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Relapsers getting Real Healthy Accountability group- 2020-2021

Rashmi411Rashmi411 Member Posts: 51 Member Member Posts: 51 Member
Hi, I know this is a really touchy and not comforting thing to talk about. If theres anyone like me who relapsed and gained weight back on, I would love to learn from you. I have been on and off MFP. I went from 191 to 127 back again. I think there are other issues. I never give up.

You don't have to have relapsed to join this group.

Post a bit about yourselves and goals. Check in as often as you like with your updates.

Share your goals...
Sundays, we can talk about starting the week right- share weight

Daily accountability posts...

Did you stick to your macros for the day?
Did you follow your workout?
Did you get water intake?

My name is Rashmi. I m in my 40's. I live in DC area.

My goal is to lose 10% body fat by Feb 14, 2021

Peace and love...
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  • 2016goalreached2016goalreached Member Posts: 12 Member Member Posts: 12 Member
    Hi, Rashmi! My name is Meghan

    I am so energized to see your post. I, too, seem to be stuck in a pattern of losing and gaining the same weight over and over. I am always happy when things are clicking and I'm losing, but I never get too comfortable in it because I know it won't last, as it never has. I also believe there are other issues - maybe food addiction or emotional eating, but SAME; I never give up!

    I am 5'4" 175 lbs, and I would like to hit 155 by April 14, which is my 40th birthday! Ultimately, I would like to get to 135 lbs and STAY there!

    I live in the Denver area, am a career woman, happily married with three teenagers.

    Let's do this!

  • Nicole_Darling00Nicole_Darling00 Member Posts: 12 Member Member Posts: 12 Member
    Same boat!! A few years ago I did MFP and became very active. Went from 225lbs to 153lbs. I’ve started back about 2 weeks ago again at 225lbs. I’ve lost it before, so I’ll lose it again! I’ll be sure to maintain all my hard work this time!!

    Definitely looking for some accountability but not just a long friends list. So if anyone is interested add me and shoot me a message!
  • tickingp0nytickingp0ny Member Posts: 12 Member Member Posts: 12 Member
    I'm a small-scale relapser, tried to lose weight off and on over the past couple years only to keep falling back into old habits and gaining back the few pounds I'd lost. Then I went to a doctor a couple days ago for a routine wellness check and got my first ever biometric screening done....

    Between my blood pressure and my weight, I'm not the happiest with where I am and would like to finally nip them in the bud before I let them spiral too far. Would love some accountability friends.

    Good luck to you all! ❤️

    H: 5'2" (mid-20s F)
    SW: 140 lbs
    CW: 140 lbs
    GW: 120 lbs
  • 2016goalreached2016goalreached Member Posts: 12 Member Member Posts: 12 Member
    I started my day with a Pilates class before my studio shuts down tomorrow because of new COVID restrictions going into place this evening at 5. My goal for this next week is to keep my CGM (continuous glucose monitor) activated at all times and to change my entire infusion set on my insulin pump, instead of just my reservoir, as prescribed. This improves insulin absorption. I'm Type 1 Diabetic.
  • Rashmi411Rashmi411 Member Posts: 51 Member Member Posts: 51 Member
    Sometimes getting the momentum to start again is the hardest part. There are psychological reasons that contribute to eating unhealthy and wanting the weight on. I know that sounds counterproductive.

    Im really debating going to the gym or freezing memberships.

    2020-2021 I am here for accountability.

    Megan, Thanks for joining. I love your energy. Yes you will get there! I was just visiting Denver a month ago. It was so nice. You will prevail.

    Nicole- Yes we can and we will prevail. You can friend me or post here.

    Welcome tickingp0ny- You sound good. I dont think it will get out of hand post here as often as you like

    2016goalreach- PIlates sounds cool. I want to be more flexible.

    My daily checkin
    I did not plan my meals. Its not bad I need a better system
    I did strength at home for Friday
    Water 25 oz/80oz

    Food needs to be better

    Love you Fit for Life gang!
  • goingapegoingape Member Posts: 347 Member Member Posts: 347 Member
    Hello all, I’m working on getting to goal. I have about 25-30 pounds to go. I had lost some weight a few years ago, I never made it to goal then and regained.

    Now I’m feeling good and have added exercise that I really enjoy but my food has slipped and I’ve been over calories the last couple weekends.

    I have made a goal of one pound loss a week from October - December. I’m a bit off of my planned loss. Hoping to get back on track.

    My other goal is weight training every other day and I’m doing okay with that.

