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Women 200lb+, Let's Be Extra Awesome This August!!!



  • KeriAKeriA Member Posts: 3,660 Member Member Posts: 3,660 Member
    @cosafe1 since breaking my leg a few years ago I am still working to stand longer and longer. Love your desk.

    I am seeing weight loss today for many of you. @CupcakeCrusoe, @AlexandraFindsHerself,

    @MelodyH32 I am concentrating on decluttering too. We went from a large house to a small house and need to get rid of all the stuff from grown up kids etc. I feel there is a link between clutter, weight and debt. I have been paying off all our cards too.

    Today I am continuing to work on a developing a weekday routine that includes job search and decluttering activities along with my other activities of news, logging, meal plan, prep and exercise. I got in some exercise and applied for a job, worked on another. Right now I feel a bit depleted of energy after a busy morning.
  • nebslpnebslp Member Posts: 1,327 Member Member Posts: 1,327 Member
    MelodyH32 wrote: »
    Hi! I am Melody. 33 years old.

    HW- 250
    August end of goal: 229.

    I just want to finally get out of the 230 range. I've been stuck in a seesaw of 235-240.

    My goals for August:
    🌱 Have a full month of logging my food
    🌱Start my new job (yay!)
    🌱 Ride my bike 2x a week with my son
    🌱 Get rid of the flavor enhancers for my water
    🌱 Get rid of the physical junk in my house

    I am a mother of 3. I have been sick for the past year. So I am going to be brutally honest with you and myself. My house is embarrassing with the junk that has stacked up over the last year. My ex-husband moved in to help me get better. I feel it got worse. So each time I get rid of something I am going to also get rid of some emotional baggage I've been carrying for the last year. It's not hoarder level, just too much for my small house. I started this on August 1st and it's doing well for me.

    Hi Melody, Just thought I'd let you know I'm in a supportive group that is doing a Declutterfest 2020 right now. Everyone does their own thing, and I have found it to be very motivating to share what I've been doing each day to get things straightened up at home and hear what others are doing. I get ideas on how to go about getting rid of things or storing items that I want to keep. The group is called Building Healthy Habits if you'd like to join us.
  • AlexandraFindsHerself1971AlexandraFindsHerself1971 Member Posts: 1,871 Member Member Posts: 1,871 Member
    Today is starting out pretty well, but since I didn't do much yesterday it's here to be done today, and by that I mean dishes. Also laundry, but that came down the stairs with me and is washing.

    I also have today's work to do which is going to the store, so I'll be spending some time this morning generating the list and then shopping the pantry before I go.

    I was down another pound when I woke up, so I am definitely in a whoosh. Wonder where it'll bottom out? I'm really tickled to be at 255, but another pound or two before the plateau would be nice. We'll see. But I'm not even trying those jeans until TOM is done; my belly is sore even in yoga pants.
  • cosafe1cosafe1 Member Posts: 27 Member Member Posts: 27 Member
    Changes I'm making to try and take care of myself.

    I'm thinking I may try keto again, only this time be prepared with easy snacks and foods I can make myself beforehand.

    Be intentional about the food I eat; notice how I feel afterwards. I am tracking my food here on MFP.

    I fashioned a few large plastic bins and set them upside down on my work table. I turned it into a "stand up desk" and saved about $200. I burn calories while standing for my job making video chat calls to employees from around the world. They are up during my night time; hence I work nights for the time being.

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  • wanderinglightwanderinglight Member Posts: 1,364 Member Member Posts: 1,364 Member
    I was looking through my weight history this morning and I noticed something that never jumped out at me before. I gained 22lbs in one month!! :o I did not even know this was possible. From Jan 22, 2018 to Feb 24, 2018 I jumped from 202.1lbs to 224.6lbs. And I've been carrying it around ever since. Has anyone ever experienced something similar?

    I looked back through my emails and journal to see what was going on in my life during that time and there was nothing out of the ordinary - I went to the Women's March in NYC and came down with the flu. I had the usual stress of running a small business and I was trying to launch my new website, which was a nightmare because the web designer had ghosted with my fee. I had gone to the doctor the year before to get my thyroid and other bloodwork checked and all was normal. There were only sporadic entries for my food diary so no clues there. I can only guess that I simply wasn't paying attention and was eating way more than normal.

    Anyway, I'm taking it as incentive to really stay on top of logging. I am clearly someone who gains easily when I'm not paying attention...
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  • KeriAKeriA Member Posts: 3,660 Member Member Posts: 3,660 Member
    I check in when I hit a new low.
    67 years old, Height: 5'6"
    SW: 266 lbs (Dec 2019)
    2/1: 263.6
    3/1: 261.8
    4/1: 258
    Lowest May weight: 251.4
    6/30 251.6
    7 /1:250.4
    7/29: 249
    8/1: 249.2
    CW: 248.8 (8/6)

    1st GW: 220 The lowest weight I got to when I last lost significant weight.
    2nd GW: Onderland 1st, maintain for a few weeks then
    3rd GW: 186 overweight but not obese
    4th GW: 150 lbs. Healthy weight Then evaluate what weight is best for me. I just want to get to a healthy weight for me.

    Aug Goal weight: 244 (I can do this)

    My Aug Goals are:
    1. Continue to log, get enough sleep and water intake and stay under calorie goal with healthy meals at home. :)I am doing this but sometimes my water intakes goes down.
    2. Get some exercise 5-6 days a week and up NEAT. Try to exceed 150 min. of exercise/week. Now that I have my Zip I will see what steps I am getting and then set a goal each week to up it.Doing good with upping exercise. I usually get at least 5 days a week. However I am trying to set a base for NEAT using steps so still working on this. I just got a ZIP to measure steps last week.
    3. I want to get well in the mid to low 240s and not see any weight in the 250s again. I am close to 20 lbs loss.
    4. My goal is to de-clutter my house starting with my art room. This should help with goal #2. :/I haven't started with this since I have had to add looking for a job to the to do list.

    I found out that I do not have to do 3 job contacts until September for unemployment. I will be looking but will only apply for jobs that are safe and seem to be an excellent fit for me. I am hoping this will allow me to do some de-cluttering of my home as planned.

    Today I plan to do my strength training for the 2nd time this week. I am hoping that I can keep this loss going. Yesterday my hunger level increased. I ate some fruit and a high protein snack. I stopped when I felt satisfied. So my calories were slightly higher than the days before. Today I added blueberries and some pecans into my oatmeal. I will see how that does.
  • changeforeverljchangeforeverlj Member Posts: 205 Member Member Posts: 205 Member
    @lucerne2 I've just read your post, what happened to you is awful! The fact that you survived such a violent attack is testimony to your strength! I hope you have a support system around you that you can turn to. I'm really sorry that you have had such a terrible experience sending hugs your way xoxo
  • wanderinglightwanderinglight Member Posts: 1,364 Member Member Posts: 1,364 Member
    @keriA your August goal is looking really good right about now!! Closing in on it and we're not even 1/4 of the way through the month!
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