JUST FOR TODAY -- Daily Commitment Thread for 2021



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    @pridesabtch and @cschmitz110515 Happy birthday! Wishing both of you a wonderful year!
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    @pridesabtch and @cschmitz110515 happy birthday to you both.

    I am in the middle of you. I am 53. Today is my best friends birthday too.

    @beachwalker99 - I was never one to over schedule myself. My husband is a homebody and it wore off on me over the years.

    Today our youngest daughter is coming to craft with me. I have a lot of wood slices ready to do something with.

    I tried this last night and like how it turned out.

    It is Sunday again and I feel I failed all week last week.
    JFT - Sunday Oct 10
    Get on JFT
    1.5L of water
    Log all food
    Walk 15 minutes
    Arm something

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    JFT for 10/10 (tomorrow): ✔️
    1) No dessert, unless I want sugar free or no sugar added (last 10/8)
    2) No peanut butter today (last 10/8)
    3) Don't weigh again until Monday 10/11
    4) Up to 1.5 oz cheese today (trying not to have cheese everyday)
    6) No more of the tasty fruit leather we bought. Leave the rest for DH. (removed since DH finished this)
    7) No more tootsie pops (bad for my teeth)
    8) Lunch <= 600 calories
    Hour commitment - After my metamusal, I won't eat again until dinner with DH and FIL.
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    🎃🎃🎃 OCTOBER 🎃🎃🎃

    Just keeping on keeping on. 😂

    🔹Word - Balance
    🔹I am in tune with my dreams
    🔹I know what is right for me
    🔹I will pursue my dreams and greatest passion
    Life Affirmations

    🔹I live in congruence with my authentic self
    🔹I am mindful
    🔹I am creative every day
    🔹I foster positivity
    🔹I am compassionate
    Turning up is the ultimate success!
    • Name: Terri
    • Age: 75🔹 Height: 5'2"
    • SW: 227 (Mar 2014)
    • Joined MFP: Jan 2015
    • 1st Goal: 190 (✔️Sept 2015)
    • 01 Aug 2019: 170.1
    • 31 Dec 2020: 145.6
    • 1 Jan 2021: 147.2
    • 8 Jan: 144.2 (lowest in many years)
    • 15 Jan: 145.2
    • 22 Jan: 144.9
    • 14 Feb: 144.0
    • 11 Apr: 142.2
    • 1 May: 142.6
    • 3 June: 144.4 (thanks to Bank holiday 4 day weekend indulgences)
    [*] 1 July: 144.4 (holding steady)
    [*] 1 Aug: 143.2
    [*] 1 Sept: 142.9
    [*] 24 Sept: 142.1
    [*] Oct 6: 141.6
    [*] Total Weight Loss: 85.4 (SmartScale app)

    UGW: 142 < x > 148
    October goal: maintenance

    Daily Habits: Week 2
    Fri: 🎃 Sat: 🎃 Sun: 🎃 Mon:
    Tue: Wed: Thu:
    1. Weight 142 < x > 148: ✅ 3/7
    2. Reduce Fat%: ✅ 28.3; 27.1; 25.1; 24.5; 24.2 23.4 23.1 —>22.6
    3. Increase Muscle%: ✅ 28.7->30.1; 30.6; 30.7: 30.9: 31.6 ⏫
    4. Log CI<CO/Calories in the green ✅ 3/7
    5. Steps > 7500 ✅ 3/7
    6. Intentional exercise > 50 mins daily✅ 3/7
    7. Active hours > 6 daily ✅ 3/7

    🐝Positive Intentions for Wed 4 Oct:
    [*] Meditation 🐝
    [*] Weigh/record weight 🐝
    [*] Journal - (Oct Tiny Habit) 🐝
    [*] Family Skype 🐝
    [*] Meet up with friends for coffee 🐝
    [*] Daily Chores/laundry 🐝
    [*] Watch TV 🐝
    [*] Keep up to date with email 🐝
    [*] Daily goals update 🐝

    📓 Tiny Habit for October: (3 Oct)
    For the next 10 days I will Switch off devices at 11pm and go to bed.

