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  • mlgoodsmbmlgoodsmb Member Posts: 15 Member Member Posts: 15 Member
    Hello Rashmi, a few years ago I went from 288 down to 213. When I started this a few days ago I was 299. Looking to get back to 230.

    I'm trying to learn to make this a life change and not a diet. Want to be able chase the grand kids around, I'm currently 58 years old. For a few more days anyway.
  • Gold6767Gold6767 Member Posts: 94 Member Member Posts: 94 Member
    I'm feeling exhausted today with a bit of a headache, but I just wanted to stop in and say I really enjoy this thread and you all are very inspiring for me. I feel confident that we won't be relapsers in 2022
  • HealthyTrentHealthyTrent Member Posts: 144 Member Member Posts: 144 Member
    Today was a weird day. I had my annual physical at 1pm - I didn't think about the fasting bloodwork when they sent me that appointment time, so I went about 18 hours without eating, between my sleep time and then the time leading up to the appointment. I was quite hungry by the time it was over. I tried dealing with it with a granola/protein bar in the car on the way home, but I got home and proceeded to eat a bit more than I really needed to at that point (and not the healthiest choices). BUT - big picture, it's really okay. I had a filling dinner as well, and am still only between 1700-1800 calories. It's a more than I've been eating lately, but in reality is a not that bad compared to what I used to eat!

    I want to have another good jogging session on the treadmill - haven't had one in awhile (usually I just walk) but It's so hard to work up the energy to do that after working all day, and I also have this spot in the middle of my back that's really been bothering me. My massage therapist recommended I consider a chiropractor - she gave me a referral and I do trust her judgement - apparently she and her wife sees this same chiropractor themselves. The spot's been bothering me for a few months now (not constantly, but regularly). I might try to put on my adulting hat tomorrow & give them a call to set an appointment up. For tonight, I'm going to shoot for a couple miles walking, maybe 40 minutes. It's already 8pm and I'm tired.

    @ClearNotCloudyMind - I'm very familiar with the "Just one more" mentality - it's so hard to break!
    @Dukare - oooof! A 12 hr day sounds exhausting, especially with a baby in the mix.
    @SunnyBunBun79 - congrats! It always feels good to have a good streak going on. :smile:
    @mlgoodsmb - welcome!
    @gold6767 - I enjoy this thread, too!! <3
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  • ClearNotCloudyMindClearNotCloudyMind Member Posts: 159 Member Member Posts: 159 Member
    Morning all, checking in for yesterday. I was feeling rather down about it before reading @HealthyTrent post above, as it was another day where I’d just not been able to stay within my calorie budget. However he’s right... It was a healthy, balanced and (reasonably) low calorie day. Ok so it was more than I expected to eat but even so, it was a good day. Thank you for cheering me up and showing me my day in a more positive light!

    Today is a miserable, gloomy, rainy day so the cats and I are curled up with blankets. I did manage to cycle into town this morning to replace our toaster (which died this morning) but will need to do a walk or similar in order to close my activity ring on my watch and get that silly 2021 start the year right badge!

    @Dukare wow you’re at work too? You’re flat out amazing! I had at least 9 months off with each of mine and was wrecked most of the time even so.
    @mlgoodsmb welcome, it’s lovely to have you here
    @Gold6767 I know just what you mean, it’s the same for me too ☺️
    @HealthyTrent hope you get your back sorted soon
  • lcyfrnxolcyfrnxo Member Posts: 28 Member Member Posts: 28 Member
    Hey, I'd love to join this group. I lost 5 stone in 2017 then gained it back throughout my nurse training. I've now lost 2 stone of it but struggling to stay motivated, would love accountability partners! I have around 50lbs left to get to target
  • Gold6767Gold6767 Member Posts: 94 Member Member Posts: 94 Member
    Rather impulsively I decided to try Intermittent Fasting (18/6) this week. I've been stuck around the same couple of pounds and several people recommended it. I'm only a few days in but so far so good. I weigh in on Friday so I'll see if I'm making progress. I had a headache-turned-migraine yesterday which sent me to bed early but I'm feeling good today.
    @Icyfrnxo @mlgoodsmb Welcome! You're in good company, looking forward to hearing about what you're up to.
    @ClearNotCloudyMind I feel like that's what its about. We all have days that are not exactly at our goals, but you got up the next day and did something instead of just relapsing again. You're going to do great things in 2021!
  • HealthyTrentHealthyTrent Member Posts: 144 Member Member Posts: 144 Member
    @lcyfrnxo - welcome!
    @ClearNotCloudyMind - glad I was able to cheer you up a little!

