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My Slim Fast diet

PixieKazzaPixieKazza Member Posts: 23 Member Member Posts: 23 Member
I really want to lose the 1/2 stone I've put on over lockdown, plus the 1/2 stone I was trying to lose before. 1st altogether to get back to a sensible weight for my height, plus fit into my nice clothes again!
I have lost weight before following a strict calorie controlled, deeply joyless diet and exercise plan. I am short so anything over 1500cal per day if I'm not moving much will put weight on me. I am also getting older so it's harder to lose now :-(.

As the days are getting warmer and lighter, I'm hoping to get out more for exercise and start yoga and youtube fitness sessions again. I'm really struggling to be motivated, as I think a lot of people at the mo! When I worked from the office I'd walk round much more in the day, plus a lunchtime walk and an evening walk if the weather was ok. Working from home, I don't move so much, plus we manage a short walk at lunch. Nowhere near as much as before! My partner doesn't help as he snacks a lot and isn't bothered about his perfectly fine weight. He's got no motivation to do longer walks more regularly. I need to sort myself out and get some will power to resist chocolate and booze!

So the point of the ramble is background really. I'm going to do Slim Fast as a jumpstart to trying to get back to 'normal'. The structure will hopefully keep me on track, I won't have to calorie count every meal and the shakes are nice and quick to make. I do understand healthy eating, I'm just going to try a different approach to losing the lockdown lard. I don't think it'll be an easy option, but hopefully the weight will start to shift and I'll get some motivation and focus back :-)

Would love to hear from anyone else doing Slim Fast to find out how you're finding it :-)



  • WandRsmomWandRsmom Member Posts: 251 Member Member Posts: 251 Member
    ninerbuff wrote: »
    PixieKazza wrote: »
    I'm not sure you have read and understood what I've written? I'm perfectly aware liquid meal replacements diets aren't a long term solution. I'm perfectly aware I could diet using the same calorie allowance for food as SlimFastcan. Unfortunately it's not working for me right now for so I'm trying a new approach.

    I'm looking for people in the same situation as me for support.
    Being in the industry for a long time, this is NOT an uncommon excuse. Sorry, I'm just being honest. It's NOT working for you right now because you're NOT putting in the effort. That's the plain flat out truth. If you want support, then this is it. You have support telling you that you just need to make the decision to just do it right the right way NOW and not use some gimmick diet to try to achieve what won't be much but a temporary drop in water weight.
    Write down your own personal eating and exercise plan to be in deficit. Then just DO IT.

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    Well said.
  • dragon_girl26dragon_girl26 Member Posts: 2,042 Member Member Posts: 2,042 Member
    PixieKazza wrote: »
    Thank you for the encouraging and positive responses. Telling me I have no-one to blame but myself - er, yes, I know that. I'm trying to do something about it but it's actually pretty hard when you are tired, demotivated and have nothing to look forward to to make the effort for. Like an awful lot of people I've had a horrible few months mental health wise which I'm hopefully coming through the other side now. Losing weight and doing more exercise will do me the world of good. Also, why be mean to @sunnysidefarmsus who has tried to be supportive of my plans? We're all struggling in our own way - doesn't take much to be nice to people! Thank you :-)

    @FitAgainBy55 My partner has a shorter lunchbreak than me and if we didn't walk together he wouldn't go at all. We usually manage 40mins unless some idiot at work calls a meeting over lunch hours. Now the evenings are getting lighter and warmer hopefully I'll feel safer going out after work for walks/ jogs by myself. I do find it motivational to lose that first bit of weight but I'm really struggling to get going, I need that boost to feel like I'm getting somewhere.

    @dragon_girl26 thank you for your honest experience, I love the blueberry Vitality shakes and find them pretty filling. I've bought enough shakes for a couple of weeks and will see how I go. If it's really not working for me I'll go back to calorie counting properly. @tinkerbellang83 thanks - will have a look at recomp as well.

    @ninerbuff I think I know what doesn't work for me - I can and have lost weight calorie counting, pretty much the same 1.5 stone. As I mentioned before I am short and find it very restrictive to live off a low calorie diet constantly to maintain my weight. No fun, and gods know we need some joy in our lives right now. Anything over 1500 cals per day easily puts the weight back. Trying to calorie count right now, over winter during this miserable pandemic, hasn't been working tor me. I am trying something different and hoping following a shake diet for a couple of weeks will 'reset' my eating habits. You can disagree with me but I have done some research. While you might see it as a 'gimmick', I know people who have lost loads of weight on the Cambridge Diet etc. Took them a while but it did work. They put it back on eventually because they went back to their old eating habits. If this is the kickstart I need to get me going then that's what I'm going to do.

    Heh, yeah, that's something else I should have mentioned, but you said you already bought enough for a couple of weeks...hopefully you had a way to buy a couple of each shake flavor (they used to sell some individually in some places, don't know if they still do.). If you've never had any of the shakes, I discovered that some aren't too bad (mocha) and some were downright nasty! (I avoided vanilla like the plague! Lol)

    ETA: nevermind, the Blueberry Vitality mention didn't jump out at me for some reason when I initially read.
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  • PixieKazzaPixieKazza Member Posts: 23 Member Member Posts: 23 Member
    I can understand wanting to jumpstart your weight loss with something quick and easy.

    I've actually gone on the Body Reset Diet a few times (Harley Pasternak) to do that very thing. I am not into gimmicky weight loss schemes at all, but I liked the fact that it was very short and doable, and anytime I've done it I maintained that small amount of loss for awhile. The idea is that you make 3 smoothies a day (recipes are in the book) with a healthy balance of protein, carbs (from fruit and/or veggies) and healthy fats. You do that for 5 days, then go down to 2 smoothies a day with a healthy meal (recipes in the book). After 5 days, it's down to 1 smoothie a day and 2 meals. You also get to eat 2 healthy fiber/carb/protein snacks a day. In a way, it's similar to the concept of SlimFast, but the smoothies are all homemade and mostly whole ingredients (with the exception of protein powder and almond milk).

    I do think this helped to "reset" my taste buds, and I still have some kind of smoothie as a meal almost every day. They're easy to make now and I actually like them, and a good way to get a healthy balance of nutrients.

    Ooh that sounds interesting, thanks! Might investigate when my SlimFast runs out. I need 'easy' right now, but hopefully motivate me to eat less stodge and more green foods.
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