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Just Give Me 10 Days - Round 129



  • starrjulia8starrjulia8 Member Posts: 202 Member Member Posts: 202 Member
    @starrjulia8You got this! Look how far you've come since round 115. So inspiring!

    Thank you for the words of encouragement.

  • hammycakeshammycakes Member Posts: 353 Member Member Posts: 353 Member
    45 F, 5'6"
    SW 196
    GW 169 (and take a maintenance break?)

    Goal for this round: to release 1 lb, hoping to get to 185.x on the scale.
    Calorie goal: 14-1450 each day and continue drinking lots of water and green tea.

    Round 124 SW 193.4 EW 191.6 (-1.8 )
    Round 125 SW 191.8 EW 188.3 (-3.5)
    Round 126 SW 188.6 EW 188.0 (-0.6)
    Round 127 SW 187.8 EW 188.2 (+0.4)
    Round 128 SW 189.2 EW 186.8 (-2.4)
    Round 129 SW 187.2 EW ~tbd~

    Goal this round 185.x


    10/14 187.2 I feel like I have been getting a little lax with my calorie allowances. I need to find some mojo and stick to my goal for several days in order to get the results that I want. On the plus side I am still (slightly) below my trend line. Est. Cals yesterday: 1827 due to wine and chocolate, when I started back counting calories I was leaving an allowance for these treats so I didn't go over, gotta get back there mentally.

    10/15 187.6
    10/16 187.2
    10/17 187.8 Just hanging out here.. really surprised it's not worse considering it's TOM and I've been eating a lot more treats/calories. Hopefully the hormones will settle and I can resume a more stable path.. Trend is flatlining but I'll drink a lot of water today and preplan my food.

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