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    @roxinronni try it out, if you don't like it you can always leave. Something I've been encouraged to do by people who have had success with weight loss is to try things, if it doesn't work try something else no biggie.
    @HealthyTrent 3 miles is a lot don't downplay that! I started jogging in March when the gyms closed and it was mostly walking at that point but you'll see improvement if you keep at it.
    @melichalupa I just buy roasted chickpeas cuz I'm lazy like that lol they're really good with some craisins and almonds
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    @melichalupa am another huge fan of roasted chick peas. With chilli and cumin 😍. It’s been too long, must make them again...

    Checking in myself, it was a good day. Ate well within my calories and also did a couple of trips out by bike just getting chores done. Exercise?! Yay! Add in a haircut too with deep conditioning treatment so feeling good!

    Would love to weigh in tomorrow but am very shy about doing that in front of people. I’ve not actually admitted to my family that I’m dropping weight deliberately. The thing is if I leave weighing in for a whole week then I make too much out of it and as Xmas approaches I’m only going to be disappointed. Somehow need to find quiet time in my bedroom to hop onto the scales.

    Stealth weight loss! 🥷
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    Oh man, I've got a headache and am feeling tired and cranky. This is typically when I would go and binge eat... so I've gotta stay strong this afternoon/evening! :s
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    Hi all- sorry for going MIA. Work and a fussy baby, and ya know. Life.

    I am too pooped to go into too much, and I wasn't able to log the last few days, but I have been inching forward at trying to curb my appetite towards better things and getting that water in. I've been too pooped with the baby to get a proper workout in and I'm itching for it so bad! Alas, I'm pooped haha. I'll be preparing the house for my sisters family coming for Christmas and all that the holiday brings - that'll be my workout for then hah.

    I have decided I'm going to just not beat myself up for my "failures" just yet- I'm going to get her to 4 months going on 5 (when she sleeps, eats and can hold her head better). That's when I'm going to be able to do more! She is still so much a limp noodle, it makes it hard to leave her laying in her bassinet while I workout (she tends to choke after eating in the mornings). Life work me balance is always a challenge...

    So I Might not be around as much, but I'm here! I'm struggling! I'm not giving up and I'm gonna do it!!

    I hate being back to the chub n heaviest I have ever been ever, but it'll come off. I know. It. It has to. Yessss 🤣

    Okay guys, I'm gonna go take a nap now haha.

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    i’m glad I found a group that doesn’t have so many pages already :smiley: I think the more posts in a thread, the more anxious I get when trying to post and possibly join in (if that’s okay?). :#

    Anywho, I tried to read and catch up a little before I jumped in - it’s been years since I’ve logged into MFP, but I’m going to try and make things work.

    I’ve regained 65lbs but I’m also already past a round of therapy for my back, so I’m hopeful that I can get exercise back on track along with weight loss this time. I think accountability posts are a great idea!

    Trent’s step counts and recipe mentions are inspiring. I’m averaging less than 5k lately and my breakfast was a thunderbird pecan and date bar and zero sugar beef stick...

    I’ve got a set of resistance bands coming in the mail to add to my collection of fitness gear and a list of exercises to do at home. That and calorie counting is going to be my first set of goals.

    Happy holidays, hope to see more updates from you guys soon!

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    @HealthyTrent How are you today? Sorry to hear you had a headache, and hope it didn’t mess your day up too badly

    @Dukare of course! You have so much on your plate right now that there is always going to be something that has to give. I did t even try to do more than eat right recovering from mine, so the fact you’re fitting in exercise at all is amazing. Don’t call it failure (it ISN’T) - call it renegotiating the deadline!!!

    @Gefiun welcome! I know what you mean on those long threads where everyone seems to know each other... looking forwards to hearing about all your successes :)

    As for me... it’s another day at home. Rainy so not tempted out at all! Got an essay to write, a pork goulash (and dumplings) to cook for supper, and a piano to play. I can feel the holidays calling me on the other side of this assignment so off to it...
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    @ClearNotCloudyMind Thanks! yeah I get pretty anxious and random on threads, I’m a bit of a goofball. :laughs: i’m looking forward to having something to focus on each day when it comes to a health and wellness reminder - I figured having a group chat with would do it, so I’m looking forward to this as well. :)

    It’s overcast and the day before a retirement party for one of my coworkers, at least we won’t be having a bunch of food because of distancing issues. she’s retiring after 35 years, and I tease that I have another 32 minimum to go myself. ha!

