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  • msapplekmsapplek Member Posts: 90 Member Member Posts: 90 Member
    Kaitie9399 wrote: »
    msapplek wrote: »
    Wondering if anyone here still tries to follow some of your diet while on vacation? Or, do you allow yourself to be completely free, ex. no logging meals/calories in MFP while on vacation?

    Just came back from vacation and tracked my calories in MFP everyday. Mentally, I struggled with knowing that I was overeating but MFP kept me conscious of what I was eating even though I ate whatever I wanted. It will have an impact on your scale—which I found I could not handle. (I should’ve brought the scale with me then I wouldn’t have been freaking out!). I guess the question is, can you handle the scale going up a few pounds?

    @Kaitie9399 - Haha, I've been wondering if I should, at least, bring my food scale (my friends will probably think I've gone overboard)?

    I, too, am scared about the lbs going up over a vacation week, but even more so, that I'll return and just not get back on track after being on a week long free-for-all.
  • Kaitie9399Kaitie9399 Member Posts: 766 Member Member Posts: 766 Member
    @msapplek Thankfully my scale was only up 1.2 pounds—but I did walk every morning and even though I ate what I wanted, I tried not to gorge myself (except the two Hershey chocolate bars and s’mores on Friday).
    edited August 2020
  • msapplekmsapplek Member Posts: 90 Member Member Posts: 90 Member
    Kaitie9399 wrote: »
    @msapplek Thankfully my scale was only up 1.2 pounds—but I did walk every morning and even though I ate what I wanted, I tried not to gorge myself (except the two Hershey chocolate bars and s’mores on Friday).

    @Kaitie9399 - Haha, s'mores are definitely going to be in my food diary. I should just pre-log them now! :p

    1.2lbs after a week long vacation sounds super manageable!
  • goyologogoyologo Member Posts: 109 Member Member Posts: 109 Member
    Original weight: 161.7 (August 2019)
    August start Weight: 134.0
    August Goal Weight: 128.0
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 128.0

    August 1 : 134.0
    August 8: 134.0
    August 15: 133.0
    August 22:
    August 29:
    August 31:
  • Lora2380Lora2380 Member Posts: 187 Member Member Posts: 187 Member
    Initial Start Weight: 173lbs , lost 49 lbs originally but back up over the past year...
    August Start Weight: 150lbs
    August Goal Weight:144
    Ultimate Goal Weight:127

    Aug 1 : 150
    Aug 8: 148
    Aug 15:147
    Aug 22:
    Aug 29:
    Aug 31

    Slow and steady... I need to be more consistent with my logging, I forget sometimes but I know this whole process works better when I get everything down so that's one of my new goals. Downloaded a new playlist and also going to add walking into my routine at least every other night as that helps pick up my mood and makes me feel better. I'm not sure why I stop....

  • SERmom3SERmom3 Member Posts: 568 Member Member Posts: 568 Member
    Original Starting Weight: 180
    August start Weight: 139.4
    August Goal Weight: 136
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 130

    August 3: 139.4
    August 10: 139.6

    August 17: 138.6 - Very happy to see the scale go down. I didn’t record all of my food, but I ate sensibly and felt that I stayed within goal. 🥳

    August 24:
    August 31:
  • bm1409bm1409 Member Posts: 1,637 Member Member Posts: 1,637 Member
    August Start Weight: 150.6
    August Goal Weight: 145
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 129

    Aug 01: 150.6. 🤦‍♀️
    Aug 03: 150.2 ⬇️
    Aug 10: 148 ✅ 2️⃣ 🎉
    Aug 17: 148 🐢
    Aug 24:
    Aug 31:
  • cpanuscpanus Member Posts: 16,510 Member Member Posts: 16,510 Member
    My name is Chris. I'm 70. I've gained a bunch in the last few months...must get rid of it.

    Initial Start Weight: 192.2
    August Start Weight: 152.6
    August Goal Weight: 150.0
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 140

    I weigh in on Mondays.

    Aug 01 - 152.6 at 6:00 a.m.
    Aug 03 - 152.0 at 7:30 a.m.
    Aug 10 - 152.6 at 7:30 a.m.
    Aug 17 - 153.4 at 4:00 a.m.
    Aug 24 -
    Aug 31 -

    Good luck everyone
  • gracie245gracie245 Member Posts: 19 Member Member Posts: 19 Member
    Initial Start Weight: 71kg

    August Start Weight: 64.30kgs/141.7
    August Goal Weight: 62.30kgs/137.3
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 60kgs/132

    Aug 1 : 64.30kgs/141.7
    Aug 8: 63.70/140.4
    Aug 15: 62.85/ 138.5
    Aug 22:
    Aug 29:
    Aug 31
  • Kell2912Kell2912 Member, Premium Posts: 485 Member Member, Premium Posts: 485 Member
    hi guys
    Just starting my journey (Again). This time i plan to make it

    Initial Start Weight: 125.7kg / 277lb
    August Start Weight:125.7kg / 277lb
    August Goal Weight:121kg / 266lb
    Ultimate Goal Weight:70kg/ 154lb

    Aug 1 :125.7
    Aug 8:
    Aug 15:124.7
    Aug 22:
    Aug 29:
    Aug 31
  • prerana786prerana786 Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member
    Initial Start Weight: 82.4kg
    August Start Weight: 78.70
    August Goal Weight: 75.00
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 54.00

    Aug 1 : 78.70 kg
    Aug 8: 78.60 kg
    Aug 15:78.00 kg
    Aug 22:
    Aug 29:
    Aug 31
  • Babycarrot337Babycarrot337 Member Posts: 18 Member Member Posts: 18 Member
    Initial Start Weight: 214 (Oct 2019)
    August Start Weight: 231
    August Goal Weight: 228
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 170

    Weigh-in: Fridays

    Aug 14: 231
    Aug 21: 227
    Aug 28:
    Aug 31:

    Starting over after stress eating and a higher alcohol intake.

  • mireyajazmin77mireyajazmin77 Member, Premium Posts: 30 Member Member, Premium Posts: 30 Member

    Initial Start Weight: 134.4 pounds
    August Start Weight: 117.0 pounds
    August Goal Weight: 112 pounds
    Ultimate Goal Weight: Between 107-110 pounds

    I do Friday Weigh-ins

    Aug 1st: 117.0
    Aug 7th: 115.2
    Aug 14th: 114.8
    Aug 21st: 115.4 (up .6 pounds)
    Aug 28th:
    Aug 31st:

    I went over my calories nearly everyday this week, so I expected a gain. Holding myself accountable and ready to start this new week off on a good start!
  • seeahillseeahill Member Posts: 54 Member Member Posts: 54 Member
    nitial Start Weight: 243.8 March 1
    August Start Weight: 219
    August Goal Weight: 214
    Ultimate Goal Weigh: 210

    Aug 1: 219
    Aug 8: 221.7
    Aug 15:218.2
    Aug 22:219.5
    Aug 29:
    Aug 31
  • niragorshianiragorshia Member Posts: 49 Member Member Posts: 49 Member
    Initial Start Weight: 187 lbs
    August Start Weight: 161 lbs
    August Goal Weight:150 lbs
    Ultimate Goal Weight: 126lbs

    Aug 11: 161 lbs
    Aug 15: 158 lbs
    Aug 22:158 lbs (binjed a bit and no exercise -will work harder from now on)
    Aug 29:
    Aug 31
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