    Hi all - checking in for the day. Had a pretty good day! I ate reasonably and pushed myself to jog 3.6 miles today, plus some walking to warm up and cool down for a total of 4 miles. It felt really good. :smile: I'm determined to get up at 6 tomorrow morning so that I can walk for 30 minutes 1st thing. I'm going to bed early enough. I just have to not talk myself out of it & snooze the alarm repeatedly in the morning!
  • tinybrytinybry Member Posts: 130 Member Member Posts: 130 Member
    Hey all, I've not been online much (other than work!) for the last few days, utterly exhausted by the combination of work pressures, home school and some volunteering responsibilities that have taken on their own life - I could literally fall asleep at my desk in about 2 minutes if I let myself! So I've not found this week particularly easy...

    However, I've tried to check in to read messages here at least and been pleased to hear how everyone is getting on - including when they have tough days and weeks. @HealthyTrent your perspective certainly helped me too! Each small win counts.

    I too had my mind blown by trying to imagine lack of sidewalks/pavements @Dukare @ClearNotCloudyMind although many years ago I worked on projects that required regular travel to Texas and I do remember having to drive to the restaurant from the hotel in the evening - about 100m away, because there wasn't a safe walking route... We are really lucky where I live to have miles of paths, although only a small percentage passable in shoes right now due to the mud! And my wellies have sprung a leak so I need to buy new ones before taking the most off road routes!

    @Dukare I'm also in awe of you being back at work with such a little one. I went back when my youngest was about 5.5 months and still feeding regularly including through the night and the first 6 months were so tough. But you totally have this and it will definitely get easier :)

    @SunnyBunBun79 well done for staying in your calories and @laurenebargar well done for your working out, I Hope you managed to get up as planned - I definitely feel better when I get some exercise in early!

    I'm really hoping that I have a bit of a motivating loss tomorrow when I weigh in, despite finding this week tough I have managed to stick to my goals food and exercise wise (apart from the night my husband cooked a delicious curry and then told me how much oil went into it :#:D ) So fingers crossed.
  • HealthyTrentHealthyTrent Member Posts: 144 Member Member Posts: 144 Member
    Hi all, just checking in for the day. Hope everyone's week is going okay. The scale isn't cooperating, so I'm just going to keep on focusing on my food choices and exercise, and eventually it should start going down again. I had another good day today - I resisted fast food despite being out & about for a chiropractor appointment. When I got home I ate the low-carb pizza I picked up on my last grocery trip; it was okay, but not fantastic... on the dry side. I'll probably look up a recipe I can make on my own, which will almost certainly be tastier. I jogged about 2.5 miles today, walked about 1.5 (including 15 minutes of walking 1st thing in the morning!!).

    I find I really feel good when I jog, so I'm looking forward to doing more of it. I want to try and focus on the things about all of this that feel good and give me energy - it makes missing indulgent foods a little easier! Going to try and get up early tomorrow & go for longer on the treadmill, hopefully 30 minutes.

    It's nice to get a few thousand steps in before I start work. My step count hasn't been as high this past week - still averaging over 10k, but just barely. Getting in steps in the morning will help. I have to admin my primary motivation for getting as much activity in as I have been is to allow me to eat more than the bare minimum & still lose at a decent pace! :lol:

    @tinybry - hope you're able to get some rest soon!
  • HealthyTrentHealthyTrent Member Posts: 144 Member Member Posts: 144 Member
    Check in:
    I have been in a bit of a not so happy place this week. I have been having a hard time at work and was basically called out on it 😑
    So I need to start fresh AGAIN, I did start tracking my dinners on a calendar to try and stick to a low carb lifestyle. That worked but I have started snacking rather impulsively and I am not sure where that idea came out of.
    So let’s start again, I would like to start with 5 lbs off before the beginning of spring, which is about 2 months from now. I need to stay positive and really focus on my goals.
    What helps you stay on track when you are mentally drained?

