Women 200lb+, Let's Make It Count This January!!!



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    May I join you?
    I have dipped in and out of MFP and healthy living for a few years. But I am back now and really keen to make permanent changes. I have some health issues, gout and a back problem which are clearly linked to obesity and I’ve made myself face up to the possibility of very limited mobility, unless I act now.
    I currently weigh 102.7 kgs, about 225 pounds. I am 5ft 7 and 61 years.. I have lost and gained the same 20 pounds so often over the past few years. I feel so much better when I get to around 200 pounds, or 95 kilos, that I relax and back it goes.
    I’m taking a very low-key approach this time, telling no one irl, not making any demands for special food. I’m sticking with oatmeal for breakfast, a smallish lunch and normal , not massive dinner. I’m trying to eat more veg and have lots of meat free days. As the back pain lessens, I am lengthening my daily walks, just started some core exercises, and once they are well established, I will add in daily yoga. Gyms and swims when facilities reopen. Weigh day is Sunday and in 2 weeks I have lost 1.4kilos. That seems fine.
    My first goal is 80 kilos, so that I don’t just repeat the cycle of losing just enough to feel a bit better and then putting it on again.
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    There's another thread for February, we start afresh each month, head on over to the support section and it should be on the first page