    THERE ARE NO QUICK FIXES OR SHORTCUTS to achieving permanent change.
    REMINDERS: One or two thoughts to remember.
    • Daily weight fluctuations are normal, and can be as much as 2 lbs a day for no apparent reason.
    • A general downward trend is what we are looking for.
    • The scale is only one gauge of progress. Others include Measurements, clothes fit, improvement in general well-being/fitness.
    • Eating out can cause apparent weight gain because of high sodium levels, but usually goes quickly. Drinking extra water helps with this.
    • The human body does not react instantly to what we do to it. Sometimes it can take several days to see results.
    • Plateaus are a normal part of the process. The body is consolidating and adapting to your new way of eating/exercising.
    • The closer you get to your goal weight, the more difficult it becomes to lose weight, as your body becomes more efficient at using what you feed it.
    • When you exercise you build muscle, which takes up less space than fat, so use measurements as well as weight to assess your progress.
    • Getting/Staying fit and healthy requires a lifestyle change for most people.
    Stick with the process. It DOES work! But it does take time, effort, and most of all, patience!

    @pridesabtch <> I find the same thing these days. If I eat things that are too fat or something invariably my stomach complains. Happy Bithday 🎉 I love the scavenger hunt as a birthday present. Very inventive.
    @Snowflake1968 <> @cschmitz110515 <> 🎉 Birthday greetings to you both as well. 😂
    Tracey: 😍 the Christmas wood slice

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    Hi !
    I'm 66 yo
    I'm 5' 1'' ( lost 1'' from old age👵🏽 )
    SW 119 + 20 ( added on in 2020) .
    At the end of 2021, I want to lose 6 lbs.
    Yesterday, I didn't snack on nuts✅ 🤗but I snacked on a low carb & protein bar. ❌😬
    Today JFT ! I won't snack on nuts or protein bar. 🤜🏽🥜🍫
    Today is my 39th wedding anniversary🥳 so I won't be strict with my calories but I will be eating low carb as usual.
    This morning, I will have a hair cut.
    Today, We will have a special meal , I might have an alcohol drink or 2. 🍸
    Have a good day everyone !
    '' Always look on the bright side of life !'' 😍
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    JFT Saturday
    - sleep in😀
    - Scavenger hunt 😀
    - Breakfast - light eggs & bacon😀
    - Football😀
    - Get dressed up😀
    - Wedding😀
    - Log food😀
    - Stay under 1600😀
    - Bed by 11:30😀

    Have a happy day y’all!

    Yesterday was a good day and thanks everyone for the birthday wishes.

    Weighed this morning and was up a pound, but likely from the higher calorie dinner and cake. Hopefully it goes away soon.

    Late in the day for check in, but mentally I checked off my list.

    JFT Sunday
    - Weigh😀
    - Church😀
    - Lunch Out with hubby😀
    - Bike ride😀
    - Nap😀
    - Leftovers for dinner
    - Log food
    - Stay green
    - Bed by 11:30

    Hope y’all had a blessed day!

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    @Malimalai Have a great day! Happy anniversary!

    Hour commitment - early dinner with FIL. Got full fast. No desserts, but my plate came with a very small sweet-ish corn cake. I did have that. Now I won’t eat again until tomorrow.
  • more_freggies76
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    JFT for 10/10 (tomorrow): ✔️
    1) No dessert, unless I want sugar free or no sugar added (last 10/8) ✔️ (not counting tiny sweet corn thing that came with my meal)
    2) No peanut butter today (last 10/8) ✔️
    3) Don't weigh again until Monday 10/11✔️
    4) Up to 1.5 oz cheese today (trying not to have cheese everyday) ✔️
    6) No more of the tasty fruit leather we bought. Leave the rest for DH. (removed since DH finished this)
    7) No more tootsie pops (bad for my teeth)✔️
    8) Lunch <= 600 calories✔️
    JFT for 10/10 (tomorrow): ✔️
    1) No dessert, unless I want sugar free or no sugar added (last 10/8)
    2) No peanut butter today (last 10/8)
    3) Don't weigh again until Monday 10/11
    4) No hard cheese today (trying not to have cheese everyday)
    5) No more tootsie pops (bad for my teeth)
    6) Lunch <= 600 calories
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    Hi everyone, long time no see!

