Less Alcohol - JANUARY 2021 - One Day At A Time



  • HerNameIsMischief
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    I don't mean to dismiss your positive remark, but you do have to admit, "congratulations, you aren't drinking that fifth anymore", while understandable, really shows you how far gone you've become.

    I only drink to get drunk. Not crazy drunk, but a good strong buzz. Part of why I've gained weight is because I can drink so much now without feeling it that much. Being this big doesn't help.
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    @Lilylady3k 👍👍 on your NSV.
    Judging by how tight or loose your jeans are is also a good way to see victory. At times the bathroom scale confuses muscle mase with gaining pounds.
    In reality muscle is more dense and takes up less volume than the other F word. Lol

    Yay for you