  • elisa123galelisa123gal Member Posts: 3,872 Member Member Posts: 3,872 Member
    I find it interesting, that most people regain to the same weight and lose the same amount over and over.

    I've always gained up to 20 to 30 pounds..but have never gone over that. I've lost and regained that amount more than a few times since my late 30's. Yet, I psychologically never gain beyond. I stop and diet and get it off.

    Why can't I psychologically make myself only regain 3 pounds until I need to take it off again? C'mon brain!
  • Rashmi411Rashmi411 Member Posts: 51 Member Member Posts: 51 Member
    Welcome Going Ape - I feel like I was on an off and on again dieting system. I really needed a lifetstyle change. There are psychological reasons too. If we did it once, we can do it again and stay there. I do believe. I need to get on my planned loss too. You can do it! I believe

    Elisa-- I find it fascininating too. I think its something with our own fears and threshold that take us there. What are you afraid would happen if you stayed at goal weight? I was afraid pressure to be in a relationship would be too much.
  • Rashmi411Rashmi411 Member Posts: 51 Member Member Posts: 51 Member
    OK today I didnt plan what to eat. I ate cereal. I measured that and my almond milk. I ate some coconut milk chocolate almonds. I didnt measure that. It has ounces measurement.

    The point is I have been on and off my tracking. I started in the beginning of the day.

    Do you plan and prep? Any issues with tracking?

  • 2016goalreached2016goalreached Member Posts: 12 Member Member Posts: 12 Member
    Hi, Rashmi,

    It's good that you measured your cereal and almond milk and that it was almond milk and not dairy. My only advice would be to try to start your day with less sweet tasting things, if possible. I know if I start my day that way, it's really hard to want anything other than sweet stuff! My doctor has said if I allow myself "sweets," even if it's sugar free, it's the same affect on your brain, and it makes you want more!

    I am on and off tracking too. I've been doing it long enough to know what's "on plan" and what's not. Like I mentioned, for this week, my focus is my insulin pump and CGM, doing those right. I am eating right, am weighing/measuring, just not tracking. That may be my next goal - to track. I get really discouraged with how few calories I'm allowed - 1300ish for just one pound weight loss per week.

    I'm on track with my blood sugar monitoring so far, and this is what I've eaten today - 2 coconut milk lattes (nothing else added), a serving of nuts, and a half sandwich with mayo, meat, and cheese. I'll probably have a piece of fruit mid-afternoon.

    Is anyone feeling some kind of way about Thanksgiving? I think I'm going to enjoy that day but be on plan Wednesday, Friday, and every other day - not be tempted by the leftovers.

    Hang in there!


    P.S. Rashmi, why does the pressure of a relationship make you want to keep the weight on? I don't mean to pry, but am just curious.
  • Rashmi411Rashmi411 Member Posts: 51 Member Member Posts: 51 Member
    I think its tough for us.
    The theme of this board could be CONSISTENT for LIFE...

    How I did yesterday
    Food- was good. I let myself eat out on Saturday night
    Exercise- I missed This is where I need more consistency. If I dont feel like going I dont
    Water- not great I have 30-40 ounces I will get this up

    SW -190lbs
    GW- 135 lbs
    I'm 5'2inches

    I plan on swimming. I still have gym memberships up. I may pause. Yes why 2. I pay total $100 per month. One is for the pool and another near my apartment. I havent been going. I use weights near my house.

    Today's exercise maybe walking.

    I ordered 12lbs weight online for $60 a pair.

    Its a strange time. Stay safe and stay well.

    Meghan - Thanks. I was always a sweet breakfast person. I guess I have always eaten sweet things.
    What do you eat for breakfast? Do you think fruit smoothies are ok?
    its good to know whats on plan. I would eat snacks.

    In terms of relationship pressure, I had a lot from my parents to get married. Im in my early 40's now. I had relationships that didnt work out. I think theres a difference dating at a higher weight vs. lower. I had trouble picking out good guys. I think that sounds weird.

    Stay strong in terms of Thanksgiving. I am making lasagna

    CONSISTENCY esp in exercise is the key for me.

  • DogsncoffeeDogsncoffee Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member Member, Premium Posts: 1 Member
    Hi! I’m looking for a support group too! I’m going through a. Divorce and have gained about 8 pounds and don’t want to add anymore to that. I’m trying to regain control. I’m consistent with exercising however my eating fluctuates. I prep sometimes. Like you Rashmi, I start off good in the mornings and by the time the afternoon hits I’m winging it. Need more consistency here! I’m trying to incorporate not restricting so much bc that leads to me over eating so I try to work my cravings in my calories without overdoing it. A challenge to say the least!