    The last couple of months have been pretty busy. We managed to get away on holiday twice - first to France to stay with the boyfriend's family, then to Greece for a couple of weeks. Time at home has also been pretty hectic as we've both had birthday celebrations and with being away such a lot all the regular stuff that needs doing (like laundry!!) needs to be packed into a short space of time. So I've been a bit too busy...

    Had a lovely time on all these holidays. It was so lovely after 18 months of not really going anywhere. Had an awesome time in Greece hopping between different islands, seeing the Acropolis etc. And the boyfriend was so happy to see his family after barely seeing them since covid-19.

    Weight is, perhaps unsurprisingly, up rather a lot after all that holidaying and birthday celebrating. I'm heavier at the moment than I have been for some time. Hopefully some of this will drop off naturally through going back to a more normal routine. But I definitely need to make some more effort.

    So for the month of October (at least), I'm imposing a new rule on myself which is no alcohol at home on weeknights. I've been drinking too much throughout the pandemic as it's just to easy to do as a way to switch off and wind down from the workday. But my overall consumption is too high and I just need to find better, healthier ways of winding down. I feel like having this rule in place will force me to find alternative coping mechanisms rather than reaching for the easy option. Note the 'at home' caveat within the rule. It's ok if I have actively made the effort to go out - for example, this Thursday I have drinks planned with my colleagues - but for now, no just reaching for it just because it's there. I plan to do this for at least October and will review at the end of October whether I want to continue.

    I think this will really help with weight loss as for a start alcohol itself has lots of (empty) calories, but also I'm more prone to snacking when I've had a bit to drink, so hopefully it will be a double win.

    I can see that a few of you asked how I was doing while I was away which is lovely (thanks!). Generally I'm pretty good, not least because of the time away which has been really good for the soul. Today I am also starting a new secondment. I'm going down to part-time on my existing job and will be doing 50:50 between two jobs, for the next six months (with the provision to extend). The secondment is to work in Government on an exciting new policy, which is going to be super interesting and great experience. It's going to be tough working two jobs - whilst in theory they are both 50% roles I imagine it will be challenging to keep them at 50%. I'm going to have to be ruthless at prioritising and setting boundaries...

    Our house buying situation is not going so well. As some of you know we placed an offer on a house at the start of June which was accepted. Well, that's as far as it's gone. The seller has still not found somewhere to move to herself so it's literally gone nowhere. Which is rather frustrating. It's a combination of the fact that she seems to have fairly specific requirements but also the market seems to have gone really really quiet since the end of the stamp duty holiday. There are basically very few homes on the market. So that means it's hard for her to find somewhere - but it also means there aren't many alternatives for us to switch to either. We've been patient throughout the summer because with being away so much we haven't really had the time to do much about it but now it's October we're keeping an active eye on the market again as we're starting to lose patience. But thus far, not much has come up that we fancy either. So for now it's a question of being patient. Thankfully, we have no deadline we need to move by. It's a pain continuing to rent, but we can do so. So I'm trying to be fairly accepting about the situation - it just is what it is really - and focus on what I can control.

    Life is in a bit of a transition phase at the moment. Things are kind of open now and I'm starting to ease back into going to work. I'll probably be going into the office two days per week before too long. This means my schedule is a bit unpredictable at the moment and I haven't really got into a new routine yet. That probably means I won't get into the pattern of posting regularly for a little while until things have stabilised into a 'new normal' routine. But I'll try to post as much as I can until then. I think though I will keep my posting simple with just a few key goals rather than everything that's on my list to make it a bit less of a time commitment - it will be easier to fit in that way.

    So on that note, here are a few goals for today:

    - Log everything I eat
    - Be in the green
    - Hit my step goal
    - No alcohol

    Love to all and speak soon x
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    Happy belated birthday for yesterday ! @pridesabtch 💐
    Thank you for your well wishing @more_freggies76 , I'm having a good day ! thanks !🧓🏽👨🏽‍🦳
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    Happy birthday @cschmitz110515 💐
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    JFT Sunday 10th October

    Stay under maintenance I think so
    Back exercises only a few
    Foot exercises yes
    No snacks one...
    No crisps plus 5 crisps...counted!
    Clean up kitchen yes
    Laundry yes

    I wasn't thinking about food much yesterday, but did have a snack which wasn't needed. I need to start logging again instead of roughly deciding I'm under maintenance. After doing so well in 2020, this year I've just lost and gained the same 3lbs over and over again. I know that losing 10lbs would mean I could wear all my smaller clothes again. I've never liked cooking, and right now I don't feel interested in what I'm eating. Breakfast and lunch is easy each day, but evening meal is harder. Will just have to make myself be interested!

