:) As the world continues to provide challenges to all of us, we need to redouble our efforts to maintain our good habits and behaviours. It has helped me to make those efforts in the company of others. That's what this thread is about.

:) The title is Women Ages 50+, but all women are welcome. We encourage and support each other along the road to better health and fitness.

:) Be sure to bookmark this thread so you can find it again.

:) Most of us sign our posts with a name or nickname and a location to make it more personal and friendly.

:) I like to read this thread daily and comment on topics that interest me. I hope you will do the same.

<3 Barbie from NW WA


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    Thanks Barbie!

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    BARBIE thanks for new link
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    Michele - I would love to see your house decorations. Could you be on the Great Christmas Light fight?
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    Tracey, hugs and prayers. I cannot imagine the feelings you are experiencing. I am so sad for you.

    Machka, the graduation dress is absolutely perfect.
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    Happy December!!! Thank you for the new thread, Barbie. It is an excellent gift to us all. :heart:

    (((Tracey in Edmonton))): I am sorry for the losses at your workplace. I suspect it is very difficult for you and other staff members to lose people you have taken care of for all this time. On a cheerier note, your poinsettia is beautiful. :star:

    Michele: Good luck to your daughter and son in law. I hope they have a successful, safe and happy adventure. :smiley:

    Katla in Beautiful NW Oregon

    My December resolutions are below. They are very familiar. I use them repeatedly because they help me stay as healthy as I can.

    December 2020 Resolutions

    1. Log every bite and swallow.
    2. Cardio exercise at least 3 days a week. Work on strength and stamina.
    3. Have fun every day.
    4. Drink at least 3 glasses of water a day.
    5. Monitor sleep. Average 7 or more hours nightly.
    6. Abstain from alcohol.

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    Tracey - <3<3<3 You are doing such valuable work.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxxx
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    barbiecat wrote: »
    :) As the world continues to provide challenges to all of us, we need to redouble our efforts to maintain our good habits and behaviours. It has helped me to make those efforts in the company of others. That's what this thread is about.

    :) The title is Women Ages 50+, but all women are welcome. We encourage and support each other along the road to better health and fitness.

    :) Be sure to bookmark this thread so you can find it again.

    :) Most of us sign our posts with a name or nickname and a location to make it more personal and friendly.

    :) I like to read this thread daily and comment on topics that interest me. I hope you will do the same.

    <3 Barbie from NW WA

    Thanks Barbie!


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    "Get to do"s and "chose well"s
    Chose well: take BP
    Bonus: wrapped up return, one load laundry, changed linens, vacuumed 30 mins, emailed line dance step sheets, de-greased two burners
    Get to do: take BP, dogs to powerline, email info to grantwriter, watch STAS Day 18 (go sniff), submit grant pics and receipts, test Bluetooth speaker so can do BB&B or T’ai Chi from voice recordings, make experimental almond paste, declutter sideboard, practice new dances (I ain’t never gonna love nobody but Cornell Crawford (Alley cat), A Little Less Broken, One margarita, I’m so used to being broke, All Night, Nothing but You, Blame it on my beating heart, Homesick); finish mulching flowerbed; broadcast cover crop seed in veg garden areas, invest another 10 minutes in prepping living trust, Freddie’s for complete series TDAP <$48, get Shingrix vaccine, find and configure a screen time popup, figure out where to plant naked lady bulbs, and soon as it warms up above 50 and dries out below 60% humidity I’ll tape and spray paint those rusted areas of Aunt Elsie’s stove. Tuesday: pick out glasses, update Joe’s rx list and re-choose his Part D.
    Reward: inventory seeds, plan next year’s garden, wishlist replenishments
    New Ways November
    30: Look for reasons to be hopeful, even in difficult times: talk less, listen more, words of hope come from the most unexpected mouths!

