brand are smaller, so fewer carbs, but then they changed the recipe and I don't particularly like them.
  • 1chesc
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    I don't have breakfast everyday but when I do it tends to be at about 10am.

    If I am on the go or at work I often take overnight oats or wheatabix and milk with me.

    If I am at home I will have 2 poached eggs on one slice of toast, or poached eggs, mushrooms and beans.

    I really like having eggs if I have a busy day or if I know I will be having a late lunch or skipping lunch as they keep me feeling full.
  • Oneka5
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    I love breakfast food. The past couple weeks I have been eating tofu scramble, and overnight oats. Eggs have been bothering me lately so I don't eat those much nowadays. But before, twice baked sweet potatoes with an egg in the middle is so good. Hash with sausage or bacon is yummy as well.