    JFT Monday 11th October

    Log everything
    Stay in the green
    Back exercises
    Foot exercises
    No snacks
    Walk (this has fallen by the wayside a bit)
    Iron all that laundry
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    JFT Sunday
    - Weigh😀
    - Church😀
    - Lunch Out with hubby😀
    - Bike ride😀
    - Nap😀
    - Leftovers for dinner :smile:
    - Log food :smile:
    - Stay green :smile:
    - Bed by 11:30 :smile:

    Hope y’all had a blessed day!

    It's Monday... I forgot to do something last week at work, so I'm in early today to get it done before a 2:00pm meeting. Which means I came to work at 5:30am. To say my coworkers were surprised may be an understatement as I rarely make it by 8:00am.

    Weighed myself this morning and I'm up a little bit after my birthday/wedding weekend. It's really quite annoying as I stayed within my calories each day and even exercised yesterday, but I suppose it takes some time to process through the increased sodium from the weekend. Hopefully, it will resolve itself. I know I'm doing the right things, but I'm easily discouraged.

    Went for a bike ride yesterday, it was a beautiful day, but the path was rather slick with wet leaves. My bike is still in the car and since I came in early, I can leave early. Maybe I'll ride again today. Other than work and a possible ride my only other plans involve cleaning up around the house and getting ingredients to make brownies & pepperoni rolls (WV classic from the coal miners) for my daughter when she comes in Saturday to row. Can you tell I'm excited to see her again? I just wish she was staying, but she will ride back with the team Saturday afternoon.

    JFT Monday
    - Up early & weigh :smile:
    - Don't let little weight gain bring me down, just work harder...
    - Work by 5:30 :smile:
    - Get samples in the drying oven (2hr)
    - Run Moisture on dried samples
    - Test dried samples in 2 labs for comparison (blah, blah, blah - trouble shooting)
    - Check in with MFP
    - Log food
    - Shake for brunch
    - Stay green
    - Maybe go for a ride/or walk
    - Grocery store
    - Shower!!!
    - No Alcohol
    - Bed by 11:30

    Happy Birthday @Snowflake1968 & @cschmitz110515 (Don't remember if I wished you one already, but better 2 than none).

    Hope y'all have a positive and empowering Monday! Love ya!
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    JFT Monday
    1. Tea! Check in on MFP. Calisthenics. Shower.
    2. Morning: Check email. Send greetings. CALL DAD.
    3. AM Grading: Late work from Sept. 25 crunches, leg lifts, squats.
    4. Writing: Disney script. POST ABOUT INDIGENOUS POETS/WRITERS. 25 crunches, leg lifts, squats.
    5. Fold laundry. Sort recycling. Shoot script. 25 crunches, leg lifts, squats.
    6. Evening: Respond to Twitter & FB groups. Dinner: Soup. Drink more water. No, more. Keep the pitcher in the fridge full. You're not actually hungry. Make some tea. Drink more water! Chop celery. Update JFT. Coloring.
    7. Gratitude journal. Therapy exercises: crunches, push-ups, squats, ankle lifts, box jumps, plank. Meds. Floss, rinse, brush teeth. Set out journal. Read: 1 hr (5th Season) while playing sleepy music.
    8. Upcoming: Wed/Fri livestreams. MH Monday check-in; Tough Question Tuesday; Whatever Wednesday AMA; Thankful Thursday. Indochino suit fitting - Atlanta or Nashville? Donations to thrift store. S&F script work. Clois. Saturday volunteering at library NEXT WEEK. Prep for county council meeting about low income housing (Thursday). Tea lunch Thursday. Massage Tuesday. FINISH CLOIS THIS WEEK?