    Barbie, thanks so much for starting us off fresh as always

    Thanks all for the positive energy. Good news, pressure down to 16 in left eye, 20 in right. Dr. got the right down to 16 by pressing below eye “real hard.” Joe had stopped doing that because it hurt, but now he’ll go back to it. New rx. Next followup in two months. Slow progress but progress. Joe has not been completely “released” from his surgeon, so I won’t rush back to inside gatherings. Since Medford is in an extreme risk range I will continue for another two weeks to limit inside exposure to grocery shopping. After that, if our county is still in the “moderate risk” range, might try church on the 13th.

    Julie “…I asked that the criticiser see the difference between criticising actions and approaches and criticising people in over-arching terms.” Good for you. This is an important boundary to set and maintain, even though it means constant reinforcing. Brava. And I agree about those who lie about the little things… faithful in small… That was sure a scary communication “bug”, relieved Dr. said “no cancer.”
    Fae :laugh: nope won’t be telling “the spin these ladies are putting on it…” ;)
    Tina “…for the guys to take on their boats after their dives” sounds intriguing. What are they diving for?
    Rebecca I can just see you sitting on the lunch counter belting out the Don Ho song. What a delightful image, you made me smile!
    Tracey ((hugs)) Are your daughters likely to check your work’s FB page? If so, I’d call and tell them myself, and ask them to let me cry on their shoulders. If not, then I’d just cry on my DH or the pup. Some people will believe it’s a hoax until someone they love gets sick and dies. I can’t imagine anything you could say or do that would change their minds. ((hugs))
    Michele welcome home!

    Stopped at Freddie’s on the way home from line dancing at the port Sunday. It was light when I went in, dark when I came out. To my surprise and joy there were holiday light displays all along the highway in front of most stores. These are the displays that normally make up “Nature’s Coastal Holiday” event that C-19 cancelled. https://naturescoastalholiday.com/ Lifted my spirits so much I called a friend to let her know. We’ll make a date to drive around and look. Not many in my neighborhood, only 5 houses on our 3 mile long dirt lane and so far see no lights. Won’t be walking in the dark. ;)

    November Summary and December Plan
    Dogs, CICO, AF, vits, outside, up hill all need improvement. Sitting with Joe and average steps YAY!

    Dec 1: ???? vs Nov 1:143.3 will update tomorrow morning
    daily: sit with Joe: 87% steps= 63%/61%, vits= 97%/100% log=100%/100% CI<CO= 87%/97% CI<250<CO= 53%71% Tumble&Shadow 5/10= 97%/113% mfp=100%/100% AF= 63%/65% outside= 83%/97%, up hill=80%/94% cleaning 274%/100%
    wkly: BBBorTC x3= 0%/0%, dance x2=33%/11% walk with Tracie and the dogs instead of pack walk x2=25%/25%, rx=100%/100% review progress on 20 for 20: bupkes/. monthly: board mtg=100%/100% grant= 11
    December resolve-maintain November’s most important (Joe) improve dogs, CICO
    Daily: sit next to Joe for at least a little while, weigh, more steps than Nov average, vits, log, CI<CO, CI <250 CO, 5 mins training or grooming Tumble or Shadow, check in mfp, get outside, walk up hill.
    Weekly cleaning 2x half hour, TC or BB&B x 3, dance x 2, Rx and review 20 for 20.
    Monthly: board and council meetings, grant progress.
    Bonus: AF: , play: , sew something: .

    Lighter, lovelies!
    f8qt1s098sxm.gifBarbara, the Southern Oregon Coastie AHMOD
    December: better than November.
    daily: sit with Joe: 26, weigh: 30, steps>5505=7022 vits=28 log=30 CI<CO=26 CI<250<CO=15 Tumble & Shadow 5=29 mfp=30 outside=25 up hill=24
    wkly: T’ai Chi or BB&B x3 =0 rx=4 dance=3 clean 30 mins=23.33
    mnthly: board mtg=1 grant=1 20for20=0
    bonus: AF=18 play=0 sew=0
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    Thank you, Barbie, for ushering us into December once more as a group!

