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My Slim Fast diet



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    PixieKazza wrote: »
    *There's also a difference for taller people - maintenance calories for them can be 2000/2500 per day, that's in effect a meal more than the 1500 cals a day I can have. So smaller people have to restrict their diets more, whatever you 'experts' say. I'm not saying it isn't a struggle, but we're all different and I know what works for me. A larger person following a strict 1200cal diet is likely to lose weight faster because the calorie deficit is bigger.

    This is very true. My maintenance calories are somewhere around 2200kcal. I can easily go down to 1200kcal for a period of time without feeling hungry.

    Update to my last post: I have no problem feeling hungry, so intermittent fasting is something that works well. If you can do it to, then you can fast till lunch, have a shake for ~400kcal and still have ~800kcal for a very nice meal.

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    ninerbuff wrote: »
    That 1200 or 1500 calorie number is not absolute -- you can change it
    Agree. I'm not tall by any means (for a guy anyway) and my maintenance is around 3000 because of how much work I do in and out of the gym. Obviously if I eat less than 3000 I'll lose weight.

    At 5'7", 145 lbs (my stretch goal weight, my weight in my profile picture) my sedentary maintenance calories (1,742) will only be a couple hundred calories higher than the OPs. To support a flexible calorie intake budget, I prefer to work out a lot. Comparing my budget to a 6'5, 250 lb man isn't really useful. I control what I can control.

    I'm the same height at currently 183lbs and a few years older (57). I do want to end the year at 165lbs for reasons of not only being leaner, but saving cartilage in my knees and ankles till I'm well into my 90's.

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    ninerbuff wrote: »
    33gail33 wrote: »
    Pixie, do what works for you. You are taking steps that you feel will help with your current state. I wish people would be more supportive and helpful rather than so opinionated and bashing. It sounds like you know yourself well and don’t have the energy to get started so I agree with you 100%. I believe this can give you a few days of less food, curving your appetite and Lose a few pounds of bloat and water weight. This will make you feel better and encourage you to keep going with a healthy and active lifestyle. Wishing you success and joy in all areas of your life.

    My bold.

    But what is the point of doing this??

    losing water weight and bloat for a few days does nothing to help you lose fat in the long run

    Just for mental motivation. You think "hey I can do this" rather than "I'm never gonna lose so whats the point".

    That's how it is for me anyway. Seeing the scale go down a couple of pounds motivates me and reminds me that making better choices will work in the long run, helps me stick to plan, and then the "real weight" loss comes off.
    So the opposite would demotivate you? Like when you go off plan and then gain a couple of pounds, get demotivated and continue to gain weight?

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    For me personally seeing my weight go down regularly on morning weigh ins motivates me to eat better that day. It is easier to commit to continue that trend and not put it back on. So yes - "kick starting" that would be helpful to me.
    During times when my weight is increasing I might sometimes get discouraged and adopt the "*kitten* it I'll start tomorrow" mentality. And then tomorrow, and tomorrow, etc and it can become difficult to snap the cycle. Thus my large weight gain during the pandemic stress, and months long illness I just went through. I knew that I shouldn't be eating what I was but I couldn't find the mental motivation to shift my habits.
    The mental aspect is big for me. I think it is pretty clear that we all technically know how to lose weight. The mental motivation may be more difficult for some of us, and the tools to work through that might not be the same for everyone.
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    My husband gets whole bunch more calories than me but he weighs twice as much as me. He likes to rub my face and in it. JK
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