Less Alcohol - JANUARY 2021 - One Day At A Time



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    Another AF evening!!! B)

    18 AF / 28 days

    Goal- 20 AF/31 days.

    You are totally going to make your goal. Good job!
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    Trish1c wrote: »
    At 6'3 you are always going to be taller than most of us. Try to be happy of your height. I'm envious.

    Loosing 100 pounds is a wonderful attainable goal but maybe not by July. If you have 22 weeks to go & you manage 1.5 - 2 pounds per week & drop 30 - 35 pounds by July that will be huge! Loosing too fast on some crash diet or pretending you are on the TV show & have nothing else to do all day except exercise is not realistic.

    IMO switching to light beer is an OK step. It reduced the calories. Do try to drink more water. If you can do beer water, beer, water or even 2 beers then a water you will ingest fewer calories.

    did you do the MFP thing where it tells you about your calories? Are you logging your food? I was shocked when I learned about portion control & just how small a portion of something is. Did you know those stupid bricks of Raman noodles are supposed to be 2 servings? Like really? I was OMG. Nobody shares that with two people. One brick, 1 meal but that's not true.

    Try taking a walk every day. Work up to some other exercise routine if you can find one that works for you.

    Remember baby steps. You can do this @HerNameIsMischief

    I hate my height; I hate it even more when people point it out. I wish they'd just ignore it. At one point, I even considered listing my height as six feet even on dating profiles because it's a turnoff if women comment on my height or size. It's even worse when they're tall/big themselves and are grateful they found someone they look better by in comparison. Hearing "I love how small I feel next to you" is practically a dealbreaker for me.

    100 lbs ain't gonna happen by July (btw, it's now 85 lbs...just weighed in at 270). If I lose only 30 lbs by the summer, I am going to be very disappointed in myself. I know I need a plan I can use everyday, not some psycho crash diet. There was an interesting article in the NY Times about how all those Biggest Losers messed up their metabolisms permanently.

    I've logged my food on and off but will get better when I get back home Sunday. For right now, I'm trying to avoid eating except when truly hungry. It's surprising how many stuff I take a few bites out of and then force myself to throw out or put back in the fridge.

    I wasn't switching to light beer....that was what was there. I'd never drink light beer. I drink to get buzzed or drunk. And I know I have to quit booze if I expect to where I want (well, I'll never get there, but to the best I can).
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    Wooooo hooo on the weight loss to date! Good for you.

    Try sticking with the light beer. Find one you like or switch to something like the hard seltzers. Last time I was trying to lose weight I gave up my wine in favor of vodka & seltzer. I experimented with flavors until I could find one I could choke down. I don't like seltzer. That gave me a bit of a scare that I was willing to do that just to have a drink. But it was less calories then my wine.

    I will refrain from mentioning your height going forward but will share my cousin's story with you. He is 6'4" He always hated when people asked him if he played basketball. Growing up he was the tallest person we all knew. Recently he told me in the last 10-15 years he has found lots more people his size which made him feel less like a "giant freak" (his words not mine). Maybe if you expand your friend circle you too will meet people who are more on your level & you won't feel as bad about your size. Just a suggestion. I will shut up now.

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    I found out in November that my liver enzymes were high among some other things. Husband and I are TTC and putting it on hold until I can get some things under control. It looks like I may have NAFL, but with a family history of alcoholism and a reliance in 2020 on a drink or 3 to unwind 2-3x a week, I realized I needed to re-evaluate regardless of whether my issues were alcohol relatedor not. I've been AF for 2 weeks as of today and plan to keep going until I have healthy numbers coming back. I don't plan to stay 'dry' forever, but I do plan to change the way I look at alcohol. It will be a fun accessory for a karaoke night or bonfire with friend, in the future without a pandemic, and nothing more.

    My Grandaddy and my Daddy were both incredible men but they had their vices. It's as simple as me not wanting my kids to ever say that about me. Know better, do better. All that.

    Could you spell out TTC and NAFL? Guessing they aren't good.
    Love your last sentence. Indeed. My kids are adults, so they've seen the good, bad, and ugly, but my grandbabies haven't (cuz they're not conceived yet)--but I'm looking forward to them knowing me as Crazy Fun Gigi, not Crazy Lush Gigi.
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    Nah, it'll have to be no beer. It takes me at least 12 beers to feel a buzz, so with light beer I might as well stop wearing pants, I'd be whizzing so much. While I can drink socially, it's rare that I have a beer with someone (and now even rarer to go to the bar), so there's no point in me drinking unless I plan on getting ripped.

    I didn't mean you when I said I hate people mentioning my height. It was appropriate considering your remark. I just wish people in public (and any potential date) wouldn't notice my height and size. If someone mentions it, I immediately feel gross and unattractive. If they mean it in a positive way, it's maybe even worse. And it drives me up the wall that other people have a chance to lose weight and look good and get smaller whereas I'm supposed to be satisfied with being "less big".
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    TTC is trying to conceive
    And I think NAFL is non-alcohol fatty liver.
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    Getting on the wagon for ttc too, and too many other reasons to mention. Good luck getting healthy. I want to lose 25ish pounds by June and start ttc then.
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    lmlmrn wrote: »
    Your height will be something you have to come to terms with.

    I just replaced a bulb in a ceiling light fixture at my mom's. She said, "Oh, isn't it so nice you're so tall so you can do those things without even using a ladder?"