    My goals for November were:
    • Be healthier
    • Be lighter

    While I did find out I had a-fib in November, it made sense of a number of issues I'd been having, and I'm now on what appears to be the right dosage, so I'm counting that as a win. I'm also three pounds lighter than I was going in, and 33 pounds lighter since March (209 down to 186). That's a bit over four pounds per month lost, on average. Pleased with the numbers, even through a tough year with a lot of upheaval.

    So... my goals for December are the same:
    • Be healthy
    • Be lighter

    Plan to start on the elliptical this morning again, just ten minutes or so, and start working my way up again.

    Love y'all,
    Lisa in AR
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    Kate UK ❤️
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    edited December 2020
    Hope all is going well, and that you're out of the ICU. I think of you every day.

    My heart goes out to you and everyone there at the nursing home. I'm so sorry. The poinsettia is absolutely lovely.

    Barbara AHMOD:
    I'm so pleased the news was good for Joe's eye exam, and hope it continues that way!

    Loved the kitty pic!

    So pleased the testing continues negative for y'all.

    Glad there was no cancer in the bone marrow test - hope the overall news is good. Hate it when they make you wait!

    This week/month, I also want to get back into a routine, finally. Feel as if my life has just been in an uproar since mid-summer, and so ready for things to settle down. I need some structure, and haven't been able to impose any with all the health stuff going on. It's time to try to establish some routines for my days without driving myself crazy. I know it's the holidays, but we have zero plans for all that, so it should be about the right time.

    Since it's December, and the slightly annoying song keeps running through my head, thought I'd start a list of my favorite things.

    These are (or were) a few of my favorite things:
    • A fire in the fireplace on a lazy weekend day, when it's too cold to go outside.
    • The scent of Meyer lemon and basil wax melts from Better Homes and Gardens.
    • From my childhood, the Sears Wishbook.

    What are some of your favorite things about the holiday season?

    Later, y'all,
    Lisa in AR
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    Morning ladies. DH has gone to se his dentist. He lost a filling about a month ago and it’s taken this long to get an appointment.

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas...
    😍all the lights.

    Tracey: we have several Christmas movie channels at the moment. I often watch them.
    Barbie: Thanks for the link.
    :) We have made our decisions based on what the health care professionals and scientists are recommending even if there is no law or government directive. We are unable to control the actions of others but we can make good decisions for our own safety.
    Our sentiments exactly!
    Flea: Christmas lights are also beginning to go up here. It’s very cheery to see them. We are planning our outside display this week.
    [Barbara: positive thoughts for a good outcome for Jake.

    ☘️ Terri
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    Hello everyone.

    Barbie – Thank you so much for starting us off to a new month. I look forward to your monthly motivational/welcome posts.

    Bananas – Sorry you’re having a rough time of it. I understand the female versus male thing. One would think during this time we would still have such big differences in treatment is frustrating. I will be remote for over a year. It appears full return to the office will not occur until the vaccine is readily available which is projected for next summer. Unless the numbers go down which is not happening in the US. Sending positive thoughts your longer test comes out OK. Sorry about the stressful experience.

    Barbara – Positive thoughts and prayers for a positive follow up for Joe. Just read the December post – wonderful news. I am glad Joe is going back to the doctor’s recommended treatment even if it hurts.

    Tina – Sometimes a new doctor is better because they have different experiences. I lean towards seeing the midwifes/nurse practitioners because they seem to take more time and are more thorough in my examinations. Congratulations on the new Ioniq! What color? I would have gone that route if I had a garage or a parking spot outside of my unit. I am really happy with the mileage I am getting in the Venue – it’s double of what I was getting with Betsy the Beast.

    Tracey – Congratulations on the retro-active raise!! My employer used covid as an excuse not to give anyone raises or promotions. It is very interesting the corporate office has hired almost 10 VPs. Some of the titles I had to look up because I never heard of them before. It seems they are making things up to hire friends and family. I am so sorry about the losses. Big hug to you.

