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The Last 20 lbs Progress Photo Thread



  • elisa123galelisa123gal Member Posts: 3,872 Member Member Posts: 3,872 Member
    It is absolutely amazing how the four pounds down from 148 to 144 made such a difference! You wouldn't imagine that. The visual is so inspiring to see exactly how gaining four to five pounds matters! Thanks.
  • JessBbodyJessBbody Member Posts: 382 Member Member Posts: 382 Member
    very impressive with the lifting and muscle development. Makes me want to go back to lifting so much!

    wow! Your weight loss / inches lost is tremendous! Very cool especially to see the changes in your face. You look like a different person!

    Thank you ladies for posting. You're doing a fantastic job.
  • nexangelusnexangelus Member Posts: 1,984 Member Member Posts: 1,984 Member
    @robynmac5819 BOOYAH!

    Strength training will make such a difference. I mean you look awesome now, but bigger lean mass means more shapely....I did strength training even when bigger, as I wanted to maintain the lean mass I already had. I prefer strength training, but do cardio too, cos heart and lung health.

    My dream is to be able to do a backflip on the ground like cool. Can already do pushups/pressups (graduated to clapping pushups last year), pullups, chinups and most plank variations. Handstands, I am not sure about, these older shoulders of mine might not love the pressure, but might give them a go, handstand pushups look soo hardcore!

    Anyroad, seeing all our different body shapes (fascinating how we carry weight differently) is really helping me. I do see it all in the gym and as a strongwoman athlete, but keeping it real for everyone is important I think.

    Thanks for posting everyone!
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