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How often do you log your weight/weigh yourself?



  • L1zardQueenL1zardQueen Member Posts: 7,721 Member Member Posts: 7,721 Member
  • BrustMannEinerBrustMannEiner Member Posts: 360 Member Member Posts: 360 Member
    Daily, at the same time.
  • thakurhimanshi815thakurhimanshi815 Member Posts: 8 Member Member Posts: 8 Member
    Within a one month
  • briscogunbriscogun Member Posts: 922 Member Member Posts: 922 Member
    Every day! Can't manage what you don't measure! ;)
  • NovusDiesNovusDies Member, Premium Posts: 8,286 Member Member, Premium Posts: 8,286 Member
    glassyo wrote: »
    Every Saturday after excercise and shower all nekkid like.

    (Ok, I kinda got into the habit of doing a pre-weigh in before exercise and shower and only half nekkid like.)

    I keep track of the weekly weight and then average out at the end of the month and log it then.

    I don't do naked weight. I kind of like knowing that I am slightly less than the scale shows. I wear my under shorts. When I started wearing a watch I was taking it off to weigh but that became a nuisance so I weighed it on the food scale and now I deduct .2 pounds from the weight. It is weird how that felt like cheating somehow for the first couple of weeks but that is just irrational nonsense. What matters is a consistent system and, after all, I am always less than the scale shows anyway.
  • gewel321gewel321 Member Posts: 365 Member Member Posts: 365 Member
    I weigh everyday in the morning naked after bathroom. I use it to track my trends so that I don't go completely crazy when the scale goes up. I sometimes get on after my nightly shower or after a work out but its just for curiosity sake and it doesn't go into my tracker. I don't freak out about it being higher (it always is). I think its fun to see how a few hours can affect it.
  • zamphir66zamphir66 Member Posts: 507 Member Member Posts: 507 Member
    Every day, and then I use a 7-day moving average to get a look at where I am at minus day-to-day vagaries.
  • clarikatannerclarikatanner Member, Premium Posts: 14 Member Member, Premium Posts: 14 Member
    every 2 weeks ,and always 1 day after my cycle ends. I also keep track of body measurements, only once a month. Have a few issues and lose very slowly.
  • sal10851sal10851 Member Posts: 58 Member Member Posts: 58 Member
    Every morning after going to the bathroom. I then average it out by week to track my progress.
  • AwesomeSquirrelAwesomeSquirrel Member Posts: 469 Member Member Posts: 469 Member
    I started out weighing only Sunday, now I usually weigh Thursdays and Sundays but could hop on the scale in between.

    I’ve also decided to weigh the 1st of every month and take measurements at that time in order to have a consistent overview since I like thinking about monthly progress.

    I use an analogue scale (on purpose) and my eyesight is keen enough to distinguish 0.5kg increments. That’s enough for me 😊
  • AndreaTamiraAndreaTamira Member, Premium Posts: 40 Member Member, Premium Posts: 40 Member
    Once a week, early in the morning, after using the bathroom.
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