Less Alcohol - JANUARY 2021 - One Day At A Time



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    @Amanda_Brit_Expat what an eye opening video! I, for one, never considered the possibility of liver disease for anyone who wasn’t a textbook alcoholic. Wow. Who knew it starts so early, and with such alarming test results, with “social” or “moderate” drinkers.

    @MissMay , any way to include the video along with the other resources at the top of the thread?

    Also stunned at how freaking cheap alcohol is in England!!! I’ve never see those prices here in the US, even at the discount liquor store.

    ABSOLUTELY @womona. I will include it starting with the February 2021 thread.
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    Ok peeps big day here for me.

    Celebrating my 1095th day (3 years) on the LESS ALCOHOL thread. Can I get some glitter or a woot woot for that?

    First time I ever posted on here was January 25, 2018
    One of the biggest most significant days of my life.

    So many wonderful people to thank over all those days, months and years. I also thank myself for taking the initiative to do what I needed to be happier.

    ✨🌟Nice Work🌟✨