    Scale goals
    End of 2017: 174.6
    End of 2018: 189.2
    End of 2019: 196.4
    End of 2020: 187.4
    End of January: 189.8
    End of February: 190.0
    End of March: 190.4
    End of April: 188.7
    End of May: 191.2
    End of June: 191.4
    End of July: 190.2
    Today: 197.8

    Ongoing plans/ideas behind the cut
    1. Purchases: Look for an "ugly Christmas sweater" and a long-haired doll at thrift stores. Practice French braiding. Go to used bookstore and look for The Prince (tr. Tim Parks, Russell Price, or Robert Adams), The Secret Adversary (Christie), Hood Feminism (Mikki Kendall), Caste (Isabel Wilkerson).
    2. E2: What should the controlling ideas be in a study of world literature? Review world lit options. Create vocabulary lists for each unit that come from the texts used: Animal Farm, Julius Caesar, Wes Moore, I Am Malala. Find a way to incorporate changing words from one part of speech to another. Students need to know how to review multiple sources and synthesize information in order to draw a conclusion. Need practice with the difference between transitions and overlapping (at end of paragraph - "another issue is Y" vs "there are other issues besides X"). Quit using "in conclusion" and "I believe" and other writing-about-my-writing phrases. Confusion between direct/indirect objects and prepositional phrases. Use the UDHR and the Declaration of Independence to study paraphrasing; use that to front-load Machiavelli and how to deal with challenging texts. Confusion between everyday / every day and similar constructions.
    3. E1: Need practice with quoting & paraphrasing sources, identifying claims that would need support, use of last names for reference, and capitalization practice (common/proper nouns, titles). Difficulty using possessive nouns in their own writing. Honors: practice subject/object pronouns (my friend and I / my friend and me). Poetry: Revise "Songs are Poetry" handouts.
    4. Curriculum Development: Writing mini-unit. Review scholarly research on 5PE. (I think I can have this as an intro to the research unit so that they also get exposure to how quotes are integrated and cited.) Parallel structure; use of emotional language, specific detail. Use "Write About a Pebble" lesson from Atwell. How long should each unit take? Do research on characteristics: curiosity, persistence, resilience, creativity, responsibility, optimism, courage, integrity, authenticity, leadership, self-awareness, humility, compassion - others? Include grammarly check on essays! Review assessments. What is the purpose for each unit? What should the controlling ideas be in a study of world literature? Review world lit options. Write 1 reflection weekly; type one in Classroom by Weds. Copy-paste to discussion board for comments due Friday. Homework: Online journal Mon due Tue; Reflection Tue due Wed; C&P journal in class Wed; Comments Thu due Fri. Bonus if you are the first response; further bonus if you respond to comments on your post. Grammar practice Mon & Wed; quiz Fri. Unit plan for research (Idea for regular: comparing same story on sites with different biases).
    5. Professional Development: Write blog post weekly. Comment on 3 posts each week - Tu Th Sun? Check with PSC. Talk with Z about articles and/or conference proposals.
    6. Medical: Dentist call to schedule cleaning – Late Oct? ObG ? PCP ? Therapy ? CHECK DATES
    7. Theater: Read play for discussion Nov 6.
    8. House: Siding. Or perhaps bathroom floor.
    9. Fun: Open beading on Thursdays. Coloring at library on Tuesday. Put jewelry away. Edney Hack Nights alt Weds. ASL? Spanish/Portuguese practice? Practice piano. ROL Secret Adversary. Buy bike rack for car.
    10. Volunteering ideas: Theater. Library. Animal shelter. Community Kitchen. Emerge Georgia training.
    11. Family: Book group. Dinners?
    12. Writing: Blog post: Running, Racism and Rum: Learning to Handle Discomfort. Fanfic: Create a scene list for the Batgirl story. Finish the cafe scene for the Titans story.
    13. Lifting: 15 squats, 15 deadlifts, 10 shoulder presses, 15 arm raises, 10 pushups, 30 crunches, 15 side lifts, 15 back kicks. Horse stance for 5 breaths, tree for 10 breaths each leg.
    14. Summer: Organize photos with the family. Write Clois. Write Stuffy and Friends. Create blog posts for video lessons.
    15. Other: Practice hair braiding with D. Remind D to ask his dad about the table and check with home repair contractors. 3 posts/week? Create test for MLA format. Create test for infographics and visual information. Remember that M does not like surprises! Check dates of classes and update semester plan. She Should Run vision statement. Update standards on board. When to change bulletin board?

