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  • goal06082021goal06082021 Member Posts: 23 Member Member Posts: 23 Member
    @MuttiNM - I'm so sorry you and your mom are dealing with that. I hope it's resolved quickly. You're right, something is better than nothing, so good job for getting in the work you did!

    I'm on Day 3 of daily morning workouts. It's working out (hah) pretty well so far; I like the sense of accomplishment I get basically first thing in the morning. It's mostly my quads that are upset with this decision, since for the past few years I've spent about 14 hours a day sitting on my butt and most of the rest of them asleep, but they're getting better. I alternated between an ice pack and a heating pad last night, 20 minutes on/10 minutes off for a couple of hours last night, and that seemed to help soothe the DOMS some, so I'll probably do more of that tonight. I haven't formalized a plan for the weekend mornings - I want to do *something*, just to reinforce the habit of get up > feed cats > move body. I'll probably just find a basic full-body stretch circuit and do that. I'll allow myself to go back to bed after that if I want to, but maybe I won't want to.
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  • IsETHomeIsETHome Member Posts: 360 Member Member Posts: 360 Member
    Went to gym this afternoon and my appointment had not properly booked, so was not allowed access as all reservations were full. Scale not loving me tonight. Disappointed, was hoping to drop more before thanksgiving at in laws (less control on products). Can’t wait until it’s dec 1, and thanksgiving is behind me.
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  • MaxCat1000MaxCat1000 Member Posts: 15 Member Member Posts: 15 Member
    Age: 61
    Height: 5'2"
    Highest: 350 (approx. 2013)
    SW: 274 (Sept. 30/20)
    GW: 180 (Mar. 31/22)
    This month:
    Oct. 29: 265.8, Daily Avg. Calories: 1860
    Nov. 05: 263.0, : DAC:1737
    Nov. 12: 259.0, DAC: 1939
    Nov. 19: 257.0 DAC: 1682 - woohoo!
    Nov. 26:
    November goals: Weight: 260. Other: To get daily calorie total consistent to 1800 or less

    Well, today isn't over yet so not sure how accurate the Daily Average Calories will be, but it won't be much over 1700 in the end, I am sure, so that's a good win for the week.

    I sure do much better when I am at home all week. I have to go out tomorrow and will be out over lunch, and I really want to not take something with me. I am going to have to check out what is available around where I am going, and see what I can pre-plan.

    I did try on the other pair of capris, and they are still a bit too small. That drives me crazy, when you buy two of the same thing in the same size, and they don't fit the same!
  • chupacabragumbochupacabragumbo Member, Premium Posts: 31 Member Member, Premium Posts: 31 Member
    @MuttiNM I'm so sorry you're going through that with your mom, how stressful! I'll sure be keeping her in my thoughts. Good for you for keeping moving, through all of that.

    @goal06082021 welcome to the group! a late start is better than no start. and your story sounds a heck of a lot like mine. I got as low as 170 something a few years ago, and then... just stopped caring again. Stopped exercising, stopped tracking, etc etc etc. We're almost the same age, too. I'll be 29 next month. And I relate so hard to being nice to yourself. It's harder than you'd think, sometimes.

    @KMC55 I like your "random thought" about cravings, etc. One thing I read some time ago which has really stuck with me is that eating sugar, junk food, and the like can truly be an addiction like drinking, cigarettes, or whatever. But unlike other addictions, you can't quit eating cold turkey. There's no finish line that is "never eat anything ever again." Because we have to eat to live, it can be really difficult to find and maintain that ultimate goal. I don't have any super insightful pearls of wisdom or anything, but I do feel your pain, and I totally get where you're coming from.
  • changeforeverljchangeforeverlj Member Posts: 176 Member Member Posts: 176 Member
    @MuttiNM I'm really sorry about what you and your family are going through, and the stress of waiting for results, and then going forward.. I'm glad you had a hike planned!

    @chupacabragumbo I'm so sorry your grandfather passed away, that's so sad! Hope your family are all leaning on each other for support. Good luck with your goals x

    Hi to the Newbies and the ladies returning, keep showing up and logging, don't give up!! I'm on day 250 and feel like it's a part of my new life now!!
  • AlexandraFindsHerself1971AlexandraFindsHerself1971 Member Posts: 1,602 Member Member Posts: 1,602 Member
    I'm three pounds up and my hands are swollen and I couldn't zip my jeans. (sigh) Just what I wanted for Thanksgiving. Yay. But at least I know what's going on here.

    We have decided to get a kitten in December at the local Humane Society adoption fair. Nyx needs a buddy to play chase games and wrestle with and pounce, and Hana Does Not Play Like That. It's an affront to her dignity. So we will get Nyx a little brother or sister to occupy her.
  • JoDavo66JoDavo66 Member Posts: 191 Member Member Posts: 191 Member
    @KMC55 with you on that. Always craved at TOM- now I'm post-menopausal I crave constantly.

    @MuttiNM hugs. Sorry to hear about your Mum. My husband got a diagnosis that's knocked both of us off. He says he's OK but he's cleaning at 9pm on a Friday- that's not normal. Not life threatening but life altering. I'm trying not to have selfish thoughts on how it's going to be as he declines. Trying not to go there.

    @chupacabragumbo welcome. Sorry about your Grandad. I agree there's a lot of people in this group with a lot of things going on. This is when I sink. There's a lot of motivation to help each other pick up motivation & not let bad news/tough times set back the fitness journeys.

    Well I think my scales will go the wrong way on Sunday. I got some "me time" yesterday, went through MFP & Fitbit app- putting details in My Fitness Planner- not good. Just a little over here & there- but all adding up. Then news today- got hubbie & me starbucks on way home- just needed chocolate- fail, fail, fail!! Need to pick up and get this sorted. Desperate for a work out & endorphin high! Another week & half of "lockdown that isn't " & hopefully they'll open again. Looking of somewhere different to go as family tomorrow so we can have a good walk & blow away the stress.
  • angelexperimentangelexperiment Member Posts: 1,889 Member Member Posts: 1,889 Member
    @holdthefries i totally agree with this and it’s reallya mental boost if you feel good about what you’re wearing and dressed for the day!
  • angelexperimentangelexperiment Member Posts: 1,889 Member Member Posts: 1,889 Member
    @holdthefries i totally agree with this and it’s reallya mental boost if you feel good about what you’re wearing and dressed for the day!
    Can you add me I think we think a lot alike!
  • AlexandraFindsHerself1971AlexandraFindsHerself1971 Member Posts: 1,602 Member Member Posts: 1,602 Member
    I am retaining a lot of water, but I think it's both sore muscles and TOM. I'm just going to keep doing things right and know that eventually the water will be lost.
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