JUST FOR TODAY -- Daily Commitment Thread for 2021



  • aerochic42
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    January goals:
    -Weekly weighin
    - weekly measurements
    - 8k+ steps a day.
    - log regularly
    - brush before bed

    JFT goals:
    - Log food
    - 8000 steps
    - unpack
    - laundry
    - dishes
    - brush before bed
  • mytime6630
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    Learned yesterday from friend I rarely hear from that her older brother died last month only 5 months after pancreatic cancer diagnosis. Makes my word of the year even more poignant.

    Word for 2021: Gratitude ~ be mindful of & appreciate my many blessings

    So very sorry to hear of your friends brothers death. My brother also passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2008. It is a quick cancer, like my SIL who passed away 2 weeks before Christmas from Bile Duct Cancer, and we just never know what is in store for us.

    Gratefulness is a great word for 2021. In the midst of so much tragedy in our world... we still have so very much to be grateful for.
  • pridesabtch
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    Just started on these forums, i've been using MFP for a while but never this.

    Today, is the start of the rest of my life - my new healthy life.

    I've put on a lot of weight (about 4 stone) in the past 18 months.

    I havent tracked since then - wish me luck.

    You’ve got this. Just one day at a time. Build on success or Start fresh each day.
  • Bex953172
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    klanders30 wrote: »
    Hi Everyone! New to this forum.

    • Walk at least 10 steps
    • Eat a healthy Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner--no eating after 6pm
    • stay off media
    • journal exercises/prompts/gratitude list

    Thanks to all in the forum, I'm looking forward to checking in daily, glad I found you all.


    Welcome :) hope you like it here! Good luck with your goals today
  • ZizzyBumble
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    Tuesday 5 January

    Good morning. I hope you all have a good day and meet your goals. Thinking of those of you returning to stressful jobs and thank you to the key workers who are keeping us afloat including @teigansdad and @Snowflake1968 . @Bex953172, I’m guessing your girls are not returning to school so one less worry but a new challenge with them being at home for an extended period! Welcome to the new people.

    Stay in the green
    5 fruit and veg
    Fitbit exercise goals
    Weigh 😊 trend ↔️ 0 kg lost or gained in last 7 days.
  • teigansdad
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    Bex953172 wrote: »
    So I don't have to send the kids to school today.
    The school decided to close before No. 10 even announced a national lockdown. I'm glad because of the safety concerns but I'm not gonna lie, I hate home learning.
    I find it hard because they're all different ages and Casey is very distracting. Like, very. But I'll give it my best go again as I'm pretty worried about the amount they've missed through the lockdowns but also mine missed 8 weeks of school when I was between houses. But I'm no teacher, I'm pretty good at maths and English but I don't know how to explain it to a child in a way that makes sense to them.

    Goals for Tues
    - 4 cups of water
    - fruit only for snacks.
    - Log log log.
    - Prep some homelearning?

    Glad to here about the school staying remote... are you working from home too? How old are your kiddos? My daughter Teigan has been remote since either March or April (can’t remember) . Academically she’s actually done well. She’s super driven. Luckily socially there are two other girls her age in neighborhood and our best friends (we’ve all kinda stayed a “pod”) so I think she’s done as good as could hope for.
    My wife Sara Is a SLP in the schools. They have had k-2 I think going back since January

    Scary because the school system is less than honest about potential exposures and keep changing the goal post as to what they will accept as risk.

    Not so worried about the kids.. but what about their grandparents, parents and teachers? We all know there are parents who will send their kid to school loaded up with Tylenol to mask a fever. I guess we will see over the next month.

    Anyway hope you all are staying healthy.