    WFTY: Persistence. Rested over the weekend and it was lovely. Today I'm going to get caught up on some stuff that's weighing on me, and hopefully the rest of the break will be mostly me-time.
    Reminder: Last year's WFTY was progress, and I am ... actually, I was going to say content, but it's more than that. I'm proud of myself, and I'm pleased with the progress that I made. Even without the challenges throughout the year, I accomplished things that I should be proud of; and given those challenges, I'm even happier about what I was able to do.
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    JFT - Sunday Oct 10
    Get on JFT - 🙂
    1.5L of water - 👿
    Log all food - 🙂
    Walk 15 minutes - 🙂
    Arm something - 🙂 I’m saying yes because I was working with my arms all day.

    JFT - Monday Oct 11
    Get on JFT
    1.5L of water
    Log all food
    Walk 15 minutes
    Arm something

    @bookmeister86 - nice to see you. I was wondering how your house was going. I have followed a couple people over there with house buying and your rules are so different than ours. Here a closing date would be agreed on in the offer and if the person selling has agreed to it, they still must move. It becomes their issue, not the new owners.

    @littleblackskirt - I’ve been doing the same. From March to September I managed to lose 12 pounds, but now those last 3 pounds fluctuate back and forth from day to day. I know what I need to do, I just find it so hard to do it.

    I have to finish some Christmas ornaments today. Then clean up my mess. It is officially Thanksgiving here, but we aren’t supposed to be celebrating and half of the family is working anyway.

    I’ll just enjoy the extra day off work.
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    JFT for 10/11 (today): ✔️
    1) No dessert, unless I want sugar free or no sugar added (last 10/8)
    2) No peanut butter today (last 10/8)
    3) Don't weigh again until Monday 10/11
    4) No hard cheese today (trying not to have cheese everyday)
    5) No more tootsie pops (bad for my teeth)
    6) Lunch <= 600 calories

    Hour commitment - Had coffee stuff, now I won't eat again until after 12 pm.

  • more_freggies76
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    edited October 2021
    @Snowflake1968 - Enjoy your Thanksgiving anyway. I'm starting to think about whether we should have ours in November or not.

    @pridesabtch - Little weight gains could just be saltier food than usual, too. Even desserts are more salty than we think. Hang in there!

    Plumber here...main line backed up since yesterday afternoon. Will be glad when that's fixed.

    Have to cook some eggplant, cauliflower and squash I have.
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    Yesterday was rainier than expected, so I gave up on walking and decided to do some household chores instead. I managed to cross a couple of items off my neverending To Do list. Then I baked some double chocolate cookies for my grandsons and, inspired by a recent episode of Bake Off and the huge package of instant yeast in my freezer, I made focaccia to go with dinner. I've always enjoyed baking and find it quite relaxing, but these days I rarely have enough people around to bake for. Fortunately, my daughter's family comes for dinner most Sundays, so the leftover treats go home with the boys.

    Without the walk as a buffer, I wound up going over a bit - one macaron - on calories. Still it wasn't such a bad week considering the number of hours devoted to student conferences. This week should be a bit easier.

    M 10/4 - Su 10/10
    Log - :):):):):):):)
    Stay in the green for calories and sodium - :):):):):)? X
    Water - :):):)X :):):)
    Exercise - X :)X :)X :)X

    JFT M 10/11 - Su 10/17
    Stay in the green for calories and sodium
  • more_freggies76
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    Hour commitment - done with lunch. Still need to have my dose of metamusal, then I won't eat again until after 5 pm. No more turkey patty today.
  • Malimalai
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    Yesterday I didn't snack on nuts ! 🤜🏽🥜❗ I had no sugar chocolate bar in stead 🍫👍🏼❗ , only 1200 calories🙌🏽 ❗
    Today JFT ; 1/ no nuts 🥜
    2/ 1200 calories.
    3/ walk. 🚶🏽‍♀️🐩🐕
    4/ water
    5/ high protein.
    Have a great day ! 🙂