Less Alcohol - JANUARY 2021 - One Day At A Time



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    I am Dawn, I live in SE BC

    I will post with my usual diary style to keep track of my AF days.
    Keeping to my usual goal of 16-20 AF days per month, which is manageable for me and doesn't put too much pressure on me.

    Wednesday Jan 20 - AF - Managed to get out for a little hike and a little skate after work today. After getting in from the out of doors I really really wanted a Peppermint Schnapps in Cocoa, but I had drinks only yesterday, so talked myself out of it. Hit my 16 today : - )
    Thursday Jan 21 - Drinks. Micro sips sort of. Had a fantastic hike, somewhere I hadn't been in years (can't go there spring, summer, or fall because there is a momma bear with cubs each year, and it is her home plus she might kill you). I had half ounces of a few mixtures including espresso baileys with other things mixed in. I measure always since joining this thread. I fell twice on the trail yesterday on ice, I'm okay, but pretty sore.
    Friday Jan 22 - AF - I didn't hike much today, pretty sore from the 3 falls that I have had since last Sunday. Epsom's bath with essential oil added, a glass of champagne would have been nice. Some other time for bubbly in the tub, not today.

    Rolling total 17AF days out of 22 days