    I managed to miss the third of my four alarms this morning, so I had a bit of a late start. I had to talk myself out of a very late night snack yesterday, I tend to wait until after midnight and try to call it another day. But I think I’m gonna avoid that this time. it kind of sets me up to fail if I’ve already got calories in before I wake up in the morning.

    i’ve got my PT re-eval this afternoon, i’m hoping just for homework. Paying for this was pretty much my Christmas gift this year, so I’m not sure if I can budget another round. i’m kind of overwhelmed with to do lists at the moment, so I think I better focus on that this afternoon.

    plans, plans, plans... it’s never ending. :tongue:
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    Well, yesterday did not end up being a great day. On the upside, I got almost 12k steps in. On the downside, I slipped back into old patterns and stress-ate way more than I should have (peanut butter/chocolate chips and some candy was involved). The scale's up this morning, but I know it has to be temporary because I still should've ended with a very small deficit (or at least broken even) between calories in/out. If it had been just the headache I would've been okay, but then my dog got sick and started puking all over the place and I was worried I might have to go to the vet (I ended up not having to).

    But, yesterday was yesterday and I'm starting new today. I'm going to eat light today as I'm feeling blah from yesterday's eating choices.

    @Gefiun - welcome!

    @Dukare - good to hear from you. Personally I vote you really can't "fail" right now with such a young one. It's more just survival mode - as she gets older certain things will get easier and hopefully you'll be able to start chipping away at some of your goals. :smile:

    @Gold6767 - thanks for the encouragement! I do need to remember that 3 miles is really great especially compared to me pretty solid sedentary habits up until a month ago.

    @ClearNotCloudyMind - good luck with your assignment!
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    Checking in! Hope everyone's week is going well :blush: I am making a new goal of myself, reading a few posts here has really inspired me to try for 10,000 steps minimum, 4 to 5 days a week if I can. I think I can do this, I've made over 10,000 the past two days— I haven't been able to say that in a VERY long time.

    I have made my net calories the past two days, but I don't know if it is my new medication or what but the last month I have been LITERALLY starving... I only started tracking again, so seeing how much on paper I am intaking does help. Man do I even need to find some more low cal, easy/healthy snack options. 😅

    I also just quit coffee a week ago, pretty sure I have a caffeine sensitivity, so I am on to tea now. I have noticed this week my sleep is improving. Just wanted to throw this out there incase anyone wanted to try. It might now be the best option for everyone, but if you have tried everything to help you sleep and nothing works it might be worth a shot!

    Hello @Dukare— welcome back! You are doing great, starting and logging on is half the battle! You have a lot on your plate and you are doing an amazing job :smiley: Your motivation is really inspiring!

    @ClearNotCloudyMind Thanks so much for the encouragement! You really put it into perspective for me about the snacks and just saying "they are not for me". It really is a mindset isn't it?! This actually saved me last night from have "just one chocolate" which usually leads to 4 or 5 😳
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    Ok so a bit of reassurance please. Today I measured my foods really carefully and ate a nice lunch and BIG supper. According to MFP, the ingredients of my recipe and my scales, I was really really low on calories.

    I’m not hungry. I couldn’t easily eat more without turning to junk food, and I’m losing weight at a steady 0.5kg/week. That suggests I’m simply recording incorrectly. But I’ve double-checked and am quite confident that I’ve done it right.

    Given my weight loss is healthy, I’m healthy, and I’m sated, is there any reason I shouldn’t just ignore the MFP dire warnings about undereating?

    I know I don’t want to regain the weight, but it seems that almost all the calories keeping me fat were biscuits and cutting them out is both sustainable and healthy.