    Oh man, getting called out at work is nooo fun. For me, I have acknowledged that I will not always feel positive or have a lot of energy, so I do everything I can to build in easy options that make it as effortless as possible to stay on track. Easy to access/make meals and snacks that fit in my plan and that I'm not likely to binge on (I just can't have PB in the house right now... lol ), and if I'm having a low energy day I do something like walk around the room while watching TV instead of doing a full blown workout. I'm really trying to accept that my best every day will look different depending on what's going on, and that it's okay to have "off days" - but when I do have one, I try to use it as motivation to adjust course the next day so that overall I'm still on track. Hope you're able to find your groove & I know you can totally lose those 5 lbs!
  • ClearNotCloudyMindClearNotCloudyMind Member Posts: 159 Member Member Posts: 159 Member
    Good afternoon all! This is a first for me: logging in on the laptop after a day of working rather than using my phone. Great you found a chiropractor @HealthyTrent - hope they work their magic for you. Low carb pizza sounds like a good plan. We had proper takeout pizza from the local artisan pizzeria and it was amazing, but it doesn't exactly leave you with that healthy feeling afterwards.

    @lcyfrnxo welcome to the group! How are you finding working as a nurse at the moment? You have my full respect - it's a tough career!

    @Gold6767 I rather like IF myself, though I rarely call it that. I seem to be a rather binary person: either eating LOADS or virtually nothing. I fell into it last year by accident when I was too busy at school to eat in the day, and leaving too early in the morning to do breakfast. It led to some epic suppers, which worked for me. Sadly if I'm in the house the temptation is too strong for me. Though maybe I'll give it another try.

    @tinybry lol I wish my wellies would spring a leak and die. They're nearly 30 years old, slightly too small for me, not long enough, and cheap as chips. However my cheapskate life won't let me throw away perfectly good wellies simply because I want better ones. It's my walking boots which have given up the ghost this year. The whole front has come off, leaving me rather soggy-toed after a tramp around the local woods. That's the first thing I'm getting when the shops reopen - I just can't buy them online.

    @melichalupa big hugs. I hope you're over the hump and things are getting better now. I'm starting to find that behavioural goals work better for me than numbers ones, if that makes sense. E.g. "eat no biscuits tomorrow" rather than "lose 0.5kg this week". If I have a goal that I can absolutely deliver on, if I just do it like drink a glass of water before eating anything, walk 5000 steps or avoid the sodding biscuits, then I get to the end feeling like I've done well. Sometimes no matter what I do, the scale won't shift.

    On that bombshell, I'm off to get a bit of fresh air before the sun sets in 20 minutes. Take care everyone.
  • JLeatherman1985JLeatherman1985 Member, Premium Posts: 15 Member Member, Premium Posts: 15 Member
    I've done several programs over the past 10 years trying to reach and maintain a "healthy" weight. I was 265 when I graduated college in '07, which is about where my weight hovers when I'm not consciously trying to do anything about it. I dropped almost 30 pounds for my wedding in '09 via weight watchers, which I gained back within 6 months. I dropped 25 pounds a few years ago doing a weight loss challenge/group at work, which I again gained back when I left that job. During the COVID quarantine I lost almost 15 pounds by mid-June by having more time to exercise and no access to fast food, but I gained it all back before Christmas when I went back to working in-person. Trying again since New Years' (but I don't consider it a "resolution" per-say). Trying the 1-pound-per-week goal and so far it's working well, but I can already feel my motivation slipping again. Between two small kids, busy job schedule, and a genuine love of unhealthy foods (and beer) it's not going to be easy.
  • DukareDukare Member Posts: 99 Member Member Posts: 99 Member
    Hello all! I don't have much time today, but wanted to stop in. Survived the week n now have a 3 day weekend! We put here crib up so maybe I'll burn more calories getting up for her through the night 😆🤔😋
    Just kidding, she's just gotten too big for the old way lol.

    I was only able to get off 6 weeks of work, but I've got a work from home job so it wasn't such a bad transition... helps to have a bit leniency with schedules for everything. She's currently still eating every 2 hrs but sometimes 4 n usually sleeps a 6 hr span at night. Exhausted....

