What was your final push to get serious?



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    CeeGu wrote: »
    My sister died.
    She was only 45. She left behind a shattered husband and 3 preteen girls. This just happened in October.
    She was morbidly obese. Her BMI was over 50. She had been having heart problems for a year and was on a bunch of medications for it, plus meds for fibromyalgia, IBS, and depression.
    Her heart just stopped. The coroner's report said: sudden cardiac arrest due to heart disease caused by obesity.
    The thing is -- she was the most joyful, beautiful, funny, smart, and kind person I knew. She wasn't just a "fat person". She was overflowing with life! She loved movies, especially Disney and Pixar. She loved food. She loved to bake awesome cakes and desserts for her friends' birthdays. She loved to laugh. She was busy all the time, except when pain kept her inside, and even then she was on her phone chatting with her hundreds of friends. Over 2,000 people attended her virtual funeral.
    We all had told her she needed to lose weight, that she was getting "too heavy". My other sister and I have also struggled with obesity. We were raised to "clean our plates" and Dad always insisted there was dessert after dinner. Our rewards were always food-based -- cookies, candy, Dairy Queen, McDonald's.
    My sister wanted to lose weight but she was in so much pain, it was hard to start. It was a horrible cycle that ultimately led to her death.
    Please tell my sister's story to yourself or anyone who is overweight and struggling with staying on track. She was beautiful and loved so much. She was such a bright light and now she is gone. Please realize that NOW is the time to lose the weight, no matter what. Your children need you. Your spouse needs you. Your sister needs you. Please don't think you have more time because maybe you don't.

    @CeeGu I am sorry for your loss!
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    Two things:
    - my husband and I were/are heavy and uncomfortable
    - we are quite frugal otherwise, but realized we spent $600-700 a month on takeout and restaurants... and we flat out decided we wanted to use that money for other things

    We have a ban on fast food of any kind and have figured out healthy, simple meals to cook at home. We are deep into this habit now, and the weight is naturally coming off. We do eat relatively keto/low-carb as well, as we find that we feel best with this WOE.
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    Final push was in my late 30s...did not want to spend the rest of my days uncomfortable in my own skin and battling eating disorders...well, every day is still a challenge, but being healthy, fit and strong is such a blessing. I feel so alive this year, for the first time in many years...