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How often do you log your weight/weigh yourself?

Prater1994 Posts: 2 Member
Also, for women, when on your menstrual, do you normally wait until after to weigh, and do you allow yourself extra calories during?


  • Lietchi
    Lietchi Posts: 3,298 Member
    I weigh daily and enter the weight in my Garmin app and an Excel spreadsheet. Doesn't matter if I have my period, it all contributes to the trend. I've noticed that I don't always retain water in the same way.

    I might eat a bit more on a few days of my period, if my body gives me strong signals, but no more than maintenance.
  • threewins
    threewins Posts: 982 Member
    Daily, I take a photo of my scales and transfer to my spreadsheet when I am in the mood (daily-once a month).
  • Noreenmarie1234
    Noreenmarie1234 Posts: 6,957 Member
    Since I am maintaining, just once a month.
  • lemurcat2
    lemurcat2 Posts: 7,762 Member
    edited August 2020
    I weigh most days, but log the weight only on Mondays. My weight actually tends to be highest the week before my period, and I log it regardless, since I want to understand fluctuations. (I'm at maintenance now, other than working on losing some covid lbs, but I did that when losing too.)
  • bmeadows380
    bmeadows380 Posts: 3,074 Member
    Once daily for the trend, first thing in the morning before breakfast. I've seen the claim that you shouldn't do it more than weekly and for people who would have trouble with it, I'm fine with that, but weighing daily is actually more calming for me mentally because I can see the fluctuations and understand its trending in the right direction.

    I only record once a week here at MFP, and that can be an exercise in frustration because I can have a 2 lb drop all week until the morning that I usually record, and suddenly have a 2 lb spike in water weight gain. If I had only been weighing once a week, it would look like I hadn't lost anything at all, but because I'd been watching my weight trend down all week, seeing that 2 lb jump tells me its water weight, and while I might be rather frustrated about it, I don't get truly upset like I would if I had thought I hadn't lost anything at all in a week's time.

    I actually picked Thursdays as my weigh in day based upon watching my weekly trend - my weight tends to spike on Sundays and Mondays, then usually drops throughout hte week with my lowest weekly weigh in usually on Thursdays and Fridays (baring water weight spikes like last week....)
  • MaltedTea
    MaltedTea Posts: 6,287 Member
    Daily, in the morning after prayers. Where I'm at in my cycle has no bearing on whether I'll weigh. On the 1st and 15th, I take progress pics, log body fat percentage and measurements.

    My cycle also doesn't dictate my nutrition, at least not in terms of caloric intake. For a while I was playing with the idea of eating certain foods during different points in my cycle but, my word, it was all too much to remember! Furthermore, I didn't notice anything life altering. I may give the concept another go once I'm in maintenance, just for giggles.
  • Iwantahealthierme30
    Iwantahealthierme30 Posts: 293 Member
    I weigh once a week. Daily gets frustrating.
  • BuiltLikeAPeep
    BuiltLikeAPeep Posts: 134 Member
    I weigh every morning after my bathroom routine and log it in Libra for Android. It helps me see true weight loss as opposed to fluid fluctuations. I only weigh in on MFP on Sundays, though.
  • J72FIT
    J72FIT Posts: 5,926 Member
    Every morning after the bathroom...
  • freda78
    freda78 Posts: 338 Member
    I weigh myself every day, after using the loo and before eating or drinking. I write the result on my calendar regardless of the result but I only log the result on MFP when I see a drop.

  • freda78
    freda78 Posts: 338 Member
    threewins wrote: »
    Daily, I take a photo of my scales and transfer to my spreadsheet when I am in the mood (daily-once a month).

    Taking a photo is a good idea and I am going to steal that.
  • XxFunctionalStrengthxX
    XxFunctionalStrengthxX Posts: 2,444 Member
    freda78 wrote: »
    threewins wrote: »
    Daily, I take a photo of my scales and transfer to my spreadsheet when I am in the mood (daily-once a month).

    Taking a photo is a good idea and I am going to steal that.

    When I was in a weight loss challenge a couple of years ago, I weighed daily on my Garmin. But, the official weigh-in scale was a bar scale at work that I did weekly. I would weigh myself then take a picture of the bar for tracking purposes. Though, for the challenge, we only had to weigh ourselves at the beginning and end of the challenge. I was working with a nutritionist who would see the results weekly.
  • NovusDies
    NovusDies Posts: 8,940 Member
    I have weighed myself sporadically, monthly, weekly, and now daily. As my relationship with and my understanding of the scale improved I was able to weigh more frequently. It also helps that I now feel that my actual numbered weight is the least rewarding and motivating aspect of weight loss. I do enjoy a good milestone. I am on the cusp of one right now but otherwise NSVs are far more significant. I didn't lose weight to see a new number on the scale. I lost weight to improve my life. Others that have had far less to lose may feel differently.

    If weighing yourself during certain times of the month is bothersome then don't do it. You are in charge of managing yourself through this process. Do what is right for you. There is no universal right for everyone.

  • GaryRuns
    GaryRuns Posts: 474 Member
    Every day as close to the same time as possible. I use a Withings scale which https://trendweight.com/ will synchronize with and uses to generate a running average of my weight, along with other useful estimates like how many calories above/below maintenance I am.
  • supercpa999
    supercpa999 Posts: 355 Member
    I weigh in once a month
  • glassyo
    glassyo Posts: 5,994 Member
    Every Saturday after excercise and shower all nekkid like.

    (Ok, I kinda got into the habit of doing a pre-weigh in before exercise and shower and only half nekkid like.)

    I keep track of the weekly weight and then average out at the end of the month and log it then.