    It's offical: we are going to be going to see his folks end of the year ( assuming covid doesn't go nuts then) ... which means 50 weeks of time for getting me into shape. The dream is 1lb a week, which would put me into our goal weight for me of 170s. That's a dream, a practical one! But I'm starting - February I'm going to just try n get 3 workouts in a week. 30 min everyday is the goal, even if some are just a nice walk in park.

    We got out to the park yesterday n we ran a wee bit n my back is so sore. Epidural really kicks. I just hope it eventually stops being sore! At least I can still do zumba. The bike was hard on my knees.... good grief I feel I'm falling apart 😂

    It's so good to hear from all of you!! N new folks!! I'll try n get back on for more response to everyone's updates, but ya all are keeping me going! I can totally relate!!

    As always! WE GOT THIS!!💃💃💃💃
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  • HealthyTrentHealthyTrent Member Posts: 144 Member Member Posts: 144 Member
    Hi all! I spaced checking in yesterday because after work I was really busy - donated blood, then went grocery shopping, and then walked for about 45 minutes (slowly - nothing too strenuous due to the blood donation). Things are continuing to go well - I'm excited that I'm freshly stocked up on good food, and have meals planned out for the next week (and the food I got should stretch to the end of the month, I hope). Looking forward to making some broccoli soup and another batch of seitan this weekend, along with cooking a few chicken breasts in the instant pot. I want to set myself up for an easy food week. Tonight I'm going to cook Bok Choy for the 1st time. Excited to try it!

    I've got Monday off work, so I'm looking forward to this 3-day weekend. I want to get 2 or 3 more outdoor walking sessions in over it. I have to do a little work this weekend, but nothing too bad... one specific task that should only take an hour or so, and then I have to keep an eye on emails in case any urgent questions come in (we're preparing to file our 2020 financials with the SEC & release our 2020 earnings to the public - I work for a publicly traded company).

    @JLeatherman1985 - welcome! Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate! Good job sticking to the 1-lb per week goal so far.

    @Dukare - focusing on the small/practical steps sounds important for you in reaching your goal! I hear you on the epidural. When I went through labor (the pregnancy I mentioned losing in a prior post) they tried giving me an epidural, but didn't get all the way through the process because it was too late in the overall progression of labor. My back was sore for probably a month. I don't know that I could deal with getting one again... just the thought of it makes me anxious! Hope your back stops hurting soon - I imagine exercise & movement ultimately will help, even if it makes it sore in the meantime.

  • heather9986hgheather9986hg Member Posts: 41 Member Member Posts: 41 Member
    Hi this is Heather
    I think this is the group for me as I've "relapsed"
    I went from 320-180
    I have hashimotos diagnosed at 220 the first time
    A few years after weight loss I went back to 210
    Then I got myself back to 180 around 2015
    I can never get I can't maintain it long no idea why
    In 2015 I met a man and we started dating
    I was afraid of gaining weight from dating but I didn't until 2016 I started gaining until 2018 when we got married
    I have hashimotos as I noted and in 2018 they upped my meds so that weight gain might be related
    But now it's been two years I'm at 220 and have not lost it
    Plus my thyroid is working again according to my last labs so....
  • ClearNotCloudyMindClearNotCloudyMind Member Posts: 159 Member Member Posts: 159 Member
    Afternoon all! It’s the end of not only the weekend, but of my unexpectedly extended Xmas break. I’m back in school tomorrow after 5 weeks out. Thankfully it was a glorious weekend with not one but two sunny hacks out with my daughter. In England that’s not expected in January!

    @dukare that really sucks the the epidural. I had a spinal tap when they stitched me back together afterwards and it didn’t hurt at all post-op that I can remember. An epidural sounds like a much more serious deal. I do hope it stops hurting soon. Is there anything your doctor can do to help speed the process of healing? Re the family visit, they’re going to love you anyway, but good luck with your plan :)

    @HealthyTrent i love Bok Choi too but hardly ever get to eat it as the rest of my family don’t have our food taste ;) Bravo on giving blood, it really knocks it out of you. How is your 1 year step challenge going so far - still on track?