    Michele – I am surprised NC is just starting those mandates. Since the stores opened back up here at the end of March there is a person wiping down carts at the front of every store. The stores have loosened up with the in one door out the other, but we had that in place for five months with arrows in the lanes.

    Beth – So happy the second test was negative.

    Lisa – I miss the Sears catalog. It was such a big deal when we received it in the mail. Everyone in the household looked at it.

    Work Update – When I logged in yesterday morning over 600 emails welcomed me back. I know it sounds crazy, but the day was not too bad. I was able to catch up and move forward by the end of the day. It will be a busy week since we will be closing out November. I am praying we continue to make our numbers. We are not protected in Florida since it is a right to work State. I would hate to see anyone lose their job over numbers. Corporate can hire VPs but at the rate they are going the VPs will have no employees reporting to them. My division is very conservative when it comes to hiring (they will not hire someone until it is “broke”). My team continues to earn its keep – we pull in enough to pay our salaries and then some, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. I cannot worry over things I have no control over, so I have to let all of those thoughts go. My motto is, hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

    My December goal is to get back on track. Over the past four months I have gained eight pounds and I am not happy with myself. It is back to logging all BLTs and getting back into a routine.

    Hugs to all and prayers for those in need.
    SuziQ – SFL
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    Review ... (Distances include cycling + walking + a bit of rowing)
    Mar-15 … 489.8 km (304.3 miles) = 38 hours 4 min
    Apr-15 … 491.94 km (305.6 miles) = 43 hours 6 min
    May-15 … 361.81 km (224.8 miles) = 35 hours 50 min
    Jun-15 … 569.53 km (353.9 miles) = 41 hours 53 min
    Jul-15 … 230.7 km (143.35 miles) = 32 hours 45 min
    Aug-15 … 211.3 km (131.3 miles) = 28 hours 8 min
    Sep-15 … 306.7 km (190.6 miles) = 35 hour 2 min
    Oct-15 … 441.82 km (274.5 miles) = 47 hours 43 min
    Nov-15 … 660.21 km (410.23 miles) = 60 hours 41 min
    Dec-15 … 499.91 km (282.8 miles) = 54 hours 56 min
    Jan-16 … 864.79 km (537.35 miles) = 65 hours 36 min
    Feb-16 … 470.53 km (292.4 miles) = 40 hours 39 min
    Mar-16 … 917.73 km (570.2 miles) = 66 hours 13 min
    Apr-16 … 417.83 km (259.6 miles) = 40 hours 23 min
    May-16 … 267.09 km (165.9 miles) = 36 hours 10 min
    Jun-16 … 552.1 km (343 miles) = 54 hours 48 min
    Jul-16 … 709 km (440.5 miles) = 60 hours 41 minutes
    Aug-16 … 775.9 km (482.1 miles) = 54 hours 52 minutes
    Sep-16 … 371.3 km (230.7 miles) = 32 hours 20 min
    Oct-16 … 649 km (403.3 miles) = 49 hours 46 min
    Nov-16 … 403 km (250.4 miles) = 52 hours 16 min
    Dec-16 … 511.05 km (317.55 miles) = 52 hours 2 min
    Jan-17 … 741.9 km (461.0 miles) = 70 hours 3 min
    Feb-17 … 600.5 km (373.1 miles) = 57 hours 30 min
    Mar-17 … 1113.2 km (691.7 miles) = 78 hours 25 min
