Less Alcohol - JANUARY 2021 - One Day At A Time



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    Ended up having a bit less than usual last night even if less was maybe a tallboy less. Right now my stomach doesn't hurt, but I feel incredibly round and bloated. I'm surprised that as full as I feel, I could easily eat or drink though I'm not hungry.

    Every day starts out as a quitting day. Just two or three tallboys, enough to give you a mild buzz to guide you gracefully into the world of sobriety and boredom. And then that last tallboy starts to feel light in your hand and you think, "I'm not really buzzed at all." And then you think, "You could quit now. A six-pack of beer isn't going to mess up your day. You could even work out today, later on." And then you think, "Yeah, but I've already invested the money and calories into getting buzzed...why not get one or two more to finish the job?" And so I do.

    I love this time of the morning, when it's still dark out. One thing I realized about drinking I've learned to like is going to get it in the morning. There's a certain sneakiness to it, going out in the dark and then you're set up until the afternoon. I probably will go out.
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    @dawnbgethealthy yeouch!!!!! Girl, you need some Yak Traks or something! Be careful out there on those icy trails!

    @Lilylady3k sounds like the perfect evening! Congrats on catching all that fish!
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    Above, dawn asked "What would you like to hear or not hear?" and I responded. I wasn't targeting anyone's previous responses; I was saying that I don't like slogans nor unearned praise, so I'm not apologizing for anything.