    Anyway, please tell me I’m not daft!
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    Checking in:
    I’m sick of the stupid soup I prepped. Of course... so I am trying to have more vegetables during the day.
    I am going to go for some free yoga my hospital (work) is offering... at 6am. 🙄 wish me luck!
    @HealthyTrent I hope your dog is feeling better!!! I miss having a dog 🐶
    @ClearNotCloudyMind I don’t think you are doing anything wrong, I’m also going lower than usual in calorie intake this week but also feel pretty full. I think you need to listen to your body. If you feel well and MFP is freaking out I think it might be ok to ignore for a bit. I try to hit 1200 but sometimes I’m at 1000 and having been eating all day... so I guess it’s alright.
    @roxinronni I also stopped drinking coffee this week for a short break. It’s been difficult but I have found Chai tea helps me pull through the day.
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    Working out isn't usually much of a problem for me, it's the diet that I'm constantly fighting to stay with. I've been pretty good lately but football is a bit of a trigger for me (how do you watch football without wings blue cheese and beer?!) so I was over in calories and fat on sunday and probably will do the same this sunday if I'm honest with myself. Trying to be reeeeeally good during the week so I can splurge a bit.
    @Gefiun I'm a fan of resistance bands too I'm surprised how much you can do with just a little equipment
    @melichalupa I'm very impressed with your dedication to yoga that early in the morning!
    @ClearNotCloudyMind I wouldn't worry about being under as long as it's not happening like everyday, you know your body if you feel full and have good energy you should be good
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    @ClearNotCloudyMind I would say that being under isn't necessarily a problem, but be careful going less than 1200 - that is the minimum for a, healthy, human (under is technically starving or malnutrition). While people do go under, you really shouldn't. I would try to at least make that with perhaps more light snacks like veggies/fruits or something? I found broccoli, aloha peppers (don't knock before ya try!), pretzels and red roasted hummus, carrots, various fruits. They add up but don't super fill.

    @Gefiun welcome! It is definitely hard catching up... I also stayed in bed later than I should have, but sometimes, you just gotta haha.

    @Gold6767 it is always such a fine balance between healthy diet and activities and social life... I am a firm believer of never omitting what you want from life - eat what you want, but that being said, moderation is key. If it is just on game day (once a week), enjoy it! Don't eat several chickens worth of wings, but a few is okay! Don't beat yourself up. Maybe do some extra workout to offset will help too! All about planning.

    I've found it really helps to count days before giving into a craving. If I want something for 3 days, I really want it and let myself have it (in moderation) because it isn't just a fad or because I'm shopping or bored or any of those other reasons. Lol. It really helps! Makes these efforts to lose weight n maintain lifestyle easier... I've found.

    @roxinronni if you can (and anyone else)- Highly recommend Ito En green tea. It is a game changer! Chilled. I drink a cup every morning and feel Amazing. It is a Great version... something magical about it haha. Feel incredible, and gives energy from the caffeine.

    @melichalupa try aloha peppers. And hummus. They've done the trick for me before, maybe they'll help! Hope you got in that yoga! I love morning workouts but end up usually getting to it in the evenings...

    @HealthyTrent I am in awe of your walking/steps hha. I have been known to put in 6 mi but now I'm still at 3 mi for my limit aha. Glad the pooch is well!

    Okay I'm likely forgetting someone or more but I am running out of time to post 🤣

    So my update! I weigh myself and track every day to get trends... and I've been 224 lately, but this morning I was 220.2 guys. You all may understand just how heartening this was to see. Made me fee Amazing and I really needed it. Yea it was the baby hormones but man, I almost cried I was so happy to see it ahha.

    Being busy at work is helping me control my eating better, which helps when I can't get exercise in. I'm optimistic about the coming year!!

    Hope you all stay strong, healthy, and hopeful! As always, WE GOT THIS!
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    Thank you lovely people! Hearing from you and getting my blasted assignment 99% finished has combined to make me a very cheerful bunny this morning! My son is home in an hour from school for the holidays so made it just in time 😁

    @melichalupa sorry your soup is getting boring. Can you portion and freeze it for a later date? We did that with a huge pumpkin soup after Halloween and it’s been lovely having the easy lunch option available. And how did the yoga go? Super-impressed with that!

    @Gold6767 blue cheese wings sounds rather exotic! We bake ours with honey and Worcestershire sauce and they’re amazing... tonight is my version of the splurge night: local sourdough pizza takeaway. Won’t have any difficulties hitting 1200kcal tonight!

    @roxinronni yeah the “not for me” mindset is saving me from my husband’s shopping tendencies. Last night he came home with my body weight in biscuits, scones and snack bars. Nice to not mentally work out a quarter of them and then start scoffing...

    @HealthyTrent, chin up! Hope today went better than the last and that you are enjoying more stupendous walks/runs and some food meals.

