Less Alcohol - JANUARY 2021 - One Day At A Time



  • Lilylady3k
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    I am so down some days, I hate the city I live in, I don't have a single friend here after 8 years :(
    Our house is nice, the area is good, but I have never felt at home in this city.
    We plan to sell the house move states eventually, but most likely it won't be until 2022 or '23 at the earliest.

    @Amanda_Brit_Expat - I'm in Houston TX and when I was younger in high school I told myself I will never ever live in Houston (Louisiana girl here). But jobs happened and then after moving to different states DH and I landed in Houston of all places (point here I guess is never say never). After raising 3 kids and 30 years later we are still here and still wondering where next to go. More family moved here following us. Home and area area nice but I want to live on the water, I want cooler weather, I want hills. It seems like there is always something pulling our strings to stay. But one day I hope to find my happy place too. Guessing I shouldn't wait too much longer ... life is short. In the mean time I'm getting my health back and my capabilities (movement & flexibility) to enjoy the outdoors!

    Good luck finding your HaPpY!

  • Womona
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    @Amanda_Brit_Expat I’ve been in your situation before and feel your pain. I truly empathize with you. Have you tried picking up a new activity or joining a club? That’s what worked for me during my last move (that I didn’t want to make and was terribly homesick for my life and friends in WA).