    @heather9986hg welcome! Sounds like you’ve been on this journey a few times and I’m sure will have lots of tips and tricks to share. I definitely gained a LOT of weight when I met my husband way back when. Something about being really happy and newly in love must make us eat! Of course HE didn’t gain a pound...

    I’ve decided to chill out regarding the scale, as it doesn’t seem like it’s going to cooperate this month. I’m going to log my meals, eat right, and focus on things I can control. One day the scale will have to drop (unless I’m a scientific miracle!!!). I’ll just need to be patient and keep buggering on.

  • DukareDukare Member Posts: 99 Member Member Posts: 99 Member
    @heather9986hg welcome! Never fun seeing a slippery slope n having to climb back up.
    ..I was the opposite when I met my husband I lost weight. Love made me confident in myself and I feel I became more beautiful, and I was able to get an elliptical and college zumba classes which helped a lot in my regime ha.

    After 6 years though, it is he who has gained that chubby belly. My weight gain/lost has always been a thing ha. I introduced him to more junk than he normally enjoyed... and after Covid hit he stopped going to football games every week (soccer).

    We are both trying to get back in shape. He runs and I walk with babe in the park every night kind of goals ... poor guy. He has a "going onto 40" belly. Likely the beer.

    I have never had Bok Choi but always wanted to. We do Ethiopian here, so I've learned to cook Collard Greens. Unfortunately, the baby seems to be pretty sensitive to it and Spinach. Alas *sigh*.

    Have you guys heard of the Mirror? Pretty nifty technology... for those who like that kind of stuff haha. I just saw it advertised recently and thought it was pretty cool.

    I didn't manage a workout yet, but I did do 3 loads of laundry, clean myself and the baby, and helped my mom do a bunch of things...and ended up staying up this morning and started a book.....which I ended up finishing 5 hrs later 😂😪 luckily he took her this morning so I could redeem some hours of sleep ha. Man was I hungry upon waking though!

    Here's to wrapping up January with a success!! Keep up the goal fighting!

    I use this app that I log daily weight (same time n wear) and then it gives a trend and tracks. I then don't look at the daily weight fluctuations but it as a whole. Usually I would have just a heavy day the day I this way, I can see a general thread of where I'm heading or staying put. Perhaps that is a tactic worth trying? 3lbs up one day, 2 down the next but then usually a pretty constant weight across the board for a week tells me where I'm at in real-time.
  • Gold6767Gold6767 Member Posts: 94 Member Member Posts: 94 Member
    I had a really good weekend, lost a full pound on the scale and watched my team win, Go Bills! Back to work now in a great mood. I'm going to keep up IF but not on game days, I'm going to let myself enjoy that time.
    @Dukare I love that you and your guy are trying to get healthier together, it makes it easier when you're on the same track and you can motivate each other.
    @ClearNotCloudyMind Glad to hear that you were able to enjoy the tailend of your Xmas break. It's snowing here in the midwest today, haven't seen the son lately! lol
    @heather9986hg Welcome! You are in the right place, we have all been there but keep trying and we're going to get to a great place in 2021.
    @JLeatherman1985 Welcome! It's certainly hard to manage all aspects of our lives, but we have to make time for ourselves. When I feel stuck I try to focus on something other than the number on the scale like only having 6 twizzlers instead of the entire bag like I wanted to. If it's something you really want you can make it happen don't give up.

  • HealthyTrentHealthyTrent Member Posts: 144 Member Member Posts: 144 Member
    I've had a great day today - I did a ton of meal prep... I cooked up a batch of seitan, some chicken breasts, broccoli soup, cream of mushroom soup, and a breakfast casserole. My meals for the whole week are fully planned out and for the most part are ready with minimal additional fuss needed beyond assembly/heating up. I didn't end up walking outside this weekend, but I did walk 6 miles inside yesterday (I ended up napping/staying busy with other things during daylight hours). I'll be so happy when the daylight last a bit longer. I probably won't walk outside tomorrow because it's supposed to stay cold (upper 30s F) with some decent winds on top of that.

    @heather9986hg - welcome! I have thyroid issues myself (hypothyroid) - things like that can be so frustrating at times. Good luck with your 2021 goals!! This is a great place for support.

    @ClearNotCloudyMind - "focus on the things I can control" - I love this approach!

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