    Apr-17 … 1181.9 km (734.4 miles) = 76 hours 45 min
    May-17 … 426.6 km (265.1 miles) = 39 hours 21 min
    Jun-17 … 575.7 km (357.7 miles) = 41 hours 53 min
    Jul-17 … 714 km (443.7 miles) = 52 hours 23 min
    Aug-17 … 475.8 km (295.6 miles) = 38 hours 41 min
    Sep-17 … 455.5 km (283 miles) = 41 hours 25 min
    Oct-17 … 647.1 km (402.1 miles) = 57 hours 19 min
    Nov-17 … 427.0 km (265.3 miles) = 50 hours 4 min
    Dec-17 … 553.5 km (343.9 miles) = 52 hours 12 min
    Jan-18 … 590.2 km (366.7 miles) = 57 hours 49 min
    Feb-18 … 826.9 km (513.8 miles) = 57 hours 35 min
    Mar-18 … 582.01 km (361.6 miles) = 50 hours 11 min
    Apr-18 … 176.23 km (109.5 miles) = 29 hours 47 min
    May -18 … 167.6 km (104.1 miles) = 29 hours 08 min
    June-18 … 349.9 km (217.4 miles) = 36 hours 58 minutes
    July-18 ... 324.2 km (201.5 miles) = 24 hours 26 minutes
    Aug-18 ... 210.1 km (130.6 miles) = 25 hours 59 minutes
    Sep-18 ... 261.7 km (162.6 miles) = 25 hours 11 minutes
    Oct-18 ... 230.8 km (143.4 miles) = 30 hours 15 minutes
    Nov-18 ... 216.8 km (134.7 miles) = 30 hours 3 minutes
    Dec-18 ... 285.2 km (177.2 miles) = 37 hours 49 minutes
    Jan-19 ... 241.6 km (150.1 miles) = 27 hours 2 minutes
    Feb-19 ... 175.5 km (109 miles) = 19 hours 8 minutes
    Mar-19 ... 170.3 km (105.8 miles) = 28 hours 21 minutes
    Apr-19 ... 160.3 km (99.6 miles) = 25 hours 4 minutes
    May-19 ... 164.0 km (101.9 miles) = 29 hours 10 minutes
    Jun-19 ... 246.2 km (153 miles) = 25 hours 40 minutes
    Jul-19 ... 217.3 km (135.0 miles) = 33 hours 45 minutes
    Aug-19 ... 162.5 km (100.9 miles) = 28 hours 4 minutes
    Sep-19 ... 136.0 km (84.5 miles) = 23 hours 10 minutes
    Oct-19 ... 196.5 km (122.1 miles) = 31 hours 27 minutes
    Nov-19 ... 155.5 km (96.6 miles) = 25 hours 01 minutes
    Dec-19 ... 203.7 km (126.6 miles) = 26 hours 54 minutes
    Jan-20 ... 304.4 km (189.2 miles) = 32 hours 49 minutes
    Feb-20 ... 248.6 km (154.5 miles) = 34 hours 50 minutes
    Mar-20 ... 148.3 km (92.2 miles) = 30 hours 12 minutes
    Apr-20 ... 171.9 km (106.8 miles) = 19 hours 28 minutes
    May-20 ... 183.7 km (114.1 miles) = 20 hours 49 minutes
    Jun-20 ... 130.9 km (81.3 miles) = 18 hours 50 minutes
    Jul-20 ... 41.8 km (26 miles) = 9 hours 8 minutes
    Aug-20 ...148.9 km (92.5 miles) = 21 hours 43 minutes
    Sep-20 ... 119.8 km (74.4 miles) = 23 hours 17 minutes
    Oct-20 ... 191.7 km (119.1 miles) = 23 hours 40 minutes
    Nov-20 ... 273.0 km (169.6 miles) = 29 hours 16 minutes

    Goal: More than ... Dec-19 ... 203.7 km (126.6 miles) = 26 hours 54 minutes

    Tuesday, 1 December 2020 … 1.8 km walking + 0.0 km cycling + 0.0 km rowing + 4 flights of stairs

    2020 Monthly December
    Walking Distance (km): 1.8
    Walking Time (min): 22.5
    Cycling Distance (km): 0.0
    Cycling Time (min): 0.0
    Flights Stairs Climbed Number: 4.0
    Flights Stairs Climbed Time (min): 3.2
    Rowing Distance (km): 0.0
    Rowing Time (min): 0.0
    Other Distance: 0.0
    Other Time: 0.0

    Total Distance (km): 1.8
    Total Distance (miles): 1.1
    Total Time (min): 25.7
    Total Time (hr): 0:25:42