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Recommendation for ankle weights



  • PremGandhiPremGandhi Member Posts: 44 Member Member Posts: 44 Member
  • PremGandhiPremGandhi Member Posts: 44 Member Member Posts: 44 Member
    Dogmom1978 wrote: »
    PremGandhi wrote: »
    sgt1372 wrote: »
    I've got 2 pairs of ankle wts and a weighted vest that can be loaded w/up to 75#.

    I wear the vest while walking and hiking but I dont know how you can inconspicuously wear one under street clothes.

    Ankle wts can be worn while walking w/o suffering an injury but are supurfluous if 6ou can wear a weighted vest instead.

    I've worn my 4# pair (2# on each ankle) while walking around but I think the benefit is minimal. What nice about these weights is that they are sand filled and are held on w/velco thst mskes them very comfortable to wear anywhere.

    The other pair can carry 10# on each ankle but the weights are steel bars thst are strapped to the ankle w/straps wc makes 5hem really uncomfortable to wear while walking but they are very useful when doingsested or hangong leg lifts, wheen you want a bit more resistance

    The point being, each piece of equipment (like any tool) is designed for a specific use and you just need to select the proper ewuipment that best suits your needssnd intended use.

    Understood sir. Currently it seems to me that weights are not the thing that I need. I just need to be more effective at the gym. Thanks for the advice.

    Yes! More effective at the gym is the way to go. There is no “right” answer to which way you should go about this. There are wrong answers. One wrong answer would be go to the gym and do random strength training exercises. By random, I mean you have no structure, you do different exercises every time you go, you don’t track how much weight/reps/sets. Then months later you ask “how come I’m not stronger”?

    Personally, I do 4-5 sets per exercise of 10-15 reps per set. If the weight I’m doing gets too easy (I could easily push past 15 reps), I know it’s time for me to increase the weight. I have a full gym in my basement though, so it’s easy for me to do that. I have an upper/lower split 4 days a week that I follow. My goal is to get stronger and this is working for me. If you do a google search though, you will find a million different methods though, so you have to pick one that would work for your situation.

    Yes. I am aware of being consistent in your routine. I use the same 12 machines every time. I increase it regularly to see if I am pushing my limit (without affecting my ability to do work the next day ;)). I need to focus on my core strength - just too weak currently.
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    heybales wrote: »
    Same machines every day?

    Ah, well there is one improvement. You are needing to hold yourself back on 1 day to be able to do it again the next day.
    Even using machines you don't have to do a circuit type approach with just 15-20 reps and then move to next machine.
    You can mimic a free weight program in many senses to get max improvement out of the time and effort spent, if you don't have free weights available, or the time for them.

    Split the machines into upper and lower body, and alternate the days. If this is only from work, and only 5 days a week, then do 2 days upper/lower, middle day of something else, then 2 more days upper/lower.
    That's now a full body workout 2 days a weeks, which is better than 5, not as good as 3. If you have a 6th day to do another one that would be great.

    The order of machines hopefully isn't required to be done in the order the gym happened to lay them out - which I've never found to be best order.
    Do the machines first that work the most muscles, like don't do bicep curls before you do some back pull machine or pull-up type. Don't do triceps before you do a chest or shoulder push machine - both of which work the tricep anyway.
    Make a better order, if out of time, skip the bicep and tricep only machines if other movements worked them anyway.

    Do at least 2 sets on each machine while there, 1-3 min rest between, then move to next machine.
    Do 10-20 reps as you figure out your time. Make the weight heavier knowing you are getting rest day the next day.

    Now you are asking the muscles to overload.
    Now they need to get stronger, possibly build more if diet allows.

    This is a lot to digest and incorporate. I will have to sit down and think about it. But your advice is 100%to the point for me. I will alter my routines. Thanks a lot heybales!
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