    @dukare, loving hearing you happy! Congrats on seeing your hard work paying off :)

    @Gefiun how did the PT go? Have never had one but I’ve friends who swear by them...
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    Yoga at 6am update: I was late... but I got in 20mins of activity. I think I might try different instructors throughout the rest of the week to find one I really like. Also, this was a zoom yoga class that everyone had their video on... which was funny because angles are important people... very important.
    The hospital has partnered with “Ompractice” to give us free virtual yoga for 2 months. So I am going to try yoga maybe once a day- or maybe twice to get the most out of it.
    Lots of different places are also offering free virtual exercise and yoga classes, so if you are interested in these type of workouts I would definitely research with your job or I have even found some on
  • Dukare
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    @melichalupa I can only image how those videos looked 🤣 fantastic though! Glad you made it and hope you'll find one you really like n stick with it! Maybe do yoga class officially once a day, and just some nice stretches before bed. I wish I could get into yoga, it is so good for you! I'm more of a dancer/running (elliptical) kind of person for workouts....

    YouTube has a lot of Zumba, dance routine and Yoga workouts! Great place if on a budget.

    @ClearNotCloudyMind . Hurray!! It is so exhilarating finishing a long, drudgery of an assignment (even if only 99%). Hope you fully enjoy the holidays- and your goals!

    I'm up and feeling good! Helps that the baby has slept a solid 6 hr s for me twice now! *tear, is so nice to have sleep again haha.

    My goal today is get that shower in and get a workout in. I'm thinking Jazzercise. My mom has a tape from the 80s. Sometimes, the classic is the best hah.

    C'mon guyzz, let's rock this day/night!!

    Also: totally vote freezing portions of meals for later, especially soups, because you get so easily sick of them and it is hard to make small portions. I freeze in single or double servings though, because then you just want one or two nights later (vs half of made). Double ziploc or plastic wrap then aluminium wrapp works well.

    Spicy cabbage and onion/veg soup with chicken is yummy, also Garden Chili can be great too! And that is coming from someone who doesn't like beans, or soup very much...haha
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    Hi all! I had a good day yesterday - I did a little under 2 miles on the treadmill (ended up with about 11k steps) and I ate pretty light due to the day prior. MFP didn't like my calorie intake, but I figured for one day given the circumstances, it was fine. The scale was down this morning losing all of yesterday's gain plus some.

    I placed a grocery order yesterday for Saturday pickup - lots of veggies, healthy protein, some frozen fruits for smoothies (I add protein powder), and some healthy snack foods like yogurt and cottage cheese. I just got an order of chickpea-based pasta the other day that is much higher in protein and fiber than normal pasta. Once I pick this up on Saturday I should be set for the next 2 weeks! I also ordered some new produce keeper Tupperware that are supposed to keep fruits & veggies good longer. With my holiday gift shopping I'd earned enough points on my credit card to pay for them, so I thought it was a worthwhile investment.

    I'll come back a little later and catch up on everyone else's posts!
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    Hmmm, much pizza eaten and some of my husband’s work xmas cocktails tasted, I’m over my calories today. Still under for the week though though frankly, who knows how many calories were in that pizza.

    A good day, if not the most abstemious. Fish Friday tomorrow, which is never a difficult day to keep healthy!
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    @HealthyTrent way to go! Did you know, wrap lettuce in aluminum foil and it should stay better? That's what they say at least. My mom also puts carrots n celery in water. I can't wait to hear how those keepers do. Always a trial keeping fresh produce fresh... best of luck! Great job on that walking! So many steps🥳💃

    My shopping is either today or Wednesday morning. Covid and Christmas shopping.... yeck. But we gotta get stuff!

    @ClearNotCloudyMind glad you enjoyed! I have lost when I did a lot of working out and managing my calories, but I always had a high caloric day, usually Friday. It actually worked really well for me! My body just needed a little extra sometimes... and my soul 😆😁👍. You can enjoy and kick butt! I have faith in you!

    Can you guys tell I'm getting sleep? I'm actually on her more lol. She's slept 6 hrs through the last 3 nights, and I'm getting my green tea in (Ito En. It's amazing guys). Might not have done much yesterday between a hectic work day and feeding her but I got my shower in, dressed and attended my hubby's work party (virtual), and made dinner! I'm proud Haha.

    Here's good luck for going into the weekend and the holiday week! Stay strong my fellow mfp friends!
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    Something I’m finding sad this year is how reluctant I am to do the Xmas baking. It’s (reasonably) easy to say no to shop bought stuff, but I now have the time and energy to be making some really yummy stuff which I would then want to eat. I mean I found a recipe for pannetone for goodness sake!!!

    So far I’ve only done an Xmas cake with plans for gingerbread houses and mince pies, but it feels like I should be up to my elbows in flour and sugar and butter at this time of year.

    It’s just sad...