140lbs down.......

Kali_818 Posts: 267 Member
6'3 330lbs
I was at 470lbs....
It all started with an episode of my 600lb relationship, I told my self there was no way i would need that kind of help one day.

June 12 2017 my journey begun.
I want to be under 300lbs tho. 299 at minimum, so I plan on dropping another 40....
My body fat is at 31%
Was at 49%

I'm not done yet. Covid has shut down our gyms in California and its just a lil hard for me to get around equipment. I will join an outdoor gym this monday.....and see how that works.

Add me.... if you wish. I always welcome new friends and love to see posts on my feed.

Thanks to mfp this was the biggest tool to my success so far.
I'm recently back on it, so it can help me hit my targets.