    I live in the St Louis area!

    I do Beachbody videos almost everyday and walking the dog.
  • saruresarure Member Posts: 3 Member Member Posts: 3 Member

    Fifteen years ago, I gained a TON of weight. Something around 60 pounds. Then, I lost most of it. Gained most of it back, lost most of it, gained most of it, lost most of it. It was demoralizing, but I never gained more than I lost. The peak kept dropping.

    A couple of years ago, I was only five pounds away from my prepregnancy weight from 15 years ago. I was ecstatic... until I put 10 pounds back on. This past year has been hard, especially when COVID hit, and I've gained 20 pounds, increasing to a weight that I swore I'd never see again.

    My current goal is to lose 30.3 pounds with an ultimate goal of 45.3 pounds.

    I can't go all out. I know me. Adding that pressure and work to an already busy and stressful schedule will result in a meltdown and another five pound gain.

    This week, I'm just focusing on meeting my newly increased water intake goals, being mindful of what I'm eating, and getting moving again.
  • Rashmi411Rashmi411 Member Posts: 51 Member Member Posts: 51 Member
    Daily accountability- My food is really good and getting better
    Water can be 50% My goal is 10 8oz cups.
    Exercise- I thought I would wake up before work but it didnt happen. I am at familys place with no weights. I mau hit gym at 7pm and stay in one corner with dumbbells.

    Dogsncoffee- welcome I love your pic. You look really good. WHat foods do you have trouble not eating? I find if I plan my meals I stay on track. Thats so great that you are consistent with exercise. Good for you

    Sarure- you are like me. I need to lose 60lbs to. I lost and gained easier when I was younger. Are there ways you can control stress in your life? Im glad you are here!

  • 2016goalreached2016goalreached Member Posts: 12 Member Member Posts: 12 Member
    Hello, All! I hope you are all working towards consistency! :-) I am doing well with my goal of keeping up with my insulin pump. I am also keeping it together, as far as my food goes. I had a weak moment today when I waited too long to eat lunch and was really hungry, but I reminded myself Thanksgiving is Thursday, and I'll enjoy some things that day, but I must keep it together until then! How is everyone!?

  • Rashmi411Rashmi411 Member Posts: 51 Member Member Posts: 51 Member
    This is probably the hardest group to be accountable for an accountable to. When we get this, its for life.
    My food and water were on track yesterday.
    I am struggling with exercise as a I lead this group but I love the support.

    With covid, Im not sure if I will go to the gym. I think thats where my blocker is. I have dumbbells coming in the mail.

  • 2016goalreached2016goalreached Member Posts: 12 Member Member Posts: 12 Member
    Good Morning, Rashmi!

    Great job with keeping your food on track! Really, I think that's MOST important to start. I am not even worrying about exercise for right now. One thing at a time. I had a girl I baby-sat when I was a teenager that I ended up getting permanent custody of when she was in high school. I helped her lose 100 pounds in about a year and a half, and she literally did NO exercise. It was just nutrition. Don't beat yourself up and keep up the good work with eating right!

  • HealthyTrentHealthyTrent Member Posts: 7 Member Member Posts: 7 Member
    I'd love to join the group if that's ok... (You started it on my birthday!) I'm Trent, from Denver, Colorado. I'm 37 and about 10 years ago I lost around 65 lbs or so (went from high 220s to low 160s), and have regained it all plus some. It's been a really rough couple of years, work a sedentary office job, etc.

    My primary reason at this point for wanting to lose weight is because I don't feel good at the weight I'm at (my highest ever - 250ish), and then I intend on going through IVF next year to try and conceive (I'm a trans man who has the ability to carry a child), and I suspect my weight will be a stumbling block for that - so I want to try and lose some weight prior to starting so that it isn't an issue with whatever clinic I end up working with. My goal is to lose 50 lbs before starting IVF.

    I've logged my food yesterday & today, worn my fitbit both days, and yesterday I got on the treadmill for the first time in months. I know I can do this - I just have to push through that point around week 3 where I start to get discouraged - that's usually when I "break" and stop tracking. I live alone, so I don't have anyone at home to encourage me. I'm hoping an accountability group will be helpful in staying on track. :smile:
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  • 2016goalreached2016goalreached Member Posts: 12 Member Member Posts: 12 Member
    Hi, Trent! Welcome to the group! Coincidentally, I am in the Denver area as well and have been through multiple IVF cycles at 3 of the local clinics, and I'm willing to share whatever questions I can answer for you. This is an exciting time in your life and a great reason to get yourself into the best health you can! Best wishes!

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