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The Power of Walking

David_McKayDavid_McKay Member Posts: 4 Member Member Posts: 4 Member
Just wanted to say thank you for this app, it is amazing and wonderful just knowing change is possible. Overview ~18 months, 6 months counting calories, 12 months walking 4 miles a day / 100 jumps a day with the last 5 months doing at home exercises every other day.

When I first started, I enjoyed reading other people's success stories and it stuck with me that it takes time. This process was enjoyable, I never rushed and I just went with the flow. I did fail over eight times in the past, I learned and just kept experimenting until I figured out my routine.

I wanted to give back and share my progress:
Starting Weight: 385 Current Weight: 228
Starting Waist Size: 48 Current Waist Size: 34

Before / After Photo:

Weight Track Photo:

Step Track Photo:

Thank You


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