Less Alcohol - JANUARY 2021 - One Day At A Time



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    Good Sunday morning, Peeps,

    @MissMay Any chance the juice bar could be a front for drugs, or just really bad business people"? Sounds more like a bizarre bar. Maybe you could investigate--go in there and ask if they use "white powder"
    for their pineapple smoothie. Sorry about the disappointment.

    @dawnbgethealthy Beautiful photos! I was highly encouraged to use a hockey stick. I'm going to order one and some knee pads for my next skate!

    @Lilylady3k I'm very familiar with BB Homemade Vanilla. It was one of my "fat" foods as a kid. Rounded out the Cap'n Crunch and Mac & Cheese (and ME) nicely. Still my very favorite, even though I've switched primarily to plant-based milks.

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    lmlmrn wrote: »
    Hello all the lovely's here
    Did indulge last night both DH and I did. But we have made a pack and if we are to drink it is measured and no more than two nights out of 7. We met that quota last night so will be AF until at least next weekend if not beyond.
    @missmay I copied that wonderful quote from F Scott Fitzgerald and am going to print it and put it on my wall next to a picture I associate with 'change your path'. So again thank you
    @Trish1c my drinking started way before the pandemic and I have to say it did not increase with the forced stay at home. I have mostly always been an 'at home drinker' just because I am too scared to have a drink then drive home.
    @mainelylisa I too have blackouts, and even after only a few drinks there are nights I wonder when I went to bed. Or what did I watch on hulu...this is one of my main reasons to reign this in for me

    Lucky YOU to have someone in your home that will join you in your quest to drink less. YAY.
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    There needs to be an Irish version of this thread. Most of you only think that you are drinking lol

    I dont get this.
    Normally I can detect humor or a pun.
    Must be slipping
    (or sipping)
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    I did see the first page, very helpful.
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    *those*. Hate autocorrect!