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    @MissMay Your share on tolerance building and drink "unit" really hit home. It's like you read my very deep thoughts from about two months ago. I was actually afraid I would have reactions to going AF and am still shocked I have not. Also knowing that I have tendencies to hide that I am drinking when home and overpouring at that, I found it best to simply stop. (simply = not the best word choice). Now 30 days in, I am as @globalbiker said, "most importantly happier" on many levels--totally uprooting my prior justification that I could only be happier (and stress-free) if I could just have "a drink." ( "a" drink = unrealistic #). For now, I am finding happiness looking forward to sitting with my hubs each evening, reading a book, drinking herbal teas. Whenever the drink urge pops into my head, I think of the happiness I would miss if I cave. For now, that is enough for me. Thank you for the thoughts to ponder!
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    @Amanda_Brit_Expat and @Tesha231 you are welcome for the information. Seeing is believing.

    @Amanda_Brit_Expat I have witnessed for blown liver disease with my first husband(deceased because of it) You are correct, liver disease allows you to keep functioning supposedly normally until it is too late.
    He owed his own labor intense business. Worked extremely hard. Did not drink at work. His drinking hours were between 5:00- 9:00. He could drink heavily the night before and fully function the next day without fail.
    He had no idea he had cirrhosis of the liver when he first started noticing some odd health concerns. He had no drink limits. He would continue filling up his glass the second it was close to being empty.
    I wish I had known about this chart back then, it may, in some small way helped him.

    Yes women are supported to have lower drink limits both daily and weekly here in the United States. The UK has a different set of guide lines and limits(which I always thought weird).
    I use an app called Mydrinkaware. It is UK but I am in the USA.

    So happy you are both doing so well in drinking less.

    I am sorry to hear about your husband, that is very sad and must have been a difficult time to get through :(

    I just saw that the guidelines in the UK have thrown out the gender difference in their guidelines, why is that? Now it just says 14 units per week for anyone, surely it is different depending on a multitude of factors that are different for women and men, and average size should play a part. Very confusing why they have just one number for everyone. My daughter is 5 foot and weighs 100 lbs, my husband is 6' 2" and weighs 210lbs, so going by UK standards they are both supposedly safe on the same amount - doesn't make sense, he is more than twice her size!
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    Welcome @WonderCort and @Gaertnerin plenty of room in here for new faces.

    I am in shock at the sizes of the beers they are pouring @Gaertnerin n Germany. Not only that, but what about the price? What if you don't want to pay for an entire pint or even half pint? And those beers I guess are very strong in comparison to our beers here in the U.S.

    Good to see you again @Sweet_Pandora not appearing drunk does not mean one has not had to much. ( hope you are doing better todsy)
    As @Amanda_Brit_Expat stated each person has their own body mass and 1 or 2 drinks for one body may be more than that person can handle.

    It is all very individual and sad but true I think we all have to be our own test judges as to what is enough for each of us. Just as calorie intake based on height, age, activity level. So should drink allowances be a beginning guide with the same questions in place. Oh and not to mention if you are taking some sort of medication for health reasons.
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    Unexpected dinner out Brandini’s lettuce wrap burger, no fries & Paco y Lola Albarino (1 glass of dry white wine).

    A lettuce wrap